Fun Facts about law enfarcement: community policing and gangstalking are the same thing!

And the history of community policing goes way back–to the communist and Soviet bloc era! Now there’s some innovation indeed.

Meanwhile back at fort Seigeworthy, I am remembering (and also referencing notes from a recent  experience), how community policing works in action:

I go to a bar, and on the way, I meet the nice and conversational strangers who are more than willing to interact with me, a supposed stranger ( and remember: they don’t know my mission, or that I also know they are on their own missions–they think I am just another piece of human detritus floating in the American cesspool of lost liberty).

Conversational stranger one tells me that they cannot act as a middle man, but makes a call to Comm central, informing them of my passage.

On arrival, conversational stranger #2 tells me that he is from —–, a place that I too am familiar with–and they prey upon familiarity in the GS model, because their assault is upon your own kind nature, and each opportunity to get into your head;  not upon an actual crime, or other community interest.

Conversational stranger 2 gives me a business card to ensure that his mission is completed, and tells me that he will be in my city in two months!

Contrived, premeditated, and controlled coincidence is a very effective component of infiltration, and objective realization indeed.

Upon arrival to said drinking establishment–and remind you, drinking is a bi-product of long term PTSD due to these exact sorts of events–I am greeted with the closing of the bar ;-(

So I sally forth to another establishment–recommended by others not likely involved in said coincidence creation–which, of course, throws them off for about ten minutes.

Upon my arrival at said referred destination, there is ‘hub-bub’–a commanders SUV, some strange street theater ( side note: the bouncers are not as dumb as you think they are, and you make yourself very obvious with your head movements–typical over the shoulder speakers, most of you are)

Now remember: I am on a mission, and my mission critical objective is fairly simple, all the time (note for the profilers out there who follow me around for the last decades)–my mission is to simply figure out if I am being followed; if I am being monitored; if I am being set up; if I am being otherwise photographed, perpetrated upon, or other.

Drinking is my great and noble disguise, a part of a long-standing tradition of people who suffer chronic PTSD due to the injustice of the world, or merely the doubt of it’s existence in any positive sense.

But I digress. And I drink, and digress, all by myself until I am clued in one way or another as to the presence of another agent-=or another oh-so-predictable local cop trying to make a name for itself by taking me down “by any means necessary.”

Malcolm, I bless your ghost, every time I am in danger. And I took care of Qubillah when I had the opportunity, but I could not take care of her son, for which I am sorry…

Now: to my right is a woman–blah blah blah and “oh how women are the salt of the earth, walking in grace and so forth”.

And slight conversation to please her, yet not offend her, and to instill in her the absolute knowledge that I am not in any way trying to get into her pants or something like that. And then the smile, the chatter of a banal nature, and then resignation back to our chosen seats, with the knowledge that neither of us is a predator. Or something like that.

Then, enter the slightly aggressive boyfriend, who nudges me as he sits down–nudges me hard enough to signify that he is 1) possessive, and jealous and 2) completely clueless about the subversive and necessary nature of myself, and his girlfriend acknowledging each others vulnerability-that vulnerability expressed through our initial shallow yet precise, trust building communique’s.

3) My response to his aggression which was ————.

Now, these scenarios play themselves out year after year and they seldom vary from the standard deviation (forgive me on this point, but I am actually incompetent to calculate mathematics, but I have a brushing acquaintance with the terminology). And these scenarios are largely predictable,m and frequent, and understandable to most people. In fact, it is one of the most common occurrences in any bar scene.

And that is not what I am here to write about at all-because I do not live in these moments–I merely am checking, and rechecking my personal place in this sort of reality–a ‘sort of’ reality because for decades, I have been targeted by those unscrupulous individuals who attempt to use my time, and my life for personal gain–actual predators who come to me with a mind full of biased, second and third hand data, and attempt to manipulate me in various ways.

And they are the most predictable of all, because they blatantly scrutinize the very banal moment that we ‘share’ together. They cal p from the depths of their shallow minds images, and information that is “me” reflected thought the great optical cables and the dull repetitive and circular profiles of the “me” that they were briefed about.

Yet I am well aware of the flawed profile that you have constructed, and well aware that you use it to send your government deviants to me to further your mission of slander. And your dubious profile/s are composed of snapshots of a ‘possible’ me, or a ‘probable’ me–how many times have you exacerbated exigency over these decades to justify your assaults, break-ins, and other blatantly aggressive pursuit of your fictitious ‘me’?

