Cops murder two, wound four hurricane survivors who were seeking assistance.

Prosecutors’ social media missteps lead to retrial in New Orleans bridge shooting

Remember the case where New Orleans cops blasted automatic weapons fire at hurricane victims–civilians who were in great distress on the Danziger bridge? They murdered two, and wounded four, one of whom was a mentally challenged individual who was SHOT IN THE BACK.

Well, due to prosecutors using online chat forums and anonymously flaming others with brutal commentary, and revealing inside case info, those murderous cops will get a new trial.

U.S. District Court Judge Kurt Engelhardt, presiding, was at all times critical of the prosecution of these cops,the methods of the prosecutors, and critical of the prosecuting attorney’s using the testimony of cops, particularly because

“Using liars lying to convict liars is no way to pursue justice,” 

I couldn’t have said it better myself, although I have before, and here too. And I am no fan at all of prosecutors, or pro-cop judges–unless those prosecutors are zealous in the pursuit of justice for victims of police brutality and other mayhem, like psychological terrorism.

Maybe it always was true, or maybe I was once too idealistic for my own good, but it seems that lying has become a National past time.

Just a re-cap kids (and we all know that I wouldn’t lie to you or hurt you in anyway, right kids?): but always remember: Saddam bombed the World Trade center; we need to kill them over there before they sell their donkeys and use that bad money(probably evil, evil CASH), get American passports, buy a ticket to America, fly over here, where they will try to hurt you, or in the very least make your Barnies and Barbies wear burqa’s or bindi’s–whatever those terroristss’s’s’ wear.

And chemical weapons are BAD–and the depleted uranium that Americans fired into the breakfast cereal, and the schoolyards of Iraqi’s is NOT a chemical, it’s a METAL (Science 101, kids) the war on drugs did NOT increase the supply or demand for drugs in America, and American soldiers and CIA DID NOT import the drugs to your schoolyards; drone strikes do NOT kill kids; and Santa Klaus is not a ‘dirty wizard.’

But I digress–lying is what law enfarcement and the heroic enfarcers do  best. From the very top to the very bottom (that guy in the records department who says the record is not available when he knows darn well it is sitting upstairs under some dick’s fat ass, or the property room people who just look the other way when something walks out of the evidence room)

They do it so well, in fact, that it creates a trickle down effect, and before you know it–you are a good American if you believe the lies, and then, learn to tell them without cracking up.

And I can’t do that–not crack up when I read this shit.

Yet the most striking thing I read from the judge was this– he finds that the prosecutions malicious and disreputable use of anonymity online was especially bothersome. Not necessarily because the government and those who speak for it are at war with anonymity–they very much are if it is YOURS, but rather because the use by government agents and provocateurs is “indecent.”

“In the court’s view,” a weary-sounding Engelhardt wrote, “the fact that the government’s actions were conducted in anonymity makes it all the more egregious, and forces the Court, the defendants, and the public, into an indecent game of ‘catch-me-if-you-can.’” He also added that “the revelation of Dobinski’s posting activity” was “the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.”

I would go one step further and label it ‘obscene,’ especially in light of the fact that they not only have ALL the POWER in EVERY transaction, and the citizen virtually none, that such a power imbalance not only causes people to become othered and bodiless, and also violated in ways that as yet have no words–it is what I call police state pornography–the use of people real time, and mental space for the furtherance of government agendas, propaganda campaigns, and outright provocation.

And I intend to reference this later when necessary, because I have been stalked for decades online by government agents and predators who use their version of web anonymity to do REALLY bad things that I can’t discuss here yet–but suffice it to say that they ARE the online bullies as much as they are the seekers of truth or justice in any sense of the word–they are not, unless it is ‘justice’ for hot, sexy young women–the FBI et al are HYPERFOCUSED on protecting young people with vaginas (especially blondes) from rumors, and other bad things…


Edward Snowden may have stolen-or rather, relieved the thief’s of privacy of  the crown jewels of the NSA, but Jewel-v-NSA might prove to be the key to the treasure box–the key that opens the door for a flood of citizen lawsuits to proceed against the government in it’s reach-around of the Constitution in the farce of ‘fighting turrerism’s’.

But it will take a serious national dialogue about police brutality, and the over-reach, or just general ass-kissing hierarchically oriented naivete of the day to day beat cops and task farces that have intruded into areas of life once thought to be, well, indecent, and even obscene.

Every day we read about another of these ‘hero’s in blue’ shooting someone in the back, or Tasering 100# old ladies; murdering the mentally ill with brutality that rivals and surpasses any Communist bloc nation.

Now, a note: I am psychologically fatigued, and actually exhausted after what happened to me over the last week. In that time, stories that I had to write were virtually forgotten, and the words and phrases that made sense to me then–that tied it all together–are lost. It’s like having another person sitting next ti me who is one minute keenly insightful, urging me to write stories that need to e written for the sake of actual American freedom (not the over glorified kind that goes over seas to kill other families fathers, mothers and children)–the war here at home that I was inadvertently swept up in after I was labeled a terrorist back in the early part of the last decade) and the next minute a virtual ghost, if they were ever there at all.

But one thing is sure: I am not imagining these things that I have documented herein. I know that now.

And, an argument could be made that it is symptomatic of a bipolar existence–medication, medication, medication. But medicine is no panacea in relieving the symptoms of the larger disease: living in a society that has sanctioned individuals like me to be charged with heinous crimes, despite lack of evidence, and never ever charging the accusers with the simple on-the-books law infraction of ‘filing false police reports,’ or a host of things that could have been done to alleviate the injustice of lies, and the damages that they wreaked on my life.

Too, an argument could be made for social reforms that make stronger penalties for false police reports, and penalties for police who falsely report, or report in a biased fashion.

But the strongest argument that I personally could and will make is this: my troubles began each and every time when I refused to speak to police without a lawyer present-each and every time. And invoking my rights got me charged–each and every time. No one–no person anywhere in the United states HATES the Constitution more than those employed in law enfarcement. Unless of course, it is them on the defendant side of the bench.

And with that in mind, this story made me laugh my ass off, and reminded me of what a farce law enforcers have become–if in fact they were ever Andy Taylor like at all…:

SPECIAL NOTES: One of the arguments that law enfarcers ALWAYS make to cover their tracks at the site of the brutal murder, pillage, rape or other police perpetrated crime is that ” you are not a police officer. You cannot know what WE feel in that moment, or how WE need to react in that situation.” I always say that while this is true for most people, it is a patent falsehood–because most people would not choose a career that pads the ego so graciously for merely carrying a weapon of death around with you wherever YOU go.

And I might add that for every time YOU people tried to call my three inch pocket knives–attached as they were to multi-tools like the Leatherman that would take 20 seconds to merely open–when you called that a burglary tool, or a weapon, well, that is just  is laughable.

And to the point: yes, I know how I would react–as I have travelled the earth unarmed for decades–and I have managed to never shooy ANYONE in the back–and have not EVER struck someone who did not strike me first (with one sad and glaring exception, for which I am FOREVER in debt, and in great remorse, and regret)

Despite having been forced to USE MY WORDS, and subtle actions of self defense  to fend off rapists, gunslingers, and people who actually stabbed me, assaulted me, or literally shot me, I am still intact–except for this constant nipping at my heels of the law enfarcers who for decades have been resorting to the worst, most DICEy psychological torture available in the police state arsenal to wound me regularly.

And, most sadly, as the record WILL, and DOES show–some of these assaults (especially the recent ones that wee recorded on camera, or otherwise documented by myself and reluctant others–were occurring under YOUR watchful eyes–right here in Freedumb country.



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