Death by Decades of Papercuts: the DICE database drives crime creation, and false charges

I had to start a new blog because, well, you will understand eventually*.

While some shrug and say (like you might expect sheeple to say-) that “privacy is dead anyways,” I would like to use this blog and its facts-vague thought they are at this point–to document that ‘first they came for your privacy and you shrugged like sheeple; then, they came for your mind, with the techniques I describe herein.”

I first suspected I was on some secret list–kill or capture or merely harass list–long before I was tasered in the back by quasi law enforcement types who worked hand in hand with local cops to shoot me, get me into custody on false charges and steal my belongings.

The charge at that particular time amongst several was ‘disorderly conduct’ the hail mary pass of all law enfarcement illegality, and it was tossed the next day–my lawsuit prevailed three years later.

But I knew at that time I was being followed, stalked, and watched–since 1998 and forwards. what was the most striking thing then, was the redirection–anywhere I went on the internet ended up somewhere else. When I would search for information about———, I would get pages thta linked to ———. And I got into a pattern of tracing those pages all over the internet–so much so that I lost focus on my daily tasks, and studies.

The invasion of the ——- at ———- while I was reorting on a ‘terrorist’ was my first big clue that I mighgt be right. And yet, as one by one allies and associates backed off of their acquaintance with me saying that I was crazy, or mocking me to my face (starts with T.), I was drawn ever more into a world I did not create: my legal dissent made me a ‘watched man’–and finally, a hunted one whose bio inculdes : being droned, being tasered, being locked up on false charges, malicious prosecutions, and various set-ups.

And once labelled,a person cannot fight in any way–how do you fight the phantom lies that they send behind your back, or script into hidden databases?

In 2003 and moving forwards, I was keenly aware of being followed, and having some gossip or other repeated behind my back. Some who were truly brave, repeated this gossip, or in the very least told me that “- came to the —, and showed me

—— ——. He asked Is —  —– —-?” I said no.”

Others–John in particular, made me aware of times when certain people-themselves under indictment of one kind or another–put their —– into my — (in the notes from 2001 era). I thought THEY were crazy then, and I wore a wire to protect myself. The GS or the D– upstairs later stole the tapes…

And despite doing the right thing–even when they would try to charge me with a crime, my innocence never mattered before or after their farcical GNP generating charges were dropped. To them, and their data bases, what maters is that the lie is repeated until one way or another, it becomes truth–or truth becomes it, in this case–behooves it even. AND despite at all times being conscious to never resist arrests, it became apparent to me in 20XX that even that didn’t mater–that certain elements of the police farce were attempting to create a false profile of me in their databases–and their treatment of me got worse–way worse, before and after they tasered me IN THE BACK.

For example: one time, ——– and the—— came to —————. They ———-, and despite no  evidence of wrong doing on my part, and despite the attempts to humiliate me in front of loved ones, or to try to cause me to lose it and take a swing or otherwise ‘resist’ arrest or detainment, I didn’t—. In fact, I never have, and any legitimate record previous to ———–, in the era of ———– will show that. and then, they pulled this out of their bag of lies and dirty tricks: While——— watched, ———– attemted to restrain—-. While cameras rolled, I was—–, and —————. EVEN then I did not resist, which is shen ——– did what was surporisingly unethical, and outright unlawful.

Add to that mulktiple assaults while I was under —————–, and the picture gets a little more clear–the watchers are indeed not just watching, but hey have been instigating illegal and unconscionable actions against me, and then, sitting back and, well, watching. Crimes, committed by gangstalkers who masquerade as law enfarcers: multiple layers of the new American frontier, where the constitution is a mere relic, and despite chronic and constant lies and more lies, followed by deep layers of repetitions of ” well we need these programs to stop terrorism,” and you have what has happened to me–and I am sure I am not aonbe, but I am the one who invoked rights every time, starting with the right to “remain silent, lest they put words in my mouth or actions at my hands.

All of this is documented elsewhere, but suffice it to say that this last action was when I began to piece together the details–to see the bigger picture of the pattern of their conduct. ANd how that conduct became more and more elaborate, more and more ‘scripted’: – would get on the radio with –, and come back with a sheaf of papers in their hands, and ask questions, or take long pauses before they spoke.  A grand orchestrated enfarcement of law.

And these events–some ten or so specific and documented ones over the years began to look like a set-up–an orchestrated death by a thousand paper-cuts. I realized that some database out there was full of pig latin with my name attached to it, and that thsi information was what was guidig their long term decades assault on me every time I had interaction with them.

And, yes, I was thought to be crazy, or in the least psychotic with diagnosed mental illnes–but now I know, crazy in a way that only those who were innocent and still violated could know: murderously crazy to the point of wanting to direct homicide at myself, or worse. And that kind of crazy is where I snap–but only hurt myself, really.

