Bait and SWITCH democracy, 2

Ever suffered a Java exploit? Or a browser crash–that crash revealing to black hat oppressors and other deviants ‘your’ internet search histories, OS name, date and serial number, browser identification–and even Anti-Virus software, firewall parameters, etc.??

Welcome to the NSA partnership with Oracle, to subvert privacy via ‘web bugs.’

I spent over forty minutes trying to get into my blog tonight, hampered by direct NSA/ US gov’t redirection, covert routing,  and basic browser hacks–my blog, this thing you are looking at now, has at the time of this writing–these very words–been delayed from publishing by over three hours!

AND, in that forty minutes from time to recognize government intrusion, and three plus hours to fix it, I was redirected, and so forth. I did other things to try to rectify the situation, as noted here, and finally, I reality checked myself again. AND I was right: the redirection took me from New York  to San Francisco, and back again–I would probably be safer in a gypsy cab in Mexico City, or Thailand–at least the drivers there can be paid in cash to not fuck me over, whereas here, in Amerika, the web serves as an a-priory distraction and control point that induces people to crime, or otherwise offers mind controlled content at the price of your freedom:


Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 4 ms 3 ms 3 ms me@XXXXXXXXXX[]
2 1643 ms 2801 ms 3042 ms []
3 * 3045 ms *
4 1425 ms 2150 ms 2645 ms
5 * * 1439 ms []

(This IP above is Equinix*/ Oracle in San Francisco–home of the first internet switch that was revealed in the press–but not the EXACT home; home only insofar  as it is the same city, and appears tonight as one of the redirects of my ability to merely write–the story I was writing, about police brutality, etc., is nearly forgotten by now, some 2.5 hours later, after documenting this form of harassment, which has gone on for literally DECADES)

the Oracle-Equinix  switch
6 1519 ms 887 ms 1077 ms []
7 3154 ms 1852 ms 1586 ms []
8 1817 ms 1961 ms 1704 ms []
9 3480 ms 3230 ms 2497 ms []

10 1400 ms 1928 ms 2971 ms [64.
11 1214 ms 1661 ms 3494 ms [192.0.1
12 1240 ms 1867 ms 2546 ms

Trace complete.


Yup: I have been re-routed; given the run around AGAIN by the jackboots–and my connection literally gets pinponged from here to New York, back to San Francisco in the same building that tech giant Oracle is housed in (likely Oracle servers and software that is part of the multi-billion dollar paid informant state).

But that’s all you get from me tonight–I will not enable your ability to sniff my ‘tells’–you aren’t paying me enough to keep quiet, and you are not otherwise employing me, or OCCUPYing me to be the patriot that I truly am.

Or, you are merely another stop on a freedom wagon that has moved elsewhere–anywhere–other than here. And that smacks of redirection…


NOTES: Yes, I am available for a job interview–after al, yes, you have broken so many laws that over these decades I can only imagine that you follow me, steal my belongings (really–my socks and underwear??? Weird….), redirect my minute to minute thoughts, and otherwise attempt to re-calibrate my physiognomy, that I know you are more than invested in my ‘story’. So just cough it up, pigs: you are either what I say yopu are, or you are something more ignoble–because I doubt you have nobility in you at al–OR, maybe, some of you actually know that I can help you in some ‘odd’ way–that you fail without the me’s of the world protecting your secrets of home invasions, internet sabotage ( what you call an ‘art’ practiced against American citizens and others)….

Geez, I am tired—what was I writing about earlier? I can’t even remember–all tis redirectionb sure takes its toll.

You bastards, trying to co-opt me, limb for limb……………………..

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