Moral crusades, panic, and the white girl as victim: building a police state, on background

URGENT UPDATE: When this post herein, and below was originally published, I had NO IDEA that white women endured the kind of harassment that other women around the world endure at the hands of the police, and police allied state agencies. And specifically, I had NO IDEA about the manner in which the police exercise power over white women in order to gain their compliance in police state agendas.

And, it is a sad fact that police states use and manipulate–and worse, imply sexual and social conspiracy and impropriety upon–the minds, hearts, and bodies of blonde girls where in FACT none exist; and that, most often, just hysterical propaganda designed to control blonde women, and their families, associates, and chosen mates. ANd the most insidious effect of this ‘framing’ of an issue is this: instilling fear in women in general, and falsely raising anxieties to the level of moral panic absolutely acts as a kick in the crotch to any woman who chooses to excercise her sexual rights–a pre-emptive mental blow , leveled at each and every woman who is exposed to such propaganda. And an insertion into the sexual choices of these women, guided by fear, into paradigms of  police and state psychological control— i.e. the good guys and gals are “taking care of you.”

But,  after this post herein was published, I became aware of a particularly disturbing attempt by 180 police agencies across the State of Minnesota to harass, defame, and otherwise disrupt the lives of BLONDE, NORDIC WOMEN. Up until I saw this data, I was confident that white women as a whole, and blondes in particular enjoyed a certain amount of privilege, and protection from the state-forms of protection that are and were racist, insidious, and privileged in a sexual way–a form of deviance tat to my knowledge has yet to be fully described.

.And, I was NOT aware of the deviant nature of the manner in which Minnesota law enforcement officials, and law enforcement personnel harass these women in a form of coercion that has yet to be fully investigated or named properly for what it is: fear and anxiety based, coerced enforcement of police agendas, using women as “tools” and as “objects” of the dispensing of police state propaganda.

And that, which garners significant federal dollars, and state subsidies to perpetuate.

My focus had been and remains, the use of white women, and the co-option of white women’s voices(and here, and here, and here) in police state propaganda campaigns.

And, in light of this newly discovered data about the exact nature of police state manipulation of local informers and local agents of change and control–that Minnesota police agencies stalk and harass Minnesota women–, I must now revisit hundreds of articles that I have written all over the internet, and possibly retract, recant, or revise my theory about white women as a protected species–as the primary and WILLING accomplices in the dissemination of police state propaganda.

This is a follow up to this post where I highlight American police and their obsession with blonde nubile females:

“What is called white slavery has now become a favorite topic of dinner table conversation in “our best circles.” It is not yet being made on the children’s games in the kindergartens, but doubtless will be before long. The stage, always looking for new material and new territory to invade, has seized upon this luscious topic with avidity. –James Metcalfe, Life Magazine, 1913, quoted in Sisters in Sin : Brothel Drama in America, 1900-1920 (2006) – Katie N. Johnson 

Regarding the use of “predictive technology” and crime fighting: I predict that such technology is already combined with the NSA programs, SOD leaks and database breaches in ways that are even more illegal than pre-emptive war.

And I predict we will now see waves of cases based in this methodology of law enfarcement and the blur of truth and fiction (which is incredibly possible via the internet, and the current methods of data collection PLUS data alteration which is possible because the NSA currently stores only the citizen side of communications) in use the massive data collection program to justify it’s use, or legitimize the privacy invasions that the police state has plotted for decades. Privacy invasion IS police pornography: the ultimate fantasy of power and control is the total invasion of the homes, the heads, and the hearts of people who live there.

And there might well be no better case to bring this point home than the case of Madeleine McCann, who went missing in Portugal as her parents partied,  because nothing drives a moral panic better than the face of a little white girl who is in trouble.  In fact, every single era of sexual hysteria, and morality crusading had that exact image at its center.

Madeleine aged 3 and age progression image pro...

Madeleine aged 3 and age progression image projecting her at age 6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And the myth of White Slavery , and other related and exploitation provides a platform for new dimensions in the surveillance state era that will re-write the definition of both “panopticon,” and “voyeurism”, with police taking center stage at your windowsill, cameras in hand.

“British police said Friday that analysis of mobile phone data from thousands of people who were in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz when Madeleine McCann disappeared could provide a new lead.”


The white girl, exposed and vulnerable-to the predation, exploitation, and psychological terrorism directed at her by the police and surveillance state

Elizabeth Smart is back in the news, and the propaganda purpose of her pretty blonde face, combined with the social climate–the moral panic over sexual exploitation in America–proves an incredible distraction away from the abuses of Americans of other peoples children (overseas) and the last decades great and heretofore unimaginably large and law-breaking police infrastructure that drools on your window sills, and cptres conversation about every detail of how, and when you diaper your child.

And they record it to, via the NSA, and a host of other privacy invading technogies that have only yet been see as what they are:  grand and provocative, invasive and truly unConstitutional fraces–pretexts to fishing expeditions that seek any and every justofication to find–anywhere–the bogeyman that thsi American society depends upon to keep kids fearful, and respective of police state authority.

