America wages Psychological Warfare on Americans

The cat is out of the bag–America is waging war on American citizens–that IS what data collection of citizens is: pre-emptive war, with theoretically plausible deniability–using American citizens as sitting duck targets, and sniping below the belt.

But more on that piece of the less than plausible puzzle when the time comes–trust me, you will see–literally see what they are up to.

But on a deeper level, and as I have documented over the years on other blogs, and evidenced elsewhere, I have been unwittingly used as part of an illegal experiment that makes MKULTRA look like child’s play.

While most media outlets are aware that America is waging cyberwar against other nations–directly provoking, invading, and asaulting them via the internet, it is less widely known that they are also waging war on citizens like me and many others–and it is still reported that Psychological Operations are ‘hypothetical.’

By the year 2020, cyberattacks may be able to inflict psychological warfare, disable medical implants, destroy economies and cause widespread real world harm, according to newly released research from the Europol Cybercrime Centre, TrendMicro, and the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance.

And today, very un-American Americans are pre-emptively disguising their official but illegal actions in the flag draped camouflage of ‘internet safety’ and false security: CISPA


But I wrote about China being a patsy several years ago, because I have firsthand knowledge of how the US uses its cyber battalions to wage war on me, and others.

Here is one very recent example of how basic and provocative psychological distress was created in an individual–myself in this case– but I have documented hundreds of other attacks of differing natures over the last few decades.

So, in a sense, I am live blogging the methods by which the United States government justifies constitution smashing initiatives, drives policy changes, wages psychological warfare, AND wages public relations campaigns at the expense of the truth: they started it all.

They threw the first logic bomb at me and many others, and that wasn’t any small slight. And no amount of humiliation or newspeak will change that–I am NOT alone in witnessing what you are doing, and what you are doing is not good at all.

And I will get to that later, because creating the right boogieman takes time–in my case, decades of resources devoted to me alone. I wonder if they knew I was devoting all of my scant resources to them, too?

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