There’s never a cop there when you need one, part 2

Who didn’t see this coming? YET ANOTHER lying cop is part of an assault on a father and his wife and two year old kid. Oh, yeah, I knew that–and worse, there were EVEN MORE COPS IN THE MOB. There always are–it’s what they do.

Yes–not only were cops present when a father was dragged out of his car and beaten, but they ALSO participated in the event, causing TERROR and breaking the law.

No matter how much cops want to distance themselves from the cops who get caught breaking the law? The truth is, cameras are gonna revolutionize the way you people act- they are breaking the thin blue line–and if I have anything to say about it–and believe me, I have ten years and counting of you people breaking the law, or in the very least, breaking protocol on film: hint–

“In days of old when cops were bold and latex gloves weren’t invented. they’d wrap a sock around their black bag drops, and evidence was created”

Yeah, and I got that shit on camera, backed it up in multiple ways, with multiple witnesses, and kept a mental note for posterity. It says ” note the sloppy methodology, and the careless nature of what they are doing–and imagine trying to parallel construct their assault on my home, much less my person which predicated that?”

And took your farce that time for what it was-a grand CYA maneuver to cover what you had done to me just before that under the color of law. I was done at that point being terrorized by sweat-balls who live in the suburbs coming into my home and blacking up on me.

Not to mention the Spice Building…

Here’s a note on color of law for the last troupe of enfarcers who came through here ( and I am talking DECADES of their breakins!):

Deprivation of rights under cover of law.

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Deprivation of rights under color of law is a well-recognized, if not frequently prosecuted crime. Indeed, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a comprehensive explanation and some interesting statistical data, including a list of the most common categories in which these crimes occur:

• excessive force;

• sexual assaults;

• false arrest and fabrication of evidence;

• deprivation of property; and

• failure to keep from harm.”

Beware: Edward Snowden is just a distraction; the rest of us are the design.


One thought on “There’s never a cop there when you need one, part 2

  1. […] As predicted in part 2 of ‘never a cop there when you need one’, the NYPD is in ass-covering mode over the motorcycle gang-cops who were caught terrorizing a young father, his wife, and their two year old childwho were out for an anniversary dinner. […]

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