It’s one thing to be paranoid; and another to be psychotic in response to paranoia.

Dispatch from a  foreskin intact Phillistine: dateline Mx, on the seven second delay AGAIN.

Imagine that you experience things that no one else around you seems to experience. Then, imagine that, when you tell them about your experiences, they mock you, or tell you it is all in your head-that what you see, think, hear, observe, or otherwise ‘live’ is not real.

That can make you kind of crazy indeed. So you try the psychiatrist, and the psychologist, and they tell you you are not necessarily crazy, but you are indeed this label or that label. And when years later you are shot in the back–literally–you get a new label, like’anti-social’ because your lawsuit against people who shoot you in the back is succeeding, as were others(funny how that works isn’t it?)

But there is a whole different, and far more invasive level of what is going on in America today that is as yet undocumented or in the very least, only documented in what are called ‘ conspiracy theories.’ The internet did not just open the possibility of mere data packets being stored ‘meta’-it opened up the widest centerfold ever for the police state to leer over: the complete invasion of any persons theoretical ‘mind’ via some internet ‘fingerprint,’ is in fact the complete and total objectification of a human, because the MIND is what is theoretically being viewed, as well as the body.

 The whole thing is just a bait and SWITCH democracy.

bait and switch democracy

I tried and tried and tried to opt-out. And I have been accused of being avoidant and so forth. But with these NSA, DICE, and SOD revelations– whose crazy now? You, for accepting that as national policy; you for tolerating that slippery slope to be broached; and you who believe that it is innocently intended to protect Americans from “terror,” which it is not: it is in fact a terror campaign waged on your fellow citizens, and I for one am no longer convinced that I am the crazy one.

So,  picture these experiences directed at you based on a mental profile– for DECADES. After awhile, not only do you find yourself isolated, and shunned, but also, any pre-existing mental stresses or other vulnerabilities become weaker,until finally, you are alone with them. And it crosses your mind in reptitive cant saying “maybe they are trying to set me up or blackmail me into joining them.”

What is it that they want, you ask yourself for years; and why me? And then, the answers come: a glimpse into their databases, or quick scribled note of  a snippet of their conversation that is directed at you through a wall, or in a coffee shop. A snippet that contains personal information about yourself–a snippet that no one but you can understand. This is the personalized nature of a gang stalker attack, and it is going on all over the country as I write this.

There is nothing left at that point than counter-terrorism, and disinformation to combat them with. Strength in numbers is by definition fascism.

And you realize that you have in some sense been cannibalized, and used as a scapegoat and distraction away from what we now know–what I knew then needed to be reported, but couldn’t!

Hoover in all his flame and glory never had such depraved fantasies of power–cannibalism, via the internet.

English: J. Edgar Hoover

English: J. Edgar Hoover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The friends I had have dissipated, or gone their own way since these things that I write about here began back in the 90’s, and much of the evidence that I tried to maintain has been lost or stolen–the specific diaries that chronicled these things, and the various email accounts where I stored this data disappeared over the years.

But now that Edward Snowden, et al have revealed the true nature of what our government has been doing to citizens, I am sure that I don’t sound as crazy to people as I once did–but now I FEEL CRAZY, and almost dangerously close at all times to another blackout of rage, or shame, or anger over what has been done to me.

Telephone clicking as the switch is made, and our call re-routed? Check. The echo effect of a hard line transferring over to a satellite? Check. The dropped calls when you broach an important topic that incriminates them for what they are doing? Check.

And then, strange encounters with people from your past who likely deserve a bullet in the face for what they tried to perpetrate on you in the official record (more on Ofcr. so and so starts with J later). And shortly afterwards, a certain attack that is perpetrated over the internet becomes more and more unavoidable–more and more persistent, and baiting; blatantly illegal by its nature, but perpetrated by these exact same tormentors that you know that they know are breaking the spirit, and the letter of the law.

Then, the radio signal interference, and white noise emanating from the rooms next to yours–electronic harassment by design or just a moron with a weird radio and a volume control? Check (and that was a predictable event after they had essentially set me up with ————-, and then followed me across the country taking notes and whispering from behind corners and so forth–and the 350# tub was there to: he was the one talking about how he had to download a manual from the internet that would teach him how to beat a lie detector so he could pass his FBI screening)

And flashing lights that seem to come from no where–and no one else seems to notice them. Double check.

And all of this is just a brief notation about the general types of activities that they have been perpetrating on me since 2003 or so–but BEFORE that were the initial break-ins at ——————-where personal items, particularly my writings  and other documents were taken. And the computer handiwork where ————————– was done as a signature of crazymaking by them–a shot across my bow and into my head; a signal that worse was yet to come, because when you cut the head off of anything, the———————–.

And all of this, after a horrible decade before it at the hands of the Fabians, where I was not only accused and VINDICATED of the worst crimes imaginable, but also the accusing parties themselves were never investigated, or charged with the crimes that they perpetrated on —————————.. So, rather than innocence, I was cast in the next twenty years of security theater as a villain at the expense of ——————————, who went on to have rather dull and predictably less than average existences, predicated on what officials did to falsify a record or two, and then some.

All this and more leaves a bad taste in your mouth, sure, but it leaves an aftershock in your heart, and in your mind that never ever leaves–that becomes omnipresent, and menacing at every turn. A lie will travel the world a thousand times before the truth gets its pants on became a national mantra–and ‘right and wrong’ ceased to exist.

But it did spawn a generation of headless household kids who grew up to believe that it is somehow OK to lie cheat and steal, as long as you do it ‘in the National interests’ and march off to kill even more heads of households.

I can hear it now, the voice casting–“Bring me the Phillistine foreskins.”

And all of this predicated by the Pakistani woman in western clothes following me around at ——–, and asking if she could take my picture. And then finding that picture posted to a website located in a city where I had NEVER BEEN BEFORE, and claiming that I was there. That was in 99 or so.

And so forth.You get the picture? And crazy I might be ow in some fashion, but I was able at most times to keep SOME kind of record, and place those records with people who know more about this stuff than I do; people who in the very least can verify these things that I say above are true.

It is in the least a record, and inthe most a glimpse at the tip of a shark fin that is cruising around in uncharted water, and experimenting on American citizens like me. I know this because in fact, several of the exploits and illegal techniques of ental torture that they were directing at me in these eras have actually now ben declared by the supreme court to be what I knew they were then: ILLEGAL, even for cops and gangstalkers.

That did nothing about the scars they left in my mind, nor the time lost as they usurped my right to the pursuit of happiness–which for me was to write, and to become useful and PROTECTED by an actual news outlet that would lt me publish what I am telling you now; or devote resources to what we now know is one of the biggest stories ever in the history of whistle blowing.

I sounded to crazy then, talking about it–over 8 years ago or more, and even now, many do not want to talk about it for fear of retribution.

Not at all a small ocean, but indeed schooled by one directional fish, just glad they travel in a pack, and think they are wiser for it; after all they are all travelling in one direction, AWAY from the big bad shark. But there is a whale up ahead who might differ, and he ain’t begging either–the sea is full of fish, and he could swallow a shark whole.

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