Men on Fire, everywhere in America. Kiss my ass, Creasy Bear–you fake hero.

Men in America have been burned.

So, thanks to the police state, and it’s desperation–its utter angst in the face of the crisis of potential retribution by the fathers of other nations that American law enfarcers and their mayhem have created–men here, in America, are on fire.

And they are more than willing to die for the sake of young nubile females who might fall in love with them.

Men in America are burning themselves up–we are disposable, apparently–at least those of us who do not go overseas to fall in love with little girls, or kill people.

AND despite all the incredible technology (NSA wiretaps, meta data collection, and local police farce wiretaps and so on)–men in America can burn themselves on the lawn of the nations capital, and never get noticed until they are nearly dead–and never get saved, helped, or otherwise directed into useful, satisfying, and productive lives.

Maybe they should just become little blonde girls–or learn to fetishize precocious young white females who secretly fetishize them in return  (my Creasy Bear)? After all–that worked for Denzel Washington–who portrayed an ex-CIA agent in  “Man on Fire.”

Because when men of the Company cloth–men of the armed and dangerous professions who go to foreign countries to make their wages fetishize the young, blonde, white female, apparently, the whole world is saved and free.

Or, maybe the most recent round of MKULTURAtion is directed at black men, and brown men, using the young, nubile white female as bait–and as incentive to ‘fight for American values’- to distract them from looking at the real enemy: their own job choices, “protecting America,” by invading the countries of the fathers of ‘brown girls,’ and so forth?

Or something like that.

But here’s a thought: do men in America really burn for this kind of crap–or do we actually fantasize about breaking the chains that bind us to the fascist dialogues and instead crave a place–a country even–that would protect us and allow us to actually speak freely about such American/Jewish-Christian-neo-capitalist Muslim dialogues–those exact dialogues the dialogues of slavers?

yeah. Prolly no…because any nation worth salt recognizes that these same American men will likely bring the blonde female with them–and al of her ever-crying, eternal victim dialogues that only destroy families, and stir the pot of  gender based strife, starting with her choices to accept victim status in the dialogue–and subvert real and meaningful debates from happening.

Burrito, senor? Tamale? No-? How about a little white girl with blonde hair to “protect”? Si-o.k.–now come ‘save me’

 says Innocent Erendira\ and her ICE, DEA colleagues and big brothers.

Pequeno blanca? Es 





6 thoughts on “Men on Fire, everywhere in America. Kiss my ass, Creasy Bear–you fake hero.

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