I first became aware of the prefered psychometric profile of police types in an odd way.

I was being followed across the country by a team of psychological profilers and provocateurs, and targeted in an experiment that obscenely violated the boundaries of the first amendment–but also obliterated any sense of the fourth amendment, Miranda rights, or the concept of prior restraint– much less the idea that Americans even have privacy anymore.

I had been targeted, and enlisted against my will in a grand social experiment–I had been cast by certain deviant law enfarcers as “a bad guy,” the flaw in the peephole-glass of the Panopticon that we all now know is in fact a real thing–not just a terror in my own imagination, or a vision, or reactive paranoid rambling, me, terrorized and at times psychotic reactions that indicated to professionals that it is ‘all in my head.’

That was then–this is now, and I was right all along.

But then,

I heard a cop who was tailing me say “I had to download a copy of  How to Beat a Lie Detector online…”

Then, he looked to his right, where I was standing–he never quite made full eye contact, and nothing he did showed that he even knew I was the actual target,*and he spoke to both sides warily, but openly as well, wondering if we were on the same team–and then to his left at the other guy there, and said  “because I don’t think I could pass the FBI screening without it.”

They were testing me–prodding to see if I would blow a deep cover whistle–or merely ‘cop-out’ and ‘man-up’ and identify myself to them in a language that they understand–and as noted elsewhere I DO NOT SPEAK IGPAY ATINLAY.

But he WAS in fact, the fellow that stood at the end of Folsom street, and peered up a hill where once a revolution took place–because he cuts a mean profile: weighing in around 300 pounds, and over 6’4″ tall--it’s hard to miss that kind of profile, when the sun is on him, and not you…

And, he was travelling with: the tall brown haired guy (with the map, the map…) and the two nearlyinterchangeable black females who mirror each other only in their hunger, their weave choices, and body dimensions; the Asian guy who seemed the only one who had a clue( he, a profiler), and the host of others–the middle aged blonde with the canvas bag–in those days they always tried to PsyOp me by mirroring my Mao bag–Wei Ren Min FuWu!!! And using it as a signal to others in thier tribe as to how to locate me in a crowd…(didn’t think I knew that did you?)

Now, at that time I was fairly terrorized, and sufficiently astounded at the events of my last few months and years, really–“my inner narcissist”** was shocked, apalled, and intermittently amused–but never flattered– at the tactics you were using, and the set-ups that you employed to assault my idealized self image; but only that year knowing it in my heart and grasping it as what it was–which you will hear about in due time.

But anyhoo,  I snapped a picture of this guy, this big fellah– and that picture  has since been stolen from my possessions! Like many many others, including my rogues gallery of ex-girlfriends in delicious positions, and feline displays–One of many ‘odd’ incidences that I will not bore you with…yet.

And I was ‘winning’ against what had, before 9/11 been clear illegality and methodological and tactical infractions against the Constitution–, Constitutionally clear violations of the law that were being forced upon me BY the law enfarcers, in a Charlie Sheen way.

So, suffice it to say ( I cannot give you details yet) that several things were in operation that year, and several other things were in play that were just plainly, and so obviously and heinously illegal, but not, considering as I did then and for years before and after that I have been a target of multi-state, multi-agency law enfarcement endeavors to slander me, or mock me in the least–as if I actually exist, or am a ‘real’ person.

And, I became glaringly aware that for the police–the modern, pathologically deviant, narcissistic and sociopathic personality is the desired profile.

Why might that be? I can only venture this guess: because in these modern times, in a country that engages in illegal pre-emptive wars, facing un-payable debt, and in said country that lives on illusions of freedom and democracy based in access to consumer goods–another thing has taken hold, and no morality can withstand moral impulses to do the right thing, when the wrong thing pays so well. Because, in fact, I would trade every bit of it for a finca in a remote jungle, and never ever look back, if it weren’t for the biased, and decades long atempot by this culture to entrap me into its schema, and force me to ‘help them pay’ their un-payable debt; which, of course transfers to me then, as ‘my debt top society.

In case you wonder: I don’t buy in–You can keep your society–and cram it back up the ass of the mother-fucker who fucked your mother to make it happen–last I heard, her hungry hole was suffering uterus inflation, and its accompanying cancers–and that you are just another tumor dripping off the old bloc.

Because your cops do wrong–And the wrong thing is this: to work for a police agency or entity that willingly, deliberately, and covertly discourages respect for Constitutionality, or knowledge of the primary and sacred love of civil rights in the training of its officers.

But I am getting ahead of myself…as I have written before, modern police are trained liars, whose main objective in gaining employment is to dodge the screening process from the start–to ‘investigate’ how to present their personalities, and personal details so that they gain employment, rather than to actually “be good,’ and be recognized as who they actually are, and be duly employed for that.

Put in other words–these guys are trained actors, albeit bad ones, who get jobs by faking who they are in the official records from the get go–they research it, and study how to manipulate psychologists!

Here is a great example of this–a wannabe cop, seeking to negotiate with a psychologist the manner in which they will lie and evade being seen for who they actually are:


Apparently,  Andy Griffith’s house is not to be left standing in the New World Order.

I am not a psychologist, and I do not know a ton about the actual profiles–but it IS well documented in the literature that sociopaths who will do anything to look good at the expense of actually being good are usually found in professions that enable them to do just that.

Lawyers, doctors, judges, police–all assume the greatest stances or presumptions of ‘righteousness’ that any nation can facilitate in an individual–so high profile, good guy/gall positions are most likely to  attract these types. But also–these exact positions provide perfect cover for incredibly deviant behavior, as I have documented elsewhere, and here on this blog.

AND, this is having a deleterious effect on the last vestiges of freedom that Americans enjoy–it’s time to pay the piper, and, just like the brownshirts of Germany, and the fascists of Italy and Spain of the last century–the jackboots are actually not just an analogy anymore.

Of course, that story cannot be written YET because it would give away details of the truth of my story that would one day be manipulated into lies or in the least, twisted facts, or even more documents shredded that can vindicate me, obliterated and illegible ( I have heard that the police forces of America tend to avoid candidates whose IQ is above 100, but I have not verified that yet…except by anecdote).

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