In fact, there has never been a more grand, and grandstanding invasion of the lives, minds and bodies of human beings than what the NSA and the American police state is doing all over the world–that is, if you count voyeurism and directed personal attacks over the internet, and the resulting blackmail as heinous activity; and short of that, as far as we know, only Stalin, Pol Pot, and then Hitler were able to affect so many lives and so many human bodies through such thuggery and hyperbole based hysteria. And Hitler too, once famously said that ‘ the children are the future–you are but a mere passing memory; their minds are in my hands’

These two things ALWAYS go hand in hand, as I will show, and this, at the expense of civil liberties, which we all know now is a very real, and direct threat to all of us.

While the revelations of the gross abuses of the NSA and the lies that covered their tracks make the news today, there is another, far more troubling side of that illegality that is just starting to show its head–the ability of law enfarcement to “predict crime” using predictive technologies” that Americans have not yet heard about, or can even imagine exist. These ‘predictive’ technologies are on many ways little more than the old techniques of constitutionally repugnant police methods: the planting of evidence, the manipulation of its trail–the chain of evidence– via the convenient state protecting methods of obfuscation, one way collection of data (meaning the states own malfeasance is little if ever on record), and the Public Relations purpose served by a complicit media.

Elizabeth Smart.jpg

Elizabeth Smart is “broken beyond repair.” Maybe America needs to focus less on virginity, and more on white privilege, or how they allow themselves t be exploited by the police state propaganda mechanism after the fact (with all due respect)

Whereas it is common knowledge that America as a nation feels it has the right–indeed, the necessity to pre-emptively bomb people thousands of miles away from here, and to capture, hold andf torture ‘suspects’ and the FBI’s ‘most wanted’–it is little known that this has become domestic policy IN AMERICA ITSELF, and that the NSA programs are the dorc=ect facilitators of  a quasi-legal framework that creates here in America the same kind of legal limbo thta an accused terrorist feels when they are held on a ship, or in a ‘black site.’

Time is what they are stealing, and human memories of minute by minute torture–this is the new/old law enfarcement.

America also uses covertly, and soon will use predictive arguments on a larger public scale (read: NSA/SOD/ DICE collusion to obfuscate chain of evidence)  the same illegal arguments it has used in the past, but on a massively criminal defense budget killing framework, to ease us all along on the slippery slope ( a really good example is the recent 4th amendment loss in the case where the smell of marijuana in an apartment building necessitated that the fourth amendment bend over backwards and blow itself so that a door could be kicked in, lest a joint be flushed down a toilet –citation later)

There is something a bit distorted, dysmorphic, and perverse about a nation that is hyper-focused on the rhetoric of young white females as either vulnerable, or as actual victims. And this is as we will see, the main fuel that drives the formation of a police state in America.

Below are rough notes, and a link farm that point to the genesis of Americas obsession with young girls and sexual slavery. In no way is this intended to deny that the possibility of this exists, or that in real life, and recent case show, it does occur. However, the focus on this as a default guide to a moral code has deviant interests at heart: the police state cannot win without the attention of women, and particularly, white women, who are the primary tool of the dispensing of sex propaganda to young children.

Contrary to the prevailing mantras of socio-economic factors causing the ‘slavery’ and the ‘exploitation’ of young girls, we in fact  often see in cases of real and gruesome abuse, like that of  John Benet Ramsey, the complicity of the mother in the childs exploitation (she was likely killed by her mother).

And then, there is often complicity by police and prosecutors in these exploitation for economic gain: the propaganda purpose of claiming to save children is immense–but saving nubile white girls? Priceless…

Put another way, exploitation is a double edged sword, and American  society and its police derive financial rewards from this same exploitation–even if, historically and academically, it is widely recognized that the meme of “white slavery” and the vulnerable young female is nearly a myth, and provably a near falsehood that is used generation after generation to cause moral panic, and hysteria–and build the police farces into quasi-military organizations with the sole purpose of protecting the children (read, young girls) from the bad guys.

It cannot be doubted that here are actual victims, and actual pain incurred due to this exploitation–and anyone with a heart cannot but feel the pain of a lost child–but in and of itself, it is not the family, or the child who actually benefit from this great assault on our civil liberties–our privacy, and our 4th amendment right against intrusions.

BUt some say “well if you lost a child, you would do anything in your power–any technology at all–to find your kid,” which might be true in one sense, but is patently exploitative in another: because people lose children every day when Americans put their human rights aside and view their own children as privileged.

As well, there is one more way that a person can lose a child–that, to state invasions of the home, and a propaganda purpose that conflates individual pain with MASSIVE propaganda gain–the incentive? Wealth creation and a sense of self righteousness when invading other nations.

And that is how we got to where we are now: the police state exploits this issue at the expense of a discussion about the real world cost of imperialism, and the exploitation of entire nations. The police state exists to ferret out dissent at that exact level, and to enlist allies in it’s invasive quest using the most torn and tattered of our children as foils to deflect criticism of it’s abuse of authority.

America’s Jewish-Christian, one party Democrat-Republican unified surveillance and police state is by design, the TOOL that stifles this type of discussion at any cost. And the real victim is your privacy, because this is just the beginning.

Personal notes below:

I might add that the wallet I attempted to return to a college stufdent who had lost their wallet belonged to an Africann woman who had been pre-propagandized (apparently) to believe that goodness in its raw form does not exist-and if it does, to report it to the local police farces, who are full of testosterone charged young males acting in “official capacities” to re-affirm white male male hegemony, or, in the words of the street” to contain the bitches.”.

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