Moron reports “news”: anti-freedom press 101

Here is what happens when an absolute ass reports news: they always forget-or conveniently obscure or obliterate–key adjectives or modifiers, leaving the door open for double agency:

“By Kevin Morris on June 27, 2013Email

For just $5,000 and a few intercontinental flights, the FBI convinced a close confidante of Julian Assange and volunteer at WikiLeaks to switch sides and supply them with troves of private chat logs from the anti-secrecy organization, Wired reports.”

The key modifier? “Government”. Kevin, if you really want to speak for the people, please learn to discern the difference between government secrecy/provocative conduct and the notion of ‘privacy’ held by individuals–which the governments attack as ‘secrecy’  as if privacy is nefarious..

And so, Kevin,  this is how democracy is subverted, one petty, paltry, or merely uneducated, ego-driven ‘journalist’ at a time. The difference between the phrase ” government anti-secrecy,” and “anti- secrecy” is astounding in its proportions.

Why? Because secrecy has its place–but when it is directed at citizens of ‘free’ countries BY government agents, it is most often followed by some form of attack on liberty–picture if you will:

The frog sits, waits for the fly. Not at all an unusual scenario, with predictable results.

Then, picture the frog–evolved, and empowered by every trick in the book to cultivate flies, and eat them at will.

Then picture the frog telling the forest and the swamp that it is acting in behalf of them all.

Well– I don’t want to sit around and see how that ends–I suggest that this is one fat, greedy, calculating frog, doomed and mandated to die by its own disproportionate and deceptive appetite.

And the difference between “secrecy”, and “government secrecy” in a time of egregiously calculated wars, and deliberately deceptive propaganda(that which is by rote accepted as truth because it came from government) is designed and concieved by pro-Zionist internationalists who seek to hide their murders, and kidnappings of others children; families; and especially the fathers of those families in order to profit.


Apparently, no one told you that the Jewish world view that you think you are following is only one half–indeed, a minority opinion–of Jewish thought. So while you pander to the rightest wing of Israel, you are apparently too stoopid to know that the majority vote of Jews in general is no longer held hostage to Zionisms right wing–or its allegiance to the lies that kill other peoples children.

So, note to absolute moron–canard of the right–we the people object to your pandering ignorance.

Singular people seldom can bear the power and full force of “law” that lawwhich not only breaks the law(international;) but also get away with it due to corporate and  government collusion over the spoils of that war –markets.

But you, head-in-ass journalis,t certainly provide them with exactly the right kind of short attention span, low educational level, and deliberate ignorance (on your part) to allow them to attack dissent to its furthest last bastions–but you dropped the key modifier–government, when acting as secret agent/ lie disseminating provocateur in a time of pre-emptive war is indeed no better than Franco, Mussolini, or Hitler.

And you are clearly too stupid to know the difference between a partisan, and a murderer.

You will make a good neo-fascist some day, and U hope to be the one escaping partisan who shoots you directly in your face.


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