I used to love obscurity and anonymity–because I could be right, all the time, by myself.

(aside) Or, so says the path-narcs among us…and they who destroy anonymity for all of us.

And then, they jumped me in to one of the worst plans of anti-Americanism that ever existed. And they cast me as “the bad guy,” because I made it well known that I would NOT under any circumstances play the ‘point your finger at the picture of the bad guy (darker person) who most resembles the person YOU saw…” blah blah blah.

/McCarthy again.

But I am getting ahead of myself–after all, in those days I wore a wire, just to try to protect myself from the drama and intrigue; to insulate myself, perhaps, against the daily assaults, set-up attempts, and ‘framing’  I endured.

You will see that what I am saying is true–very true–even you will come to believe it when you read about it in years to come.

And if you are the right kind of person, with the right kind of skepticism, you will see that there is another side to the official story. So let me just say one sentence: “the 20th hijacker was a virtual myth–not because he wasn’t a hijacker, and not because he didn’t plot to blow shit up; but because the official story of  Zacarias Moussaoui–the 20th hijacker– was written over by official dogma, and careers were ruined by a faulty and gendered telling of his tale.

Enter Colleen Rowley, who saw a different possibility to the “real world equation of us versus them,” and whose intuition, and evidence could possibly have prevented 9-11. However, the government and its provocateurs were more focused on their assault on Americans civil liberties (long term_) than they were on preventing an actual terrorist attack.

After all, America was at this point failing on so many fronts: the housing bubble was an inside secret bursting to bust, yet providing massive revenue for certain individuals–professional bank robbers ( think S$L crisis of the generation before it) that the FBI did nothing to avert nor investigate; the financial crisis of Bear Sterns, et al were in play, and law enfarcement that had the capabilities to not only monitor in real time the fraudulence of it all, but to also monitor particulars- did nothing.

Sure–it was an assault on freedom, but more importantly, it was a successful propaganda campaign on a level that would make Goebbells wear a dress in public. It was an assault on the integrity of truth tellers who were opposed by law breakers–Constitution smashers at every level.

From Ashcroft cloaking lady Justice, while the sticks of faggotry and neo-fascism glowed like bonfires behind him, to an FBI that perpetrated the dissemination of child pornography, even bragging that it had “the biggest collection in the world,” while disseminating the same in the form of ‘innocent images.’ an a host pf other illegal and provocative programs, the mere existence of which defies Constitutional logic; you know it when you disseminate it, and then, via known legal channels, corrupt the same, I heard

Only Google, today might top them in that endeavour. However, Google had the technology THEN, and did not use it. A simple list of government and FBI servers would have enabled not only the simplest and most basic reforms and preventions–a switch for instance,  that said “just don’t let folks access, or be infected by, or otherwise be allowed to come in to contact with FBI and other government servers that are actively engaged in  disseminating pornography’.

Or, would that have been too simple?

And this, with many other examples of government collusion with corporate power–combined with the massive, exponentially dark and powerful propaganda purposes of allowing an attack to go forward on ‘American citizens,’ and a host of other direct provocations BY our countries ‘finest’, might have been the solution THEN, if indeed freedom meant anything other than ‘encroachment by corporate interests against the interests of individual liberty.”

But it didn’t then, and even less now.

Rowley said then  “The intimidation in this country that’s been whipped up by this official fear and warmongering has been far more effective than any Patriot Act in whittling away our civil liberties”

And, as I reall, she was said to have crossed paths with me, in a place where her other colleagues and cohorts–the nefarious, time-lag specialists and cover up artists wee also ‘dancing.’

But who knew then that our country had dived face first off the slope? She had a clue.

Enter Colleen Rowley,


One thought on “I used to love obscurity and anonymity–because I could be right, all the time, by myself.

  1. […] And, the threat to keep silent about these activities is now, as we know, what The NSA et al are doing: mass surveillance that serves as potential blackmail by western governments–to be used against dissenters, and anyone else who challenges the Military Industrial Complex, and its reach and power is given to associated law enfarcers in the local communities(even though police are feeling the pinch now that everyone knows what I knew in 2003) […]

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