Anonymity on the web is the sole luxury of police, and the Cowards that speak for them.

Blah, blah, blah–ANONYMOUS. Anonymous, the “movement” and Anonymous the ” counter-culture opposition to tyranny.

What Anonymous is, ACTUALLY, is a co-opted movement.; government affiliated faux opposition and collaboration–most likely via United States military installations, and United States covert operations centers around the world–with a few noble ntentioned, idealistic loners thrown in.

I’m just sayin’…

BUT, based on my experience in a co-opted movement- the Hollywood set of Anti-racist Mohawks–government conceived propaganda, via delivery channels and delivery systems that used human capital(myself and others), and human resources–those who pushed agendas of US government ‘Fabians‘–using those of us  who were young and gullible—to further an internationalist agenda ( Bear Sterns, the IMF, Hollywood Zionists, Christian capitalists, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., protest in its raw street form is and always has been moot.

Or, in the least, a negotiating point for the sell-outs in any movement to springboard from–to collaterally renege upon, because, as is well known, leadership of any movement is always delineated by the psychopaths, not the humanists or the truly “cause oriented’ among us.)

Well, suffice it to say that: 1) There is a certain agent from California following this story closely, hoping that their otherwise non-illustrious career will be ‘made’–a made “man/woman” scenario;, 2) there are agents from Chicago trying to piece together the deeper connections, and the longer term implications of this story–‘my’ story, and the-why-he-did-its-o- the-why-he-didn’t-do-its, contrasted against the what these fuckers are up to against the Constitution,your wife/husbands emotional boundaries, and against the rights we hold dear scenarios (yes, one day you daughter will be watched, in the back seat of a car, kissing a lover–AND they will pre-emptively post it to the internet, and then ask you later, “why did YOU let this happen!!!???” etc…


Well anyways–guess what? that hour or so of crucial idea formation/ story writing time? It has been entirely interrrupted/ redirected tonight, courtesy of the NSA et al.

I no longer remember what it was I NEEDED to write about! Sleep well tonight, “good” Americans! You won-my topic of writing is forgotten Oh, it might have been rampant police brutality, or the torture of American citizens, or the rape of little girls in Marysville, but rest assured, I have forgotten the whole story due to the distraction(s) of having been rerouted, denied access to the internet, and denied the most basic of modern freedoms–the ability to connect to the world abd those who live in it, via the internet….You are safe from my words!!! And we all know that WORDS published on a  rather obscure blog ( that same blog a mere pipeline to fascists and other police mechanisms in Amerika) are DAINJERIS!!!!!

Apparently, because words kill-more people than child pornography, drugs, and the new “neo-racism” that allows Obama wt all to continue Bush et al’s child killing agendas–and kill harder than an American Drone strike, or a missile crammed up  in your daughters vagina–because she consorts with terrorissssss’s’s’s’s’.or, whoever the ‘enemy is these days–certainly not police and other GS marauding enforcers of conformity to a covertly murderous “norm”….

My words–apparently more toxic than depleted uranium, dropped on the heads of children in Iraq…Or in the breakfast cereal of MKULTRA victims of the near American Past..


Fuck–I just wanna get out of here–but to where? I have nowhee to go that will take me, due to my OWN governments 20 year campaign of slander against me…


Makes me wanna holler…



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