Moving the goalposts: how the United States Law Enfarcement community evades the law.

1) SOD, and lots of it–and spurious link just for fun, regarding the grand plan, the IRS, and how internet subversion actually acts as a revenue source for a relatively failed economy in America–bleeding the stones...,d.aWc.

2) the internet backbone is cancer ridden–full of hidden diseases like: Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta, and Dallas–not to mention–of course, I must mention–what is ‘hidden’–in a Steven King way–underneath COLORADO ITSELF ( not just the lil’ ol’ airport)

3) local law enfarcers, in sync with national law enfarcers keep little, or no records of their activity when they gang stalk you, break the law, set you up, splooge on your windowsill, or otherwsie defy democratic logic–but they definitely log the daily motions of your VEHICLES via the license plates.

4) the lack of records in case-creation results in ‘anonymous tips’ to other agencies/agents BY vcops acting as ‘disinterested citizens’

5) anonymity in law enfarcement creates probable cause: i/e. law enfarcers are a secret, unrecorded, little documented ”agency’ that breaks laws, and then passes along the intel from their incursions to other law enfarcement agencies, creating ‘probable cause’ that then  effects legal mechanisms that can “”recreate a case trail,” gather ‘evidence’ and then prosecute/persecute anyone on their radar. Or, in human beings language–they manipulate the process of proper, legal evidential collection of data (evidence) by BREAKING THE LAW, and THEN, they re-create the process of law–as if the law was followed at all points.


Or, put another way, it is the doirect equivalent of : a citizen buying illegalk drugs, and then, getting caught–but wait! there’s more: the citizen, once caught, BRIBES A JUDGE to let them go, ‘just this time’; and then, once the citizen buys drugs AGAIN, they say ” your honor: there is a clear pattern of you letting me off the hook ; so letting me off the hook, again, should be the basis for al future cases going forwards; it should be national policy that you let me, personally, of the hook, but also, anyone LIKE ME.


Such is the nature of letting cops off the hook for their illegality, and their ‘parallel constructions’ of cases that were created illegally.



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