None of which are ACTUALLY ME, and all of which are “me, reacting to the bright light of their projections, and their less than cinematic dis-informed, and malevolently malformed data packets that lay claim to ‘know me’ in some regard. But you see, the profilers always leave out the ——————— effect. They don’t leave it out because they are stupid–they are not.

They don’t leave it out because they are uninformed–they are highly informed; but they leave it out because it DOES NOT FIT THEIR PURPOSE of framing me–and it is this that leaves their own profiles uninformed ENTIRELY, because I LOVE theater.

And I doubly love security theater.

Here’s some pud in your eyes:

So while the couple next to me gets all kissy and so forth, another strides up–and he is affiliated with 1)the couple, who had a presence there BEFORE I was there, and 2) he has common, actual communal dialogue with them–not AT Them, as the GS et al do, and 3) he has actual non-government or military dialogues that come from within his body, each of which constitutes the possibility of actually building community–in his case, and engineer who works on issues related to the power grid, and so forth.

And then, as these interactions proceed, I feel a presence at my back–they always come AT MY BACK. And then, a physical contact–in this case, a knee bumping my thigh, and I look to my right., where I am greeted with a slightly familiar face–may of your agents look alike–purpose or design?

Now, the posture of an agent can tell you more on one glance than you might ever know or learn about them for years to come. And his posture was ‘slightly withheld, but actively searching for itself, despite itself.’

Yeah–go figure that one out, but my time is short to explain.

Suffice then, in my telling: I actually did not get his initial response on the recording, because I was engaged in ACTUAL community dialogue on my left, while he inserted himself on my right in a somewhat nefarious way.

But the gist–and I will only give you the gist because legal issues might intervene eventually–the gist is that he entered the conversation as many of them do: projecting something from a profile that is not only incomplete, but also ill informed based upon observer biases that would span decades more to describe.

In other words, he came at me wrong.

” I sure wish I could find a husband,” and ” I am a marine,” and blah blah blah, fake gay man, save it for your superiors. And stop mocking my relationship with my powerful, hard working, and very capable wife. You are transparent when you do that, and your hypotheses based on ascribed gender is just bullshit, and mal-informed (not in this case malformed, but deliberately mal-informed).

But you got read in the first second you sought my attention.

Either way, his name is Marc, spelled with a C at the end ( and I bet he doesn’t even know why his butties assigned that moniker to him)-and his phone number–which I had to ply and trick out of him, because he got evasive after his cover was blown–his number is OHIO: 419-350-5920, and he said that “I sure wish I could find a husband”.

Maybe someone out there can give him a cal? He really isn’t bad looking in a gay way, and he seemed nice enough, despite his mission critical objective of assaulting and invading me psychologically.

Man, why do the fake gay government agents always target me? Am I that pretty? That intriguing? Not one of them has ever mentioned our mutual interests–like theater–security theater on steroids. Nope–I bet they have a further agenda-they are assaulting gays in general–their false cover a mockery of my known respect for the gay community.

And their projections are that I must be gay as well–kind of like I am also a huge racist–oh: and I do use the word faggot quite freely, but not as a slur to gay people.

I use it as it was intended in its original form: a bundle of sticks tied together to form an unbreakable bundle–or, fascism. And you are fascists in the cowardly sense indeed.

Yeah–wutever, you bunch of white bread, half nigger cracker munching b\wigots; you white trash government workers; you fat ass ethnic brown-faced bitches whitey wannabe’s you all need a good swift kick in the cunt, indeed. But the net effect of what you have been doing to me all these years? It amounts to a form of torture that has yet to be fully acknowledged under the law–although the exact techniques have been DESCRIBED by law: it’s MKULTRA–on steroids.

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4 thoughts on “Fun Facts about law enfarcement: community policing and gangstalking are the same thing!

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  2. […] Fun Facts about law enforcement: community policing and gangstalking are the same thing! ( […]

  3. Tommy says:

    Well it could be people trying to steal your money and information…. Or it could be the government… I was in care and i felt from the age of 8 till the age I left care (20), i felt like my life was determined by what other people thought of me, people in my everyday life determined where i would be eventually on… Even girls in care I knew would call me and

    • Hi, Tommy. I don’t know what you mean “in care”–do you mean in a foster home? More abuse goes on in state paid foster homes than almost anywhere else in society. The state in many cases acts as both pimp and panderer of foster care children.

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