The psychology of a police state: definitions of mental illness that favor the rich, and demonize the poor.

Or: proper diagnoses costs money, and resources that otherwise challenge the police state budget.

On the abuse of labels, and labelling theory as pertains to psychological diagnoses of individuals, for the sake of advancing police state ideology, and the extent pathological and sociopathic agendas of same:

So…the American Psychiatric Association ( whose founding ‘father’ was the notorious MKULTRA child rapist, child torturer, Nazi collaborator, and seminal destroyer of everything that Freud found useful– Dr. D.E. Cameron) is not only complicit in, but in fact might well be the direct, and official enabler of a police state and its population control mechanisms–via the covert art of character assassination via psychological diagnoses.

The police state mechanism relies upon several things that at once assault the morality and then the senses of decent individual human beings, and the sensory mechanisms of self protection and self preservation are sublimated by necessity, and by direct threat to sanity–sanity defined bythe gun of their defining, labelling mechanism literally pointed at your head-to the state mechanisms–but also collude directly with police, and courts; judges and doctors and police who eventually, and finally decide the fate of “individuals, and individualism.”

Put another way, individual thoughtm, and hence individual action is defined as deviance itself–a ‘terroristic threat’ to the state–and almost all psychological diagnoses that are handed out–that are applied as labels upon dissenting individuals–are police state constructs that by design attempt to destroy the credibility of any individual who points this out, or challenges in other ways this blackmailing, gate-keeping mechanism of the police state.

Here are some rough notes of what I am working on in this regards tonight ( and I migt add that previous to tonight-these things happened and didn’t happen: the GS have completely backed off as of two months ago–they are ‘nearly’ unobservable in my daily life,  which means that I either gave them something from “my” own mind that they will use to convict me of something or other, OR, I have busted them in their crimes–and this of course, is as noted elsewhere, recorded on cameras, etc. AND, this has been the existence I have led’ fopr the last several decades.

Who knows? Getting rid of them and their decades long harassment has always been a grey are a of law, and moral netherland–as I have NEVER ONCE signified to them or others that I condone their activity, their attempts at recruitment,, or that I willfully tolerate their ongoing set-ups(of course this sounds like lunacy to the average reader, or like madness to the foreign subscriber–but in fact, it can all be explained, given the right audience, in the right country, and the right format/audience…).


Now, tonight what is on my mind is this:  the entrapment of low incme individuals, the ‘mentally ill’ and dissenters into the schema of psychological ‘profiles’ that are in the least, innaccurate, and in the MOST, a complete manipulation BY THE STATE of the accuracy of diagnoses.

To whit:

Situational morality(lies about WMD’s, from Republicans, and blackfaced whiteness on the part of Democrats), social compact(nope, I didn’t sign it), personality disorders(the sliding scale of willingness to condone collateral murder), psychology as the intercessor and holy sanctifier of morality as opposed to a priest–same mystical double talk, same obscure ‘faith’ in higher authority that has ‘guided’/misled the masses for millennium; and the modern complicity with superstition, as a foil and  ‘explainer’ for the work of the lord/police state that clams higher morality, ad the complicity of the ‘members of a democracy’ that do not stand up and refute the lies, and the collateral murders of their own ‘democracy’.’…

Situational: Iraq, and WMD’s, torture against the a Geneva Conventions, depleted uranium, , and liberals today flipping the race and gender paradigms in a desperate attempt to keep control of the voter base, sans actualization of ”promises’ of transparency.

Psychological: the definitions of personality disorders could and should easily explain our nations current disavowal of international and war-time laws; and easily explains how local police, and FBI, and DHS operatives manipulate ‘morality’ via the old tropes of labelling citizens as deviants, while they perpetrate the most heinous activities that any ‘democratic ideal’ could tolerate–and even then, at the point of a gun.


Oh–and then there is Sandy Hook–where some kid killed a bunch of other kids–and  no news agency, or federal official even asked ‘why did al this kids neighbors get free houses?” three years before the shooting…(my personal inner jury has not yet done all the research ==as this research takes time, great amounts of time, and often sends me along the gosechases that I put them on…





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