Race and gender in the sex wars: media complicity in sex-based victim marketing

A game of doctor among kids turned into “a nightmare” for a 10-year-old Houston girl accused of sexually assaulting a young boy, her family says.The girl — identified as “Ashley” — was playing with other children in her apartment complex’s courtyard in April when a witness reported that she inappropriately touched a 4-year-old boy “in his private area,” according to Fox affiliate KRIV.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/houston-girl-10-faces-sex-assault-charge-playing-doctor-article-1.1438216#ixzz2hI8bVj58

It’s hard–if not impossible–to talk about modern ‘here and now’ oppression without talking about the effect of race class and especially, gender.

Now, a note for the profilers: I write, so that you listen. And look, and then, if there is any shred of decency in you–you change your own personal sex based profile, or at least extend it, to look for actual culprits, not imaginary ones.

This story–about a 10 year old girl who inappropriately ‘touches’ a 4 year old boy, is one that ‘touches’ me too, because my childhood was spent ‘at the hands’ of little girls who touched me inappropriately in may ways–not least of which was that they invoked patriarchal control, and potential harm and violence if I ever ‘told’ on them.

There is perhaps, no more damning thing I could say to anyone about myself–no more potentially explosive, and further harm causing thing I could ever say about ‘myself’ than that. Why? Because instead of you people changing your profiles to include such possibilities,  you read what I write and then translate it into pig latin–or newspeak, and my personal pain translates into you, exploiting me in some way, or in the very least failing to understand that actual harm was done to me–and continues today–because other little boys are thus abused as I was.

You are hyper-focused on little girls as victims, and thus, likely hiding your own personal childhood complicity in the actual harm-the power imbalances–that little boys endure under the tutelage of little girls.

Back to reality: this little girl, “Ashley” was posed in a photograph to accompany the news story. Here is what “Ashley” looks like:

Ashley rape28n-3-web

10 year old Ashley is accused of touching a 4 year old boy inappropriately

After gender, we now address the heinous legacy of race factors in the telling of a tale: at great risk of silencing, and more gang stalking, as well as the certainty of being labelled a racist, I must note that I have NEVER met a black or brown girl named Ashley–not once, with the slight exception that one of the strippers I have known over the years used that as a stage name.


Snow White, protected at all costs by the FBI.

And why have I never, ever seen this story in the news with a white girls hands?(1) Because your society is entirely complicit in down playing the Nordic mothers tendencies to raise girls in exactly the same fashion–yet you lay the child abuse meme at the feet of the ‘brown people’; or to discuss these issues in the press, lest your image as upholders of all things pre-teen and female be tarnished.

You, the protectors of vaginas–pimps of same–what an odd paradox, consideing that virtually EVERY SIBGLE SCHOOLTEACHER who sexually abises young boys is also blonde (or is it that the police state is finally encouraging boys to tel?l–I guess my work was not in vain).

SO, this is just a personal ‘note to self’ that I post as a reference point for the neo-racism that has overtaken American culture–and the need by those neo-racists to attempt to right the wrongs of the past by employing stereotypes and reverse psychology to mock the very premise of justice, equality, or even, to help children find a language for what it is they are enduring.

And what children are enduring is often times anything BUT what they should be focused on at these ages–primarily because the police state has intervened at every level of their childhood experience, not least of which is eradicating fathers from households–a sort of state sanctioned. state ‘justified’ kidnapping on a grand scale, starting with the demonization of male sexuality, and ending with, well, here you are, a little girl who touches a boys privates, and then justifies it to herself because (add your own excuse–my guess is that she did it because she also has no father, and only a female viewpoint to learn from-that female viewpoint enabled by the police state that prefers fatherless households because fatherless households call police MORE OFTEN and keep the cops in business).

Quanell X, leader of Houston’s New Black Panther Party, is working with the girl’s family.

Quanell says, “I’ve never dealt with a child this young being accused of a crime. In fact this was nothing more than inappropriate horseplay that has now lead to a child that is ten years old being charged with aggravated rape.”

Like, for instance: when have you ever–EVER heard of someone named Quanell X defending a white child? Much less a white child that isn’t a female? After all, the Black MUSLIMS of AMERICA are not known for their love of white males, or their efforts at racial harmony.

Weird American paradigm, that one–but where was Quanell when little boys were being charged with rape for the same offense some 10 or 20 years ago?

You guessed it–he was likely changing his name by petition because he was otherwise occupied by is identity–my best guess is that he was raised by women, with no men in the house, black, and also a likely sex abuse survivor at the hands of similar little girls and older women. I say that because white culture has never fully addressed the topic of women who abuse children, and the white ‘feminist’/ police state enablers have actively, and rapaciously attacked every insight into how they replace men in the household with little boys, and assist the police state in ‘leading’ headless households.

1.  “The obvious contemporary bias of abusiveness concepts has been informed by the “sexual abuse in historical perspective” and” sexual abuse across cultures” genres of the 1990s.  Some authors52 have specifically addressed this issue of cultural definition.  However, “cross-cultural” considerations of sexual “abuse” experiences of children are predominantly informed within the scope of American ethnic minorities, and therefore being subculturalist rather than truly cross-cultural53.  Most writers, conversely, argue for a “cross-national” approach in discussing combat motivation and strategies (e.g., Finkelhor and Korbin, 1988)54.  It must be argued that American definitions of “child sexual abuse” are predominantly informed by age difference, and hardly any definition goes without it.”

Janssen, D.F., http://www.ipt-forensics.com/journal/volume13/j13_1_2.htm#fn35

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