There are more war crimes we need to talk about–like the War on Americans.

sang muns zxx font

Sang Muns zxxx font–just a new barrier against an old problem: America’s hatred of free speech

Pardon me if I jump from meme to meme–my mind has been altered in such a way as that I cannot focus properly or at all times on exactly what needs to be said to you, and your followers in any given instance–I no longer have self protective impulses.

in fact, ‘I play it by ear’ because my sense of security, safety, and general well being has been forever demolished by intrusive, un-ending, and at times, constitutionally abhorrent practices that strangers, the police, state agents, and Mikhail Bulgakov‘s ghost condone in some small part because 1) it generates tax revenue, and 2) it keeps the status quo believing that bad things only happen in Russia, or Nazi Germany, circa 1936, and 3) because here in America the greatest public relations scam in the history of the world operates daily–hourly: on a second to second time-delayed apparatus–to keep us Disinformed about the reality of the oppression that Americans (60% and more) suffer every day.

And I am NOT Talking about “first world problems here, I am talking about Black Panthers who die 3 days after their liberation, and an out of control police/gang culture that follows no laws, and adheres to no rules that any citizen I know of would respect, or admire.;

Yeah-but, that’s another story.

So, what intrigues me tonight is this–a piece of a script, with Russel Crowe starring as the lead in ” A Beautiful Mind” where he plays John Forbes Nash–who I believe was an early and high profile MKUKLTRA victm.

English: John Forbes Nash Jr. (born June 13, 1...

English: John Forbes Nash Jr. (born June 13, 1928) is an American mathematician and economist. Serving as a Senior Research Mathematician at Princeton University during the later part of his life, he shared the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with game theorists Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nash endured years of institutionalization, electro convulsive therapy, drugs, etc–al because he had a story to tell, not at all unlike my own. IN those days, the government and its agents were running the now-proven illegal program of MKULTRA, and NAsh was likely a target.

Nash gave us game theory, and many other mathematical constructs that are in use every day in various ways–many of them against Americans who dissent, or otherwise refuse to participate in the gang stalking and mental health marginalization of those of us who knw what they are doing

He was later awarded the Nobel Peace prize based on  fearful silence–as he once said, he ‘took the drugs just to get out of the asylum,’ andlater disavowed any form of their therapies, opting instead for community based mental health care–that form of therapy that does not include Big Pharma, or it’s sister, Big Government/police state treatments.

In regards to the Nobel prize, we know it is a farce–no Nobel winner ever actually worked for peace–in fact, Albert Nobel himself invented dynamite, and was widely seen as contributing to the death of millions–which is why he formed up the prize in the first place.

Today we see that Vladimir Putin is nominated for the prize, as well as Malala, the Afghan girl who was shot in the head; and also Obama–sound familiar (think Kennedy, but Black and retrospective, with a more self protective ‘face’ to it all.)..

Nash’s story as told in the Hollywood movie is actually just more anti-freedom pabulum that covers over the bigger story: project MKULTRA, PAPERCLIP, and a host of other abuses by American Government on individuals in America who are targeted individuals–and I think John Nash was one of them.

–and I am not at all sure that this film is on my TV by chance–they try to program you, and then delete your program, and call you crazy, as if you cooked it all up yourself. Newspapers are a tool , and so are films–re-broadcast late at night to get into your head. They know that I know what they are doing-and they do it anyways, because this is how they get their messages out–using me as the “crazy” foil”:

She: “Is this what he has been doing all day–cutting up magazines?”
He: “Well, not all…”

Then they take her to the empty mansion (the haunted house with the drop box.) Then she sees him in the institution, and he rambles on about the microphones, etc. and she finally says “Shhh. STOP…” tells him to shut up(it’s almost as if she were raised in Mamasota–the Behemoths HATE words there.).

“Saul followed you…”

“It’s in your mind–do you understand, you’re sick, John….”

“Garbage men don’t come at night…”

“I guess around here they do,” he says.

And then she looks out the window and the garbage man indeed comes along. Then, cut to the bedroom scene, where she goes to grab his dick, and he rolls over–this society has little love or respect for men who say no, or who have “headaches” or who merely require a deeper level of intimacy and understanding when it comes to love-making.


The Behemoth loves his pistol, and good eats.

The next scene, she is smashing a mirror, and screaming–imagine being around that level of rage, and passive aggressive violence from a woman that you love. Makes your balls want to disappear, or, in the very least, normalize, ‘understand’, empathize with, and de facto tolerate women’s violence directed at men

Then Parcher, his allegedly imaginary handler/ tormenter appears out of the woods behind the garage, guns drawn with soldiers thronging him, threatening our protagonist, who succumbs out of pure helplessness…

There is definitely some garbage that reeks around here. I mean, since when does our constitution condone necessitate, or ALLOW state agents to do very bad, very illegal, and very abhorrent things to American citizens? Sure, I am certain you want to yak about Dred Scott-that is soooo 1898.

And the problem is? That we have allowed our courts to grapple with  modern law with their eyes closed for way too long: Kennedy assassination is a good starting point: exactly where is it enshrined in law that national interest is secured by the ‘less [information] is more justice for the people?”

Where, exactly does it state that  when the CIA crosses over its boundary fence, and barks up the asses of Americans,  and wages psyops on citizens that it is a “non-negotiable premise of law” that we look the other way?

And where, exactly, does it say that in a time of war-in a time of pre-emptive, internationally agreed upon facts, like the fact that Iraq IS and WAS an illegal war–that individual Americans should be vilified, and then targeted  for speaking about that ?

And where-can you point me to where–in the law that it says that these secret databases–secret record collection centers–are in any way congruous with free speech, or free association?

And this, the tip of an ICE berg, or a foreskin from a non-conformist Phillistine-offered up, I might add, so that others will not suffer what I have.

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