Ignorant, misinformed or merely malicious, immature cops cost the state money.

Occupy Activist Melissa Hill prevailed for the second time against the City of Minneapolis” Minneapolis, Feds settle with Occupy protester over sidewalk chalk message

Sidewalk chalk, and written words are NOT weapons, declared the City of Minneapolis in a reversal of its opinion in a recent case where cops illegally and maliciously altered the context and the content of a citizen’s free speech rights.

“The city of Minneapolis has agreed that writing on sidewalks with erasable chalk isn’t a crime. In settling a case with a protester detained after she chalked “Don’t Enlist Resist” on a sidewalk in 2011, the city…. Minneapolis — said its officers won’t treat chalking as an offense.”

Rainy Evening on Hennepin Avenue

Rainy Evening on Hennepin Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which reminds me of a time I was detained briefly on Nicolette avenue by  gang stalkers from Cxxxxx County, who were lurking in the dark end of the street near fourth, by the library. These types of breaches of speech rights, as well as privacy rights, and many others are daily events in Minneapolis, Mn.

This odd gang stalking event–one of many from that era–was in 2007 or so(notes elsewhere, details from memory very sketchy), entails both the fourth amendment, the first, and mostly an infringement upon the right to the pursuit of happiness, and it went like this:

I am walking from xxx to xxx Hennepin, and in the middle of the street is a delegation of enfarcers of the law from a multi-agency task farce, milling around in a pack. I was alone, on personal business at the time, and it was getting dark–around 7pm. They tend to prey on me when I am alone–this has been their pattern for decades.

They flagged me down from the middle of the street–their position–and asked me to leave the sidewalk, and walk into the middle of the street–always a dangerous proposition.

Then, the smallish one asked me for my ID, and I hesitated, but provided ID–because to refuse always gets further harassment–and then I asked them why they were collecting IDs on Nicolette when in fact they are from an entirely different county.

Their answer was that they are part of a training expedition. In those days there were many wandering task farces that followed me around, appeared of of nowhere, and otherwise did not belong in my life–but there they were.

And the joke is, NO ONE ELSE was on that street for a block in either direction–it was a targeted stop, and I knew it then. This will become important later in another story at a later time, but for now, suffice it to say that just one block over is Hennepin Avenue, which is full of drug dealers, prostitutes, drunken, under-aged white kids, and so forth–but they were there then, mobbing me. I later related this event to Dre (who for now remains anonymous, for the sake of protecting this portion of my story from their chronic disruptions of my personal narrative).

So, this is not a big deal, to the average person, right–it doesn’t offend the sensibilities–right? If you have nothing to hide, then….?

Until you add in all of the other details–like these random events targeted at YOU over the years–decades of false charges, culminating in a great and obscene crescendo when I was tasered in the back in the same downtown–and echoing and escalating ever since–makes me wanna holla’.

I bring this up because there was a recent time when I actually moved to the same county that these guys and their gang stalker allies were from.  I hadn’t even heard of this county at the time of this random stalking, but when I was gangstalked there three years later (and droned long before drones were permitted for use on American citizens), I felt that something might be not quite right out there–that the law as we knew it wasn’t the law anymore, but rather a sort of “catch me if you can” kind of law enfarcement, where it’s up to the citizens to catch them in all their illegal or coercive shenanigans, not the other way around.

How to do that best? That’s classified for now, but maybe it was the makeshift bunker made out of pallets that they set up outside my abode while they looked into my windows at night, or maybe it was flashbacks to the droning, etc. but I had had enough. And, it turns out that these guys have some odd practices when it comes to following the law–here is a case in point:

Hutchinson Police broke the law and gave weed to Occupy protesters link farm below.

-City Pages tracks and backtracks the story here.

-The state agencies investigate this form of experimentation on citizens, and find no reason to charge the officer–THEN the officer comes clean, and we realize that cover-ups take place at every level of this states law enfarcement:

Minnesota State Patrol participates in the corruption of evidence, and lies about the facts here.

Minnesota State Patrol

Minnesota State Patrol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the article “We haven’t found any evidence or any indication any illegal drugs were provided to anyone,” State Patrol Lt. Erick Roeske claimed last week. “Other than allegations made in the video, which were not supported by any video evidence, we did not find anything to substantiate these allegations.


Mona Dohman “Public Safety Commissioner Mona Dohman: “I have suspended the Drug Recognition Evaluator (DEC) training program” Some 40% of officers taking the DRE training last year gave narcotics to test subjects.

They changed their tune once they were caught lying, and attempting to bury an officers testimony.

“But the story changed when an officer came forward to the State Patrol later in the week, according to Department of Public Safety spokesman Bruce Gordon, reports Eric Roper at the Minneapolis Star Tribune.”

Why is this important? Because since my last droning by these people, it has happened ON A REGULAR BASIS, and other weird happenings that will be revealed at the right time. BUt what really maters here is this: the Minnesota agencies show a pattern of conduct that is clear–free speech offends them at every level, and retribution is a catch me if you can game that they play–leaving the burden of proof of their malfeasance on citizens.

But I do commend Ofcr. Karl Willers for his honesty–it is a rare gift when working where he does, in the profession he has chosen. After all, even the Hutch police chief was part of the cover-up and burial of this important story about the use of Americans in unethical and illegal experimentation by law enfarcement agencies.

From beginning to end of that bluntly dishonest affair (shout out to the tall fellow in blue who was GS the night after ——————————born–you people and your rumors sure cause people to look at me funny.. .), Hutchinson Police Chief Dan Hatten, was asked to comment  about the Star Tribune’s article,  and though he initially declined, he then added that the story “needs to be done, these officers have been through enough.”

And even though Willers  “admitted to Hutchinson Police Services superiors that he gave people marijuana…He said the drugs came from a Farmington officer who had confiscated it from “some kids.”

Cops always target and scapegoat vulnerable kids on one hand, and claim to be protecting them on the other? Can’t have your kids, and eat them too, Dan– Oh, yahh–that’s why you people run your thought projector upon me all these years: its for the children, right? If you don’t get them, the bogeyman will…or they might learn to speak up and Occupy their human rights BEFOR your methods take that right away too.

— Minnesota police giving Peavey Plaza Occupy-ers drugs as part of impairment study, report says [VIDEO]
— State Patrol “looking into” Occupy drug allegations; Mpls police claim no involvement
— State Patrol: “No evidence” officers gave Occupy-ers drugs
— Police did indeed give Occupiers free pot, new evidence suggests; DRE program suspended
— DRE drug scandal: City of Minneapolis denies involvement as outstate officers take heat
— Dan Feidt, producer of DRE drug scandal video, talks about Occupy, police, and the war on drugs
— Sgt. Rick Munoz, DRE program boss, is pretty much the biggest jerk ever
— DRE drug scandal: No criminal charges for alleged dope-distributing officers 

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  1. […] Ignorant, uninformed or merely malicious, immature cops cost the state money. (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Ignorant, uninformed or merely malicious, immature cops cost the state money. (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Ignorant, uninformed or merely malicious, immature cops cost the state money. (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

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