There’s never a cop there when you need one, part 3

Where’s Billy Jack when you need him?

“When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law.”
Tom Laughlin as Billy Jack, in the movie Billy Jack

Billy Jack

Billy Jack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the arrest of a gang stalking domestic terrorist-bike-gang member in New York who moonlighted as an undercover cop, the great NYPD Undercover Cover up is now rollin’, pulling an overwhelmingly gargantuan,  tartan-clad woolly mammoth into the center of the dialogue (and over our eyes)

FROM CBS NEWS: “Other police officers may also be investigated — perhaps five or six others, whose identities are known, but who may have been riding with the group of motorcyclists at one point or another or may have been present during different parts of these incidents.”

As predicted in part 1 of ‘Never a cop there when you need one’, the NYPD is in ass-covering mode over the motorcycle gang-cops who were caught terrorizing a young father, his wife, and their two year old child who were out for an anniversary dinner.

And of course, big police state cover-ups ALWAYS begins with the standard operational distraction that  ” a larger investigation was at stake’ should that/those agent and its mission have blown itself instead of participating in an organized gang stalking event–

Yeah–it’s understandable to some degree, cuz that’s how undercover works–you have to infiltrate, and act the part long enough to get your man ( American cops are always chasing men, unless they are chasing down hookers and other beings with vaginas to ‘save them’ from exploitation). Undercover agents have to lie, cheat, and steal (the latter, only as long as they don’t get caught); and even beat up on terrorized families who are out for dinner. And break into houses without warrants; and turn your lights on and of when you are not home; and steal your belongings while on fishing expeditions; and take pictures of your wife in the shower….oh, I AM getting ahead of myself now…)

It’s the nature of the beast–the big Tartan clad wooly mammoth in te middle of the national security discussion.

We live in a world where police provocation and harassment can create terrorists and others who hate on the state–after all, in my lost decades where I was  always shadowed, followed, wire-tapped, internet harassed, tasered and vilified due to the big-ness of all that investigation–It’s all so seekrit, I could never have seen it coming…

But the reality of it is this: at any time, cops can pull that one out of their ass now, because they have database files on EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN, and those files can be used in the future to make this exact claim ” a bigger investigation” was “ongoing,” no matter what the case is.

And, remember–it doesn’t mater if cops break the law, because in this case, it was only three people in one family who were terrorized. And that means that many more families–maybe millions of them, espcially the overseas ones that we care about so much– were saved from the terrosts in the police force who victimized this one family, soooo:

“The greatest good for the Greatest Number,”

dictates that we should all feel safer that is wan’t us this time–we are on the side of the good guys–there are more cops in America than there are of use now!

In other police brutality news-cops once again cannot seem to distinguish between a citizens right of free speech and a citizen who is an actual criminal. Cops hate it when you exercise free speech, especially if it calls them out for the bullies they are. After all “they are just doing their jobs-” and the primary job of modern American police? To stifle dissent at ANY PRICE. This “mouthy” kid should make their beat-down time worth every dime.

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