A little nod to the brown girls: you too can be pedestalized by Americans who pedestalize young vaginas

Here’s a new pedestal-an emerging one that deserves a closer look: the white, western fetishization with the brown girl, and ‘heroism.’

Malala Yousafzai is to human rights what Barak Obama has been to ‘transparency’: a nice face with good words, but no real action directed at anything other than builkding and maintaing a middle class tax base that reads only as deep as skin color.

As I have written for years, the white girl is by her very presence, a protected species–the FBI and trickle down law enfarcement are falling all over themselves to secure white girls and their sacred vaginas–with minds attached, of course!–from turrerism’s. And for now at least, the FBI only spreads propaganda about the insecurity–the danger that white girls face from all kinds of Predators–ooops, predators, but they are getting more and more hip to creating smoke screens and orchestrating publicity stunts that highlight the ‘brown girls’ as well–(trust me on that one….)

But what to do about the emergent non-white middle class who fret nightly that their daughters might be aware–even MORE aware than the FBI!–that they even have such a commodity as a ‘vuhginuh’? Or that the United States is aiming all of its long reaching, heavy pounding, bang-packed firepower at the generations of children tat might be born from it?

Enter the woman in the veil! Remember this image below of forlorn and sacrificed, vulnerable girlhood that white America and particularly white American women slathered all over? The shot was a directed PR stunt targeting the intellectual girl porn market–veils, ethnic beauty, objectified whiteness in a ‘brown’ body–all the trappings of girl porn, aimed at drumming up support for the TALIBAN, back when we were funding them (1985).

Well, she grew up, an no doubt, white American women aren’t so slathery over her anymore–she looks haggard, and worn from her decades of being warred upon by the west. What a shame–and what a waste of beauty–after all, she could have married an American soldier, or otherwise decreased her stress by marrying a caring, man hating lesbian here in freedumb country! (if, of course, those icky Talibans didn’t limit her choices to “men with guns”…):

“America is lifting the veil…,”one pliable, manipulable, malleable vagina creature at a time–for the god..oops…GOOD of ALL women, no doubt. AND, torturing young boys, or using them for target practice when no one is looking. Or rapingthem at Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “A little nod to the brown girls: you too can be pedestalized by Americans who pedestalize young vaginas

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