Man tries to return Wallet, gets an entire police force harassing him with wiretaps, etc.

Well, that guy was me, and the effects of this  type of mental assault on an honest citizen(1) will soon be known to a wider audience*.

Imagine yourself, finding a wallet, trying to return it using your personal email, and your actual name–and then being accused by cops of stealing it, or ‘running some scam.’ I bet you would be pissed, or in the least, offended.

I was indeed, and then some.

Then, picture yourself for decades, maligned, and harassed in such ways, and written about in falsified, biased and seekrit government records–records that other cops and officials refer to when you encounter them. Records that you can’t see or refute–records that are written in Pig Latin, and Newspeak.

I think they call that kind of bias a “police state persecution bias”, but I am not sure. You can decide for yourself. Here is a list of psychological biases below, many of them used deliberately by agents of police states to hinder the opportunities of targeted individuals–and then, later to plausibly deny employing/deploying.

English: Icon for Template:Cognitive-psych-stu...

English: Icon for Template:Cognitive-psych-stub illustrating classic Stroop test. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The harassment I haver endured for decades became so egregious that I could no longer participate in rational ways with law enfarcers and the society they claimed to uphold. To find and return a wallet is a good thing–but when you are a targeted individual, the police state manages to violate you at every turn, and wage psychological warfare against you to impede positive progress.

What are the types of bias?

It is important to understand that there are many different types of biases described in the research literature and psychology. Every bias holds the same principles in mind such as a deviation of data, something extraneous or favoritism to there group or thought that make it bias. The most common categories in the field of psychology with some biases include the following:

Cognitive bias: Confirmation bias, Negative bias, Gender bias, Anchoring bias, Memory bias, Overconfidence effect, Positive outcome bias, Optimism bias, Attentional bias.

Social bias: Actor-observer bias, hindsight bias, Egocentric bias, Notational bias, Outgroup homogeneity bias, Projection bias, Self-serving bias, Trait ascription bias, cultural bias, correspondence bias.

Research bias: Social desirability bias, Measurement bias, Experimental bias, Design bias, Quantitative research bias, Qualitative research bias, Selection bias, Systematic bias, Choice-supportive bias Confirmation bias, Congruence bias, Distinction bias, Information bias, Omission bias, Outcome bias, Status quo bias, Unit bias, Zero-risk bias, Subject bias.


SPECIAL NOTE: as ridiculous as it is to have to mention this, I have to issue a disclaimer here–I am not violent, and have no plans to commit any violence, and I never have. So for the profilers and the other state paid perverts who are readingthis, you canot use that as MORE pretext to create even MORE exigent circumstances to assault me.

Now, for human beings who might one day read this– because of the projections that I have endured from them over the years, many contained in unscrupulous ‘official’ data bases, reported by disreputable ‘official sources’–I am a targeted individual who quite likely has and deserves great motive to cause them actual harm–the kind of harm they have caused me, and mine.

Unlike yourself, I am scrutinized, labeled like a specimen, surveilled and maligned at a level that is different than you are–for now, if you allow them to continue doing this to me, and others like me.

I have been stalked, and assaulted and arrested and so forth for decades-charged with the most heinous crimes one can imagine–but never convicted of any crime. THere just weren’t any, but because I at all times invoked my rights under the law to not be coercively for4ced to speak to cops–I don’t speak Pig Latin– I was assaulted continuously both physically, and in the official record (that hidden database where they compile what they call ‘you’).

And that  undue and injst scrutiny, as documented in the wallet incident, is one where my personal desire–personal drive to do the right thing-my very kindness is twisted by them into nearly terrorist threats or implied attacks (and this is documented elsewhere as well). And this is why I find my hero’s to be revolutionaries, police whistle blowers, and respected journalist whistle blowers, etc.

So when I say “will be known soon,’ this is in no way to be construed as a malevolent thing–it is to be construed at face value–because I have inside information that my story–my words themselves–are a threat to some specific individuals who have tried to keep me silenced and shamed for decades by manipulating the system so egregiously that they have tilted the behind the scenes perception of ‘me’ in their favor–because Lawd only knows they couldn’t do what they are doing legally.

They’ve broken laws and moral codes that every citizen is supposed to be protected by–because they tried to set me up so horribly and FAILED, FOR DECADES, and tried at every point to drive me to suicide. And this has a compounding effect that I am sure results in them knowing full well they deserve retaliation–as with most people and nations that harm others preemptively, they have reason to fear me, and others like me.

But I will wait my day, and do the right thing when the time comes–I am not a murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a drug dealer,  or even an amoral cop. I am more perverse than all of them combined–a writer, and my words are indeed my known weapons of choice–with a little non-traditional  Sig-Int and counter-Psyops disinformation thrown in there for fun and self protection, or to regain control of  my own actual inner narrative, rather than the one they have attempted to project within me.

They left scars that live in me today, every day, and even now, and as documented elsewhere, they are attempting to control my inner narrative to the point of Sartian absurdity. I intend to turn their misuse of labelling theory on its ears–are you listening PsyOps?

Of course you are–and we all know it now, thanks to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and others who will soon come out of the woodwork ad take your system of class oppression offline for good. We are tired of being used for target practice every time some shaky handed sweaty palmed Taser toting low-IQ pig shoots us in the back for an erotic thrill; tired of our children being killed, kidnapped or corrupted by the double speak of your police state; and tired–really tired of being forced to wear labels that don’t fit us at all.

Labels that emanate from the corruption in your own hearts and minds–projections that you throw at us with the full force of the state, and then sit back and hope the seed grows a tree, or that the shit you fling hits an eyeball, or fills or mouths to silence. But you will be chopped down, I assure you, and the latest revelations are just the tip of a very large ICEbreaker.



(n)  deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public

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