James Holmes and the redhead–another pepper in the conspiracy pot?

Or just another red herring/ wild redhead connection? I don’t care, really, but here below is the ‘evidence’ of a blow ’em up meme that has been circulating since PsyOps was allowed to enfarce American law. The red haired joker and the blow it up meme was taking roottwo years before the actual shooting.

One thing I am not is a conspiracy theorist–because there is no longer any doubt that conspiracy is actually the way things get done around here in America–when the lie replaces the truth, and the law becomes a farce, well–that’s just the way it is these days–no conspiracy at all.

You can check it out yourself–but I am trying to save my own life from the plots and ploys of gangstalkers who maraud as law enfarcers, and I haven’t had time for real journalism since they put me on time delay back in the mid part of the last decade.

And before I get to the tenuous information below, a note about disinformation–it is well known that military psychological operations are designed to disorient a target long enough so that a military operation or objective can proceed. In the case of the Colorado shooting, the joker meme had been around awhile.

And that meme covered up many larger objectives, not least of which was a general government war against anyone who invoked the Constitution as a reference point–it didn’t and still doesn’t matter to them which ‘side’ you are on, left or right–what matters to them is that if you invoke the Constitution, you become the enemy.

In the initial story that was run by ABC network, a calculated error of fact–a lie– was read into the record, and later recanted and retracted (plausible deniability).

The retraction:

Editor’s Note: An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect. ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.

AND, in each and every single mass shooter event, or other orchestrated scandal or war or other event of recent memory (Iraq and WMD‘s Libya and rape story, etc., Stuxnet virus; Syria and what next? An of course–we are stone silent on a policy to democratize Egypt, which in case you missed it, had its military overthrow a democratically elected president, and installed martial law.

And that doesn’t seem to bother anyone in Washington, or in the FBI–no special investigation there, no task farces flying over to interrogate the bad guys or glean information about the threats to democracy that are posed by -um, well, US dollars being sent to overthrow democracies.

Anyhoo– in the case of the mass shooters, the news outlets INVARIABLY disseminate the government objectives, whatever those objectives are–most notably how they attribute shootings to the AR15 rifle, when in FACT other weapons are most often used.

In other words, the objective is the assault on truth itself, and the dissemination of lies. And I make no judgement upon whether these shooters are caught up in some conspiracy; but I take it for granted that they are affected one way or another by the psychological operations that are perpetrated upon Americans every day, and we owe it to ourselves to find out the facts before passing judgement.

And the problem is that we are at the mercy of a government that breaks the law, violates all kinds of American privacy ‘rights’, and operates shadow Internets, and shgadow cyber wars outside the law (and many of them outside the country); it hides facts, and then hopes that the lies take root before the truth wakes up and gets its pants on. And they do that by manipulating your time.

So here is  James Holmes, Aurora shooter, as the Joker:


Here is a snippet of internet conversation between two people who use pseudonyms, that took place in 2010, before Holmes went ballistic:

This fits a now known profile. Just sayin...

And an internet ‘muse’:

Joker girl

Internet Muse 2 closeup:

joker girl

And a response to an internet muse, by the person who describes the bombing/suicide scenario:

The joker 2

And a resulting incident that occurred exactly (or nearly exactly) as that described above--the Aurora Colorado shooting where James Holmes did what he did.

Then, there is LIBOR, and James Holmes father testifying about corrupt bankers before congress:

Is it just me, or did MKULTRA find a home there in Colorado? It seems to be a seat of militarism, and also single mother raised, or ‘split family’ kids–many of whom end up in the military.

Much like Mamasota and the child kidnappers there, the MKULTURATion process begins a generation before its fruition as mass killers of other peoples kids–is this a part of larger scheme of social control?

Just sayin’…but make no mistake: I am as pacifist as peaceful can be, so you can’t use that as your excuse for these decades of ‘why’ you have been following, profiling, and harassing me (shout out to the withered shrew, the stalking grey lady who thinks that medical textbooks are evidence of criminal wrongdoing–and that, despite the many, many women who were healed or informed by same. Maybe you just need some dick? A pussy in your face–you  dour pussy faced cunt–Or a bullet in your face for parity–nothing like a bullet in your face to remind you that we are all equal in death, based on others assumptions of who ‘we’ are. Gender stereotypes die together when common enemies are confronting us.)

Special Notes: excess links and leads-



George Bush Senior quotes: “To kind of suddenly try to get my hair colored, and dance up and down in a miniskirt or do something, you know, show that I’ve got a lot of jazz out there and drop a bunch of one-liners, I’m running for the president of the United States…I kind of think I’m a scintillating kind of fellow.” —in 1988

AND-the real joker had green hair, not red:

Batman #251 (Sept. 1973). Art by Neal Adams.

Batman #251 (Sept. 1973). Art by Neal Adams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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