Trickle down law enfarcement.

The US Constitution has always been clear about things like the right against unreasonable search and seizure, the fifth amendment right against self incrimination, etc., but never did the founders enshrine the right of privacy. And that said, their no longer IS a 5th amendment right, except that which can be invoked on a witness stand–because the level of invasion that we endure from the NSA pre-empts

This is the grey area where the police state mechanism has stepped in and inserted itself into every aspect of our lives. And it is no grey area anymore–it is black as a jackboot or a sooty old swastika.

And the supreme court, stacked as it was by GW2 with Virgin Mary worshiping Catholics, and corporation colludong cronies, the balance of power for the people is at a historic low, and it isn’t likely to get any better anytime soon.

Not that the center, or the left of the court is much better–never before have the two polarized parties of liberals and conservatives been more in lockstep with each other on isues that re at the very heart of what freedom is supposed to be.

On the issue of gender equality, only abortion is topical at the court–but real gender equity is outthe window, because no justice on the left–not Kagan, not Soto Mayor-none of them will take a stand for equality that begins with the gender inequity of “crime, by definition, is ascribed to males, more than to females.”

There’a a hot potato for the Fabians among them.

And there are no atheists there either; no muslims (thankfully of course, as most Muslims are more severely gender handicapped, and just as whacky and superstitious as Catholics); no buddhists and one Jew–oh wait–did my favorite justice resign or something–oh, yeah, she shifted to the right a bit on rights, and she is still a sexist.

No matter what, the court is just as screwed as the rest of us are as a society as long as the entrenched gender issues are upheld, entrenched,  enforced from the top down.

Or, like I have been saying for decades we are on the verge of one of the most heinous recreations of Victorian conquest and the accompanying gendered mindset that breeds conservative abuses on both sides.

Put another way, we are in fact ” entering a new period as consumed by fear of social transgression as that of the Victorians—all because of a simple, strange dichotomy created by the Internet, a dichotomy that has given rise to this problem posed by the potential for abuse in the NSA.” 

But I knew that all these years, and have been targeted for non-compliance with the neo-Victorian agenda. But I am not a good enough student of history to know the answer to the keystone question: did Queen Vickie, et al have a window ledge drooler task force? Seems they have been frozen onmy sill for a few decades, like detritus that fell from another era.


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