Even main stream dissent is actually complicity: the Salon.com example

A recent article by Fred Branfman writing in Salon.com warns of us the creeping police state, and asks

“We’re already under full-time surveillance. Can the executive branch’s ever-growing authoritarianism be stopped?”


And the answer is obviously this: as long as mainstream media continue to phrase the problem as one of “mass surveillance,” of an entire population, the cases of targeted individuals like myself will continue to be overlooked as madness, potential criminality, or rambling accounts of something that somehow falls ‘outside the scope’ of this same outcry over mas surveillance.

It’s as if my declarations and observations, and preservation of internet saboteurs and provocations have been merely ramblings of a madman. (evidence, IP’s, screencaps, etc preserved elsewhere for later scrutiny.)

Yet, in fact, it is myself and the others who have been so targeted and targeted in such brutal, mentally degrading ways, that are actually the epicenter of the entire discourse–it is us who have been deliberately sidelined in one way or another, and experimented upon by those same surveillance apparatus.

It is us who were aware of the problem from the beginning–when everyone else called us crazy, or deliberately stepped away from the dialogue–an entire society stepped away from the dialogue–and felt better about themselves, said “it could never happen to me.”

But it is, and it is happening now. Told ya’ so. Because, after all, I have not only been a “chronic suspect” for over two entire decades, but perhaps your own personal scapegoat as well.

And, for all of us–especially the lawyers charged with giving their clients a vigorous defense whose attorney client privilege is gone; the teachers charged with talking down suicidal students who use Facebook to do so; the police officers who risk their lives and limbs to actually interact on their beats with actual citizens via the internet using plain language; and the business person whose banking happens to cross paths with actual terrorists– the burden of proof is on you, for there is no longer the presumption of innocence anymore–not with the years and years of data base information that can be twisted against you.

These are the thiefs of time who have inserted themselves into all of our lives, and I am just one of a few who stood alone, and who put myself in the middle of the dialogue to bring you the bad news–getting “caught red handed*” in order to expose what you are only now hearing about–that which I already knew.

* this joke will be explained when the time is right.


4 thoughts on “Even main stream dissent is actually complicity: the Salon.com example

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