Sidenote: the collection of Phillistine foreskins is just gross, and regressive.

I just wrote about this, and then there is this…what gives????

No matter how hard Christians pander to Jews–or how hard Jews now pander to Muslims by claiming that the maiming of little boy children through circumcision–genital mutilation–is “anti-religious’, the subtext says that pro-circumcision Jews are trying to continue to reinforce chattel slavery through such a practice.

AND playing one side against the other.

On one hand, they are claiming that the humane EU policy of forbidding the genital mutilation of male children is “anti-religious’; and thereby appealing to Muslim religious sentiment (that sentiment most recently ‘liberated’ and ‘given voice”.


On the other, they usd to claim such prohibitions were “anti-semitic’ meaning that the Zionist patriarchy amongst them felt that such humane policy was directed at Jews specifically–yet Jewish Hollywood, and the Jewish owned American press certainly gets its undies in a bundle when womens labia are chopped off–and directs (projects) all kinds of motive into that practice.

Or, put another way ” you can’t have your callimari, and eat it too” Or something like that.



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