There isn’t enough space on the internet to describe being stalked, or framed by illegal police activity

But, when it happens to you, you will think that what I just said sounds a little ‘less crazy.’

Because the other option–to blame me for what has happened over the last several decades–and that only after hard fought discovery of all documents, all “probables” and all pretenses of ‘justice’; all parallele constructions that actually serve only the law enfarcement purposes; those appeals and extra legal channels at my ‘disposal’ have been exhausted, and pre-emptively destroyed–like the video-taped brutality of a police mechanism that was running rampant, unchecked, and unconscionably  tossing the Geneva Conventions by conflating the justice that every single human being deserves with the ‘ticking time bomb‘ scenario that forms the basis of every police state pornographic imagery that ever that was exerted and inflicted  upon human beings–even reprehensible ones like Abu Sheik Muhammed–and allying itself with only the worst interpretations of Jewish master, Christian extrapolater  self protective and completely narcissistict self interested racist impulses–only then will I be able to actually tell you who I really really am.

And it won’t matter by then, because was sidelined into dialogues with absolute morons–like the grey haired old lady, who says ” I know what you read…!!!!”

No, you sag-titted titmouse, you don’t. You have been interpreting me through the lens of your own invasiveness, and its flawed interpretations–and me, aware that I was at all times being stalked, mind raped, and my own intentions sidelined to protect others from you.

Until now, when I offer you a relatively unedited internet version of ‘myself,’ that self, intervened upon, contravened in purpose of, fully in dialogue with (even the 350 pound goons and the black hogs that follow me everywhere; the skinny local cops, and Polish Mossad wannabe’s and the bicycle girls; the tall east Africans, and the beautiful but nervous Kenyans/ Bantus, or fake drunken Poles– wherever they are actually from,etc.) and at all times highly aware that you have been subverting my true purpose for decades.

That self (the theoretical “me” in your profile, contrasted with the effects of your harassment and its direct effect upon me and ‘my’ actions ‘for’ you)informed by the cancers that you put upon the backbone of the internet–that cancer spreading around the world like the virus of death, and the MKULTRAted bastard child of freedom, via mind control.

You cannot control me completely–nor subvert my true intentions completely–And I offer you this olive branch: you better damn well have something good==really fucking good, from the era between 1998 and 2003 when you and yours were stealing my writing, reading the Un-Informer, invading my warehouse space, stalking my family, and altering the output of my friendships with real human beings who aren’t like you; and if you don’t—-I will fucking chew your shrewish face off-with my own zombie teeth, and morning breath coated with the bacteria of the drunken PTSD that you and yours have caused me before, and since then.

And believe me: morning mouth, and its associated plaques can kill you ( a metaphor for death by a thousand court cases that you will cause to be re-visited and appealed–and if you even attempt to construe this sentence as a “threat” every phony charge you have brought or will bring will appear to be EXACTLY what it is: a corruption of the laws intent, and a HUGE failure of your case/es that as yet seen the light of a decent news report).

Example for Image classification system. From ...

Ahh… the good old days when imagery was innocent-really actually innocent, andnot contrived, coded, or full of steganographic mysteries…Example for Image classification system. From U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. :ICS Class 02.09.03 Human beings reclining or sleeping Category:Image class 02.09.03 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

–little particles that go straight to your arteries, and then, infected, cause you to slowly die from blocked arteries–and when I say arteries, I mean big ones–the kind of passages that could open your heart so wide that this entire country would be saved from it’s navel gazing, speech corrupting memetic relying insomnia; and I could single handedly ensure that you would love my ACTUAL reading list; if you don’t already–starting with your very own biography, documented in your various job applications and other psychological profiles that you willingly gave to gain employment, saved elsewhere.

You window ledge peering hag–try to project that upon me? I wonder what YOUR childhood looked like…my best guess is that you think you are “normal,” which you are not. In any way at all. And worse? Your male companions have you convinced that you are doing “good” work. Like a dog, chasing a stick.


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2 thoughts on “There isn’t enough space on the internet to describe being stalked, or framed by illegal police activity

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