Policing trends: cops who shoot mentally ill people, stalk netizens, tap phones,etc.–and call US ‘cowards.’

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The cop who was part of the initial cover-up of the rape of a young girl in Marysville has called Anonymous ‘cowards’.

Sheriff Darren White said “They are truly a bunch of cowards, hiding behind–even their name, ‘Anonymous.’ What do you do with people like that? They all need to get jobs and quit living with their parents.”

This quote embodies the latest assault BY police, and police allied activists, judges, local community organizers, and a host of crypto-citizens on ANONYMITY itself. Mark my words: you will here this phrase or something like it, repeated often, and always when the police infringe the rights of speech, press, or other constitutional freedoms.

Law enfarcers like Sheriff Darren White would likely shit upon these anonymous cowards, and use their writings as toilet paper–maybe Taser them in the back, and tell them to get jobs, and stop living in mom’s basement if they had the chance:

Internet mobs, gang stalkers, and a host of other as yet disclosed police and state programs can be identified by the derogeratory use of the memetic “living in mom’s basement,’ or ‘living with their parents,’ or other similar attacks. It has become a talking point, and a crucial  signifier of an anonymous police agency *, an identity movement of community mobbing  gangstalkers, and cops–a secret sign that they are united in raping and defaming privacy itself, as well as those of us who travel unarmed in the face of police state violence.

And it is a key component of the narcissistic police personality–the deepest root of police psychology, where the protector has become the covert victimizer; a police agency that has re-tooled itself into a militarized local agency out to protect number one, and number one’s wealthy benefactors; and, as narcissistic organizations tend to go, the leaders of eachlocal department is indeed the most sociopathic–and in this case, they act as the rapist of speech itself, co-opting dissent by trivializing the outrage that a populace feels over the great injustice of police farces that no longer work for ‘most of us’ in a Constitutional sense, but work for only their local subscribers, the well heeled, and the internationalist agenda of destroying Americans rights to free speech

It postures and fathoms itself as the protectors of ‘freedom’–as they shit all over the very most precious nuggets that freedom has to offer: the rights of assembly–without prior intimidation; the rights of speech and opinion–without a bully in your face monitoring your very thought processes; the implied rights of privacy–but more than anything they are subverting democracy through intimidation every time they step–often hidden– into the conversational public sphere of the internet, and then use it as a tool to attack the privacy of those who hold opinions counter to their own.

It takes a lot of balls (and ovaries) to cover up an actual rape–and to refuse to press charges on rapists who are related to your butties.

And even more guts to condone the now infamous NSA illegality; or to sneak around in the dark, and peek into peoples bedroom windows all over America, trying to create cases-while never standing up against the greater abuses that our own country is perpetrating across the globe–we have subverted every democratically elected leftist, or Islamic democracy that ever attempted to govern itself, yet are police farces and their fatted unions never issued a policy paper about that–how such deviant behavior leads to the creation of crime, or terrorist acts.

And it sure takes a lot of guts to participate in the DICE data base as a biased observer, to cover over the use of the SOD *or to Taser old ladies, children, and the mentally ill; and it takes some seriously delusional thinking–the kind of thinking that ONLY a bully could condone or manifest–to call citizens ‘cowards’.

SOD in Chantilly Virginia.

Google the phrase “the anonymity of police,” or police anonymity,” and you the first several pages are dedicated to ‘crime tip lines’ that encourage citizens to participate in a snitch society; or Google any other phrase that links to this pertinent fact–the police in America live in anonymous communities, are involved in ‘secret programs’ at every level, are protected by a host of ‘shield’ laws that conceal their names, their addresses, and their occupational habits and even their actual duties–despite the fact that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS.

In other words–police hide behind anonymity, while calling  citizens cowards; while hiding behind the great mask/s of brute force,  and stone cold institutional power; being ignorant of the law, or deliberately breaking or merely participating in the deliberate abuse of known Constitutional case law, and seeking every means at their disposal to subvert well known, and time tested case law, and enfarcing the law instead,

It doesn’t take a gun, and a badge–or a pair of binoculars, a box of donuts, and a desire to slobber on the windowsills of Americans to be a real hero. It takes cowardice in it’s institutional form to do that, and the ability to speak pig latin, Newspeak, and a whole lot of disrespect for citizens who believe that real freedom comes from the use of words–not guns, bombs, badges and bullshit.

AND a willingness to RAPE the privacy of citizens, while maintaining their own safe distance from the harms that come from such actions.


* I use the term agency in the authorized, oficial and state sanctioned sense–not in the specific, localized ‘police agency’ sense.

SOD: Special Operations Divison of the DEA was set up to monitor drug related crimes–but in fact, in the classic sense of the phrase “mission creep” it was a precursor to the NSA programs we see today.

It is actually just an illegal crime ‘tipline’ for cops and others to create cases illegally, employing AND deploying  unconstitutional methods. It functions as a crucial sniffing part of the backbone of the internet, a hidden nexus of illegal government activity in the form of basic sniffing, basic wirertapping (without keeping records of these wiretaps) and as a hidden means of deploying a hoist of illegal evidence collection AND evidence MANUFACTURING, and as a fusion center as well.

Located in Chantilly Virginia, but it spiders out to everywhere else in the nation–which kind of reminds me of a time when a certain girl was running a computer as a wiretap/sniffer, right out of my front room–and her BF who was in training, stationed way over there there, in Virginia…

But then again, we saw it all coming way back in 2003–those of us whose eye were open…

Special Operations Division, 14560 Avion Parkway, Chantilly, VA 20151
Joseph Keefe, Special Agent in Charge

Regarding the continuing assaults on citizen privacy by police and state agents: This is not a new complaint–but one that goes back to the declaration by George Bush sr. of a ‘New World Order’, which we are seeing unfold now in the form of faux democracy in the middle east, as well as recent headlines like the NSA snooping, and a host of revisions of Constitutional law.

Here is a quote from that era–and in that era, they used the War on Drugs as pretext for every form of abuse by the state:

The author says that when a fascist, or other police state agent asks you, “What do you want anonymity for? Do you have something to hide?” respond by asking him or her:

“Can I have a copy of your latest bank statement?

“Where do you live?

“Can you supply me with photos of your children?”

You will quickly discover that the henchcreature believes in privacy and anonymity. Both for himself and for people like him.

He just doesn’t believe in it for scumbags like you. And that’s precisely the problem.

Regarding the hacktivist collective Anonymous: like many theoretically populist, or leftist leaning organizations, Anonymous is not a bunch of kids living in moms basement. They are in fact, a collection of te following:

1) actual activists who founded the ‘movement’ and these are now in the minority of those who claim to be part of the collective.

2) state agents–from military noobs, to black hats as well who draw pay by breaking the US Constitutional guarantees in novel ways–methods that directly subvert, or work against established law, like the quartering of soldiers in homes (in this case, their invasions into our homes via the internet); or the extrapolation of ticking bomb scenarios over Twitter feeds that talk about phot-bombing, etc.– and who use the ’cause’ to subvert the cause--these include actual activists who were caught hacking, and blackmailed into the service of the FBI, etc.

3) Israeli Mossad agents who use their superior technical skills and data that American police agency via the NSA give to them unaccountably, in order to pre-create pretext of probable cause in as yet to be named or prosecuted ‘crimes’ of Americans, in America–try not to laugh when you follow the link and note that the story was released by the Guardian UK on 9/11 2013…those 13’s, man… Link here to: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/11/nsa-americans-personal-data-israel-documents

4) lastly, yes, lots of script kiddies and others who plainly just admire great ideas like anonymity, and fighting for freedom with WORDS, etc.

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