For those who just joined the decades long conversation: here is the midpoint of the profile

There are always two wars waged, one directed at “them” and the other that “Us” direct at people like me–the outlier.

Warning sign for police brutality.Where I live, there are many people named Warsame–most of them are from Somalia, or Kenya, or parts of Ethiopia–but not all of them are endorsed quite the same way, or by the same political party:


Actually, yes, that IS what you are–unless you change it, and maintain the record intact–because it contradicts the truth in other records that you do not have access to-yet.

And: some of my   troubles began when I didn’t jump on the Us versus THEM bandwagon, and took a stand against the neo-McCarthyism of this era by writing news that no one else wrote–and by breaking a local story in a unique way:


This little paper won a freedom of speech award the year before this story came out. I drove content there.

Other troubles with other covert organizations began when I was driving content that explored the now-disclosed illegal activities of the NSA et al–and keep in mind that this was in 2004–some 8 YEARS before it hit major media outlets. I did not feel at that time that I had enough information, or enough ‘proof’ that what I knew then–what you know NOW was worthy of publishing–and I definitely did not have the legal protection that would have been necessary to go forward at that time:


As a true patriotic American, I was an early adopter of the need to provide a meme that the government was breaking the law in the disguise of law enfarcement, and all of its now proven lies about terrorism–that arm a tentacle of a hydra, extended by government now into the homes of all of us. We are all as I was then–a suspect in an as yet to be named or framed crime.

The war on Americans privacy was then a partisan issue and it was popular in a DFL controlled state to hate on GW;  whereas today everyone is somewhat united in believing that people like me deserve  gang stalking and constant monitoring for speaking out–and they fart great gasses of curry perfumed relief knowing that people like me have shouldered the burden of speaking out against injustice, police brutality, unwarranted home invasions, and other illegal activity waged ON AMERICANS who fight a different war: the war for the most basic of all rights–the right to speak freely, without being followed wiretapped, brutalized, or redirected in their pursuit of happiness–in my case, to merely write—-for this is the essence of a ‘free society,’ though it was essentially denied to me through the means described herein, on this blog.

And others, after egregious and illegal and racist and sexist attacks against actual good people sit back and gloat, or wag their heads and say “This is not who we are,” even when the evidence says otherwise. These people underestimate the value of people like me to create the exact changes they are looking to create–and jump on the bandwagon of persecution instead, relying as they do on the flawed political records at their ‘disposal.’

AND I was loosely affiliated with, and knowledgeable about those who have exact, precise, and damning evidence that our government, and its leaders at the HIGHEST levels were indeed breaking the law

But mostly, I was appalled by then and fatigued–absolutely at my wit’s end because I could not bear the brunt of the projections that were being cast upon me by those within certain circles (which will be revealed later) who themselves deserved at least a little of what was being directed at me–but did not get it because they conformed to their respective party lines (and some of them were doing lines, as I recall…where ARE those old recordings anyways, guys and gals?).

I was tired then, even from five years of break-ins and mysterious occurrences that I knew were not just ‘in my head’ but that really happened–except they didn’t I was told repeatedly by those who knew better.

I was tired of encountering strange conversations with strange people who used obscure facts bout ‘my’ life to kindle relationships–and then to have same try to sell me missile launchers, kilos of drugs, yellow diamonds, and a host of other crap that I never asked for. I was tired of recording and transcribing the conversations I had with these individuals, and tired of having those recordings disappear–even more tired of having things appear in my personal effects. horrified actually.

You know what I mean-can you listen between the lines? Probably not, which is OK for now–those who told me such things will come forward when the time is right and verify everything I am saying, and more.

Lots and lots more. About people you might know yourself–or not at all.

And mostly, the record shows that I have at all times been a non-violent pacifist resistor to the violence that you are waging across the world, and in my country–but not at all opposed to protecting myself from blackmail, or the violence that is directed at me from others who work for–well, you tel me…but I never laid a hand on anyone in anger, who didn’t exhaust their privilege of slapping  both of my cheeks first, and repetitively.

Even then, I was appalled that PsyOps was active in America, and trying to use me as a tool of their agendas. In this last case, the poor, starving military was not yet in the place where it needed to be…and I gave it a boost, perhaps a little carelessly, and not in ways that the average beat cop can understand or interpret–much less the FBI profilers et al , who had me slated for another kind of ‘directed content.’…


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