I have been trapped into a dialogue with people I don’t want to talk to for decades.

I never ‘asked for’ what has been done to me–and I realize that what has been done to me happens every day; every day in America, I am sure there are tens of thousands of people who are sweopt up in some quota, or swept up in some authority test that goes wrong–and then, they endure the most basicm, entry level form of police psychological terrorism that one encounters in America: they are labeled in some way like a specimen, with some charge or other that they will 1) plead gulkty to, because they do not know the beauty of the law or 2) they will negotiate a plea deal, just top recoup their time, or relieve themselves of the fear of further time spent in systemic and chronic manipulations of data, ‘facts’ and trials or 3)  they will suffer, as I did, and imagine the worst at all times–incarceration, further and increasing brutality; defamation, and libel, backed up by “official sources.”

And 4) of course, is to be appalled, and fearful of further labellling–at becoming an enemy of the state. I know that because I became that.

I wasn’t acquainted with Mamasota for even a month before the labeling and false allegations began; that, conceived by a now proven thief, liar, and child abuser–and eagerly enforced by a cop. And I won’t digress, because that story is one that deserves a novel–but I will tell you that as a young man so swept, I was appalled, and outraged, having never committed a crime; to be MKULTRated in such a way was despicable (no, you have not done the research, and no, you are too ‘normal’ in every way–read, a bad actor in an average play–to ever understand).

But this is a digression, isn’t it?

So, to the point: I am fed up with the nmoronic attempts by cops to paint me into one heinous crime or another (then, I was a ‘potential kidnapper’ having come to Mamasota to merely put my name, and my protection upon a —————, who was, by systemic flaw, never allowed to enjoin or enjoy either.

To the point now: I am tired–awfully tired of hearing that cops are ‘just doing their jobs’ every time the farcically enact some form of security theater in my life–they are al bad actors to the nth degree, because the reality is that they are GETTING PAID evry time they inflate a statistic, or conflate a charge–and that IS what was done to me in these decades–those cops ( and I know from FIRSTHAND doughnut flipping experience) do indeed grow fat while minding their state subsidized careers.

And this is appalling: Cops who belong to secret gangs are complicit in the beating of a father who celebrates his anniversary with his wife and child ; this is the norm; this is  reprehensible–but at the end of the day? What has been done to nme in Mamasota is cold-blooded blackmail, and worse, I am still here, and itching for the real fight. 

I hope I gave you enough ammunition–because you will need it. Myself, I prefer the truth, and the pattern of conduct that you have shown. It will set me free, and it’s all on tape.



2 thoughts on “I have been trapped into a dialogue with people I don’t want to talk to for decades.

  1. […] I have been trapped into a dialogue with people I don’t want to talk to for decades. (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] I have been trapped into a dialogue with people I don’t want to talk to for decades. (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

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