I wanna hear More Wallet–More WALLET!

MORE WALLET, MORE WALLET-or cowbells, maybe.

Ian Stankiewicz was hiking around Eisenhower Park in Milford, Conn., when he and his friend made an unusual discovery.

“We walked through a dried-up swamp where we came across what looked like trash,” Stankiewicz, 21, told Yahoo News. “It was encrusted in dirt and mud, but sure enough it was a thick women’s wallet.”

Here is what others said in the comments section about ‘nice people’ who return lost wallets:

“Vampirella67 1 hour ago 0 3
I recently left my wallet ontop of the roof of my car after O pumped gas at 6am .forgot it was up there . Then I proceeded to get into my car and drive off. Later in the day I received a call . Some nice honest man tracked me down saying he found it and met me later that night and gave it back . There are good people left in the world !
Jennifer 3 hours ago 0 2
A refreshing story of a Woman’s past and how items inside a wallet can create a sense of character in someone. If more people like you would come forth with found wallets or mail it to the person, that would be great.

But when I tried to return a wallet? The cops hunted me, maligned me–told my wife that I am not a good man, a very bad man, etc.–advised her to dump me, or ‘get away from me’!!!!!!!!

AND they told others as well. AND they hit up my Drivers and Vehicle database file some six times or so, and counting.

Then, I was wiretapped, and a host of mysterious other things. But by then, I was used to that from them- after all, I have NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME, but was pursued for decades for their amusement. Amazing what one little story (or two or three ) and lots of lies by invested parties can get you.

Guilty until proven innocent–or has denial of the ‘pursuit of happiness’ become so normal in law enfarcement that they lose track of the bigger picture–the effect on one persons life because of their actions over decades?

Ask yourself. When I have time, I will write it all down, transcribed from my notes at the time, and other material from that era–after all, I have decades of material from here to Washington D.C. that document these sorts of things, and it takes awhile to comb through it all.

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