Minncest in Mamasota: Minnesota police agencies gang stalk blonde women-who are suing the pants off of them;-)

One good cop, two  journalists, and one high powered lawyer in Minnesota–all women, all blondes, and all gang stalked by Minnesota police and police agencies–are suing the pants off of them in both state and federal court–and winning!

I dare you to tell me that cops in Minnesota–from MULTIPLE AGENCIES– are not obsessed with blonde women–and I double dick dog dare you to tell me that cops in Minnesota are NOT community terrorizing, peace breaching, law breaking, and perversely obsessed, gang stalkers who, for now, operate under the color of law.

And this IS going on –all over the country!

These women are just a few who are ready to take the stand against such practices–and who risk their careers, and risk their status as ‘protected’ when they fight the brutal psychological terrorism of privileged white male violence and intimidation-backed homogeneity, and the police state subversion of civil rights.

You might remember that I wrote about Jessica Miles, who is joined in holy alliance with her husband, and suing gang stalking Minnesota police farces in federal court.


Jessica Miles and her husband, Cory Kampschroer and many others in Minnesota are suing cops andWINNING, because they are victims of gang stalking and harassment by Minnesota police agencies.

“seeking damages for emotional distress, loss of peace of mind and any action she has had to take to remedy the situation,” which would also include monies for doctors’ bills, credit monitoring and theft.” because she had her drivers license data accessed some 1400 times–just so cops in Minnesota could..um…well, you figure out what they might have been doing looking at her picture in a database… I completely understand, and empathize with the trauma that is associated with such mayhem-and I am sure that by her taking the stand, that may others will come forwards.*

And she is not alone in her lawsuit either, as other hard working, Minnesota women have traveled that road as well. AND ALL OF THEM ARE BLONDE…as I pointed out in earlier posts. Here , and here too .

Brooke Bass, a lawyer for the POLICE UNION was stalked via the drivers license database and attorney claims her private data was accessed more than 700 times, mostly by law enforcement agencies: brooke_bass_rect

rasmusson cover560.jpg

Rasmusson will receive a extremely nice haul for having her private data unlawfully accessed hundreds of times.

And Anna Marie Rasmusson has so far prevailed and gained nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS because of the emotional pain and distress that she endured due to the gang stalking by multi-agency Minnesota task farces who accessed her personal photo and other data .

And working its way through the court as I write, is the case of Beth McDonough, also a blonde, who is suing for similar breaches


When a casual observation is observed, it is a point of anecdotal evidence; but when their is a pattern of conduct, it becomes empirical evidence. AND even that can be manipulated, or argued against as coincidence, or some such thing–but I wonder how these women felt , and what they did in their personal lives–how they might have altered their day to day behaviors once they knew they were the targeted individuals of gang stalking police agents?

Only they can tell us.

But one thing is certain: few people in this law enfarced state can tell us better than they can what it feels like to be stalked in such a manner, or how it feels to stand up and fight the insidious stereotype of “protected species,’ risking everything to talk about the harrasment they endured from law enforcement, and its associated ‘fraternities.’

But I maintain: Minnesota law enfarcers are obsessed with blondes in a way that belies fantasies of power that only ten aged children should have–and this at the expense of doing real police work–and these law enfarcement agents need to be caled to account for the wider scope of what they might also be up to (as documented elsewhere); they will do anything to hide their perverse obsessions, not least of which is to harass people, or attempt to stalk them into silence.

I wonder–how does it feel to be exposed, finally, you window ledge leering cop-creeps?

AND, I have a question or two for the women mentioned above: did you know that this form of harassment takes place against men every day–but that we are often set-up, or otherwise destroyed with unimaginably terrible harassment in the official record before our complaints are ever heard–or our trumped up cases ever make it to court?

And: how DO you feel, now that you have the proof that, in fact, law enforcement is out of control when it comes to gang stalking? Do you feel more, or LESS safe?

Yeah–I have felt that for DECADES in Minnesota.

Maybe you could enjoin a class action lawsuit that would put both gang stalking and police misconduct–that misconduct whicj occurs on a statewide, organized, and secretive level of law breaking and mayhem–in the official record?

I hear Lori Swanson needs more paperwork on her desk; even though she isn’t a ‘blonde’ per se, Lori Skjerven Gildea is,

English: Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice...

English: Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and I hope she’s pissed about how cops perceive women like you, and women in general.

Minnesota State Attorney General .

Minnesota State Attorney General Lori Swanson . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* I completely empathize with Ms. Miles, because as documented elsewhere, during a recent, particularly distressing two year period of gang stalking, I too was a victim of identity theft, and every other charge that is included in your lawsuit. But it is the identity theft, combined with several thousand dollars in losses(,my credit company finally ate the losses, although I was surveilled, and terrorized over the internet by gangstalkers who conveniently “dropped” personal information about me, and the incident, on public internet forums for speaking out about it) a forged signature, and a particular time frame that concerns me most: I wonder, how do these people sleep at night, justifying their criminality? Oh, yeah–it’s ‘for the children’ they always say. Or their pensions……

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8 thoughts on “Minncest in Mamasota: Minnesota police agencies gang stalk blonde women-who are suing the pants off of them;-)

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  2. […] Minncest in Mamasota: Minnesota police agencies gang stalk blonde women-who are suing the pants off … (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

  3. neverending1 says:

    Thanks for re-posting my blog. And it seems today it doesn’t matter what you look like, etc. you can easily became a gang stalking victim.

    • Is that true? Is it easy? In my case there are deeply divisive political issues, and family relationships that are involved. I have been targeted for decades due to these circumstances, and particularly defamed, and maligned by local police farces in official records.

      If you read through my blog, you will see that there are patterns of directed harassment, and this, due to them having charged me with various heinous crimes over these decades–as if they had me slated for some kind of slam dunk defamation–and flubbed their purpose so grandly that I became a target of isolation and harassment, and mental torture.

      My mind is scarred from this decades long assault.The weight of their ongoing harassment is indeed unbearable at times. I write because it allows me to live, and to document what has been done to me so that others might be able to piece together what is being done to them.

      The worst of all of it is the set-ups every time you are about to find the holy grail of their ultimate illegality: as you see in the work of Edward Snowden, et al, ‘we’ now know that what our government is doing in a broad sense of Constitutional violations is illegal( which I was aware of in 2003-08)–but what they are doing in a TARGETED sense is even more so because when it happens to you, you feel like you are the only one, and when you realize that what was done by gov’t and police agents IS, and ALWAYS has been illegal to do, you feel like you need to tel someone–but who, when it is THEM who are breaking the law!?

      And this Snowden stuff is just the tip of a HUGE ICEberg, because what has not yet been revealed is heinous, illegal, and against every internsational law and convention; and assaults every sense of decency in a person.

  4. […] Minncest in Mamasota: Minnesota police agencies gang stalk blonde women-who are suing the pants off … (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

  5. […] Minncest in Mamasota: Minnesota police agencies gang stalk blonde women-who are suing the pants off … (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

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  7. […] Minncest in Mamasota: Minnesota police agencies gang stalk blonde women-who are suing the pants off … (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

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