There’s never a cop there when you need one…

Cops can’t see clearly through their donut shaped motorsickle glasses–Because they are waaaaay too busy breaking the law in the name of freedumb and the Amerikan way–like motorsikling!— and corn holing each other, and glad handing constitutional reach-arounds to ever be held accountable under the law–unless they get caught doing what cops do best: hiding out at the scene of crimes!

Todays enigma in mystery justice–The cops who were there, but saw nothing at all!

NYPD Investigating Off-Duty Cops’ Presence at SUV Driver Attack

By LINZIE JANIS, JOSH MARGOLIN and AARON KATERSKY |–abc-news-topstories.html

“Two off-duty New York police officers were riding with the biker group whose members allegedly assaulted an SUV driver in New York City, and the NYPD is investigating why the cops apparently did not intervene, authorities said.”

Of course, this is where the beat Supe gets involved–with a sheaf of paper in his hand full of psychological profiles, details from the SOD-DICE collusion, and rhetoric against the better good of actual law enforcement–and teaches these law-breaking cops how to cover their asses:

1) OK boys, just remember this: you were there because you were trying to investigate this ‘gang’–at no time will you ever acknowledge that you ARE a member of this gang! Because if you are pressed, you state that you are doing deep cover work! AND that your investigation needed more evidence–which, of course we have now…

2) You were there because ‘what an officer of the law does in their free time is constitutionally protected activity–even if it means sitting with your hands plunged deeply into your withered groins and watching while a father–a father who was with his wife and child, on an anniversary outing-is dragged from his car and beaten nearly to death. Because, remember, you have MORE rights than him, and his family–you’re a cop–a hero!!!

3) Plausible deniability; PLAUSIBLE deniability; PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY–you were ther because greater evils exist in the world other than a) cops doing nothing abouit tyhe gross and indecent violation of a father who is on a date with his wife AND CHILD. b) bigger, badder guys are your real target–like , um, whatever–just say that-it always works with the public.

4) justr say that you are keeping an eye on terruris’s or whatever–after all, you are the gud guys and everyone who doesn’t like cops is the bad guys.

5) remind your listening audience that ‘anyone who invokes their rights, or constitutional rights‘ is a tearuriss, or in the very least, enables tureriss’ses’ss to do bad things in the world by expecting cops to do the right thing UNDER THE LAW. After all, these are tough times, and tough times calls for tough love under the law–and you were “just doing your job.” The American public will go along with you when you say that because they are way too stoopid to understand a cops job.

6) remind everyone that if this father wasn’t beaten in front of his wife and child, other fathers might have been because that is the nature of policing in Amerikka these days–someone had to be an example.

7) if all that fails, just tel them that you had a quota to meet–like, ” I need to be undercover, and beat up one father per week, in order to ensure that his kid learns to repsek law enfarcement awficers.

Got it? Now go enfarce the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPECIAL NOTES: of the last two times I was physically assaulted–when my life was in actual jeopardy–I was under 24-7 surveillance, andno cop stepped in.

Of the last  five times I was under threat of physical assault, no cop stepped in–and of that five, in three I was cast as a perpetrator, rather than as someone who had endured actual assault.

AND of the last eight times where my house was broken in to, or when I was assaulted, or when my wife took a shower and was photographed doing so–law enfarcers were at all times present and observing, and did nothing to alay her fears; or to ask my opinion or take a statement about same–why? Because these days, you are as likely to be violated and a victim by cops as to be a victim of real croime (just ask the NSA database–and your lost fourth amendment rights.) This of course, based upon my biased results as a mere observer, with anecdote, lots of films and photos, and witness accounts in hand….

AND: the time I was tasered in the back in the middle of a public street by a security guard? Cops had driven by him and his post thre times that night, just before I was tasered IN THE BACK!!!!



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