I just don’t have time right now to write about wallets–they are constantly assaulting my time frame.

But if I DID have time, I would tell you about the wallet story: how I tried to return a wallet that I had found on the ground to a person who had lost it. I am not the only honest person in the world, and certainly have room for improvement in my conscience-but I am one amongst few here in America who would return a wallet.

AND I would punch your moronic profilers in their face–non respective of gender at all for your DICEy lies that inform your kind of whatever it is that you people think you need to know about the boogeyman that you work so hard to create.

But time is short. Suffice it to say that the synopsis goes like this:

1) I find a wallet–my second that summer.

My wallet Content

My wallet Content (Photo credit: Nitzan Brumer)

2) I try to return a wallet to the person who lost it, via the nefarious scenario of sending her an email through my University of XX registered account (the one with my name, social security number, home address, and my actual photograph attached directly to it.

3) I get a call from said University police department virtually accusing me of wallet theft. AND demands to return it–as if I HAD STOLEN IT.

4) I enlist the aid of my girlfriend/now wife to intervene in my behgalf–because I am well aware of how phony heroism works, and doubly suspicious of the intentions of the ‘good guys’ who are treating me like a common criminal because I FOUND A WALLET AND TRIED TO RETURN IT TO THE OWNER.

5) well lets just say that one more irresponsible moron got their wallet back–but not until, anfd only after an entire police FARCE had attempted to slander me, label me, and otherwise impune my honest gesture–and they left MULTIPLE witnesses to this scenario–and all of that based in whatever it was they had read in the ultimately flawed, biased, pig-latin version of the DICE database.

Fast forward to now:

1) it turns out that they put an APB out on me, and hit up the state drivers database some six times. I know that because I now have a glimpse of their urgency, via the MN Data Practices act–and they spoke to others about me-as if I was a criminal for trying to return a found wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) They used my attempt to return a found wallet as an opportunity to slander mne in the official records AGAIN, and cause a scene beyond Kafakaesque imagination over a FOUNF WALLET that was being returned.

ANd that wallet, which, I might add contained 20 dollars-TWENTY DOLLARS–could have easily ben thrown into the river.

Now: -It turns out that recently, some journalists did a test –and their test was to see if people in different cities would return a found wallet, or a found cell phone. And here is what they found:

Slovenia leads the world in honesty, and returns found property to the original owners.

Toronto-where I once slept in an alley unmolested by either cops or their cohorts–criminals–with a wad of cash in my pocket, was number two in the study of honest people-and I might add that women from Toronto are not at all afraid of being in an elevator with strange men, and even awoke me while I slept in the street and INVITED ME TO SLEEP WITH THEM–Toronto ranks, at least with me, as one of the least fascist, misandrist cities on the globe next to  Amsterdam.

Toronto, where an officer of the law, a respectable policeperson told me that it is quite likely that American police are importing guns into their country to drive Bush-era terorism hysteria–Toronto ranked second in honest cities.

But Mamasota–if such can be believed, was the one place where I was pursued, maligned, slandered and otherwise abused for TRYING TO RETURN A FOUND WALLET TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cowardly,  case creating pigs suck fucking dog ass.and  I hope you get shot in the face.

And: I happened to have found a third wallet that year. In case I never mentioned it, I at all times keep my nose to myself, or on the ground, and have found diamond cufflinks, rose gold wedding bands, bags of silver jewelry that was most likely kicked to the curb by an angry boyfriend whose doggish Minnesota girl had been caught doing what state dollar panbdering, whorish and doggish Minnesota women do–and other valuable trinkets along the way.

That wallet belonged to a Japanese girl from Pennsylvania–with a name and an address and some other paltry amount of money in it.

You know what I did with that one? That last wallet found on Hennepin Ave.?

On the advice of a friend–and a witness to the last fiasco with MN pigs who work hard to falsify cases, rather than to simply help out? I threw that fucker in the river, with all personal details, and personal information, family heirloom photos, and credit cards, school ID and then some ==I threw that fucker in the river and never looked back.

Because by then, should I have attemptd to return it? I am sure these cops would kill someone just to make a point about how ‘right’ they are about ‘me’–the me that appears in their DICEy databases.

The me that they hace worked hard and decades long at creating.

But fuck whoever owned that last wallet–I will never return a wallet again. For all I know, it was the product of a crime; a setup; or just merely a found object–bt we will never know will we?  Because I threw that fucker in the river after that.–and likely, next time, I will  take the found cash, and count myself lucky that I don’t have to have a conscience anymore–or have to deal with path-narc police who have in every sense subverted the spirit of the law in favor of security theater-and even then these morons get the language of the law all confused.

Seems that Minnesota might in fact be one of the most systematically corrupt, false hero laden places on the planet.


wallet story http://www.rd.com/slideshows/most-honest-cities-lost-wallet-test/#ixzz2ftmNDwEv



Are police and other law enfarcers–both male and female -all repressed rapists? Projection is not just a video on the internet:


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  2. […] I just don’t have time right now – they are constantly assaulting my time frame. (viviccf.wordpress.com) […]

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