Who could stand against decades of the scars–very awful, very deep and very emotionally painful scars that were caused directly by false allegations–scars caused in a country where false allegations are the norm, not the exception; false allegations that are encouraged by the police state? And the living in silence, afraid that there is more to come should I tell the story.

Mamasota, and t’s bastard children are a systemic design–that is another story entirely–but I haven’t gone anywhere; I have NOTHING To hide. And they have sought after me for decades, to steal my narative. They have provoked me, assaulted me, arrested me, defamed me; libeled me in printed matter, and gossipped about me, while others ———, and m—– my ———. NOT once were the ———— of — c—————- investigated, targeted, or seen to be the system scamming b— f—— thatthey are.

Why? Because there is a ton of federal money that flows here based on false allegations, and mythology thta demonizes —. at the expense of  f——-.

And in the early days myself and two others agreed that we would only speak lashon hara–talk shit, and tons of psychobabble over the phones to keep the multitudes of ilegal spies and other miscreants redirected as they were trying to redirect our conversations; thoughts; feelings, and friendships. Indeed, one of my most cherished friendships of
that era–one of my most loved allies–has since falen under the sway of a “tall, Persian man(FBI Agent) from Chicago.”

I developed a mindset that if the were going to infiltrate every aspect of my life, my homes, my thoughts, my studies, my writing, and even then, cause direct and real violent harm to my body and person–then ———–. then I would ————–, only let them see the part of the ———— that they themselves put there–the seedier, more “who they are’ parts.

And I began to speak as if at all times I was on record in a wiretap, hoping in vain that I could one day use those tapes as a reference point to what was actually going through my head, or what was to document what they were doing to my life.

I kept films, photos, IP logs, and tracked what they were doing back to servers in–you guessed it: Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Atlanta,; Canada and the UK.

The most heinous tricks they were playing back then were the people who routinely came to ——- and asked me quite casually if I wanted to buy: ———–, ——–, etc. Others who showed up in —————- just to sit there and stare at me, or to use some phony ruise to communicate withn me some ——– or other.

Particualrly, the one of these events that stands out was when J————– came to ——————, and sat looking at me quizzically, as if thinking ——————-. SDo I looked up after about ten minutes of recognizing — ploy that I said ” If you —- in the same —- long enough, eventually you might trap a————–.”

That got —-to ——-, and ponder.

The most deviantly insulting part of the whole thing was their projections. In all the years of Freud; in all the noble intentions of psychology, it was indeed predicted that psychology would become a tool of state sponsored terror, rather than a tool of healing and understanding. And these charges over the years pre-emptively nullified my chance of laying my own allegations–a decades long game of the old legal cannon ‘the blood is on your hands.’

Never mind that it was me who disarmed the murderer–it was the blood on my hands, fresh here, and holding the weapon of the murderer now fled that they were interested in. And it was the murderer who went free–assisted, even, by them.

Oh, wait: ‘giving life,’ isn’t murder, is it? And doubly if they are brainwashed to not do their homework, and  respect those who call the cops on someone FIRST, in order to save their own ass from their primary guilt in the matter.

Blackmail at the point of the gun called 911.

And I just kept ‘keeping it all in, and ‘manning up.’ That wasnt my only mistake then–I thought the dialogue in my head was actually going somewhere other than my own head. I had the idea that every time I talked on the phone or read a planted article in a newspaper thatthere was dialogue–that they had heard the actual message betwen the lines. How crazy
is that? About as crazy as anyone would be to live with such heinous and constant abuses of the law, and abuse of the basic principles of privacy (non-enshrined) and the asumption of innocence (in the high tech era, now no longer a presumption, but rather, and xcuse for them to target you more, and more andmore and more.) I guess all those pig latin
phrases are really Newspeak.

innocence is guilt. Guilt is innocence–as long as you work for the double talkers. BUt I am sure neither Upton nor George read the Constitution–they were too busy battling the Fabians. And Fabians rely upon time-theft as much as the duration of short term memory to kill you a thousand paper cuts at a time.

*Special Notes: I have been trying to log in to ——-@wordpress for three days now. I have reset passwords, installed, uninstalled browsers; changed browsers, cleaned cookie caches, reset cookie permissions; read through how to’s and ‘fixes’ online; downloaded blog software; installed and uninstalled programs; granted and denied permissions to the firewall—-get the point? FOR THREE DAYS, and I still cannot access the blog. This is the first time they have been this precise in their manner of completely destroying my ability to write–it is near complete obstruction of my right to free speech–as much as writing online can be considered free speech (ahem); and prior restraint does not apply to citizen journalists–just big corporations who contribute to all the SCOTUS retirement fund.


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