Below is an account of a particular web exploit, or series of exploits,  that was directed at me, and as yet has only been referenced by lawyers who work for the defense in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This is my experience and the manner in which I spent my time over a period of one five days, in unedited rough format.

And I note, with specific anger, and disillusionment at the blatant illegality of this DoD on down methodology,  that I am in theory only, a “free American citizen,” for the last several decades: my privacy and autonomy, and individuality have been co-opted against my free will as documented herei–and I am experiencing EXACTLY the same forms of torture and duress that lawyers who are attempting to defend arguably indefensible clients–“terrorist suspects, aka psychologically controlled potential ‘Manchurian candidates’ at Guantanamo Bay Cuba are experiencing.

As such it is only one small snapshot of decades of intrusions and other exploits that have occured in my life, and which are documented in numerous ways, with several sources and witnesses who will verify such accounts.

What is written below are incomplete rough notes, and reminders of events, a bare bones recording, intended for documentary  purposes, and published AFTER I was forced by their methodology to reveal my name in a phone call to a web host, and other data that was against my will to reveal. AND the result of that was I gained an ally who verified that indeed, my problem as described, was in the least ‘unique,’ while also being ‘unresolved from a technical stand point.’

AND, in the past–where I had discovered various wiretaps, wireless hacking, redirection, router manipulation, or other Police State shenanigans, tech support, and the golden rule of ‘ please enter my compliant/concern into your records’ applied.


Five Days.


The latest in government hacking: I have done every thing humanly possible over a period of five days and counting to access my blogs, and write. And, after bringing others in to the specific nature of this ‘problem’ it was discovered thatI am not alone. In fact, every time I bring a witness in to my life to watch what the watchers are doing to me, it stops, but not until AFTER I have a witness.

In this case, it was Bex–and thank you for what you did last night. There are times when I have considered ending my life due to the nefarious and often times illegal things thta have happened to me over the years–and then there is support, or some other witness that affirms it isn’t ‘all in my head;’ that the very real problems–harassment–is in fact inexplicable by any technical solution, or known ‘bugs’. That in fact, the particular time consuming restraint that has been put upon me is in fact exactly that.

The writing and blogging was going just fine writing from a brand new OOTB machine (as my former system was hit with a ‘bug’ that caused it to refuse to shut down, and overheated to the point where it burned out the processor.–has anyone else had this particular attack? I havehad it on several occasions, and was able to catch it as it happened, and solve it, but this hit the machine WHILE IT WAS IN SLEEP MODE…).

Well–here’s the gist of the latest attack:

I had just written about how the Gov. was actively doing everything it could to stop my writing; and how Guantanamo lawyers were experiencing the same sort of harasment. And voila: one solid week almost of resetting /setting cookie settings; adding and subtracting browsers; checking every setting possible; double checking firewall, AV, etc to make sure that nothing has been added, and no new programs are in conflict (all reports are negative)–ridiculous amounts of time merely trying to get to the business of writing.

However, no matter what I do–I even BOUGHT space from a major webhost–worked! Voila. My browsers, fixes, etc were nullified.More quasi legal assaults on my freedom of expression. More electronic Army harassment targeted at my mind, and sprinkled with police-state plausible deniability–I do not possess the resources to find out what methods they are using to create this total break-down of me, communicating via the internet with the world.

Yes–I am certain, based on past redirection, and the decades of other assaults they have been targeting at me online–I am certain that if I wanted to get illegal drugs, guns, porno, bombs, hookers, and anything ‘terror-themed’ that I would have NO PROBLEM setting that up, and gaining nearly instant access to it. And I would have no problem setting up a website to do it, or a Bitcoin account to get paid doing it–you see, I merely want to write all these years.

Unlike others who are not TI’s, writing is possible, and  initially, back in the 1999-2001-03 era, I was predicting the tower bombing, and working for civil justice in Palestine, etc., and writing about that. I was writing about the now GOV/ NSA being worse than McCarthy, Hoover, Cointelpro, etc., and as I am documenting now–attempting to document in very real time, they are preventing me from doing that to this day.

These incidents are not isolated–it has been a several decades long assault directed at me, and there are others in high positions of authority who can and will verify this when the time comes.

And I understand that plausible deniability in this case and in the preceding decades boils down to me–a private citizen with limited time, patience, and resources–trying to prove that they–government agents acting illegally and unethically and the constitution (as we knew it before big Biz got in on our rights, and deemed them privileges)–are actually the cause of my problem here.

AND I realize that in lieu of being able to prove that, I am just another paranoid schizo, or anti-social, or whatever psychology corrupted MKULTRA/Nazi label they will apply. Which is why I write this now.

I am doing my best to document in human language, and with untrained human capacity, to make a record of the events that lead to me being incapacitated, nullified, and priorly restrained from expressing ideas on the internet, or in other media. A restraint that is taking place as I write, and a restraint–an arrest of the development of ideas–that is ytaking place from the confines of American Freedumb. Maybe if I just wrote about the latest sale at JC Penny, or the tasty burgers down the road, or anything about sports or cars–I would have NO PROBLEM.

But I am writing, in real time, about a government that is running an illegal program–an extension of MKULTRA on stereoids–and doing it to me, now, AS I WRITE. In fact, it calls to mind one recent attack–earlier this year–when they were taunting me, while talking around me, and to each other, as they were posted in apartment number XXX at XXXXX.

I was posting to ——— ———–, and one of them said “Oh, are we going to let him go on about this again?”–in that case, I was writing about women who abuse children, and they were once again trying to stop me from expressing that idea. It is documented elsewhere, with their email addresses, etc. And, they were following me when I was shopping, picking my nose, and following me to my ——————–, and then, posting online insults about my mother, or threatening to call Homeland Security on me because of my great, and undying admiration for police whistle blowers who have the actual courage to lose the cowardice that it takes to hide behind a shield, or a thin blue line.

Cops who tell the truth, or document the day to day illegality of America’s law enfarcement community are true hero’s, and deserve recognition as such, but in a world driven by jingoism spewing,  hetero normative, sperm and sweat slobbering window-ledge-peekers and their associated female colleagues–all of whom fancy themselves as incarnations of the Virgin herself, or in the very least , toeing the thin pink line of every high school sweetheart who ever rocked a Chevy pickup floor, and then went home to her high school sweatball and said “But I only love YOU…”

Morons, each and every one of you–yeah, I know you are reading this, too.

It was like having a pack of schoolyard bullies around me, and no protection from either the law, or the awareness of the public that these things were occurring, as their are no figureheads of proper authority in the principal’s role of over-seeing the playground; and no handbook that spelled out the rules of playground behavior–except the fatally flawed US constitution that was thrown out the window when the farce of the new police state took over, and draped the unclothed body of lady Justice

Or, put another way–I was stuck with a group of seriously repressed, mostly overweight (these people–the ones I have watched follow me over the years–almost all clock in around 300# to start with, although there area few who are men and women trapped in smallish, child-like bodies who do the police state chores of riding bicycles past me and my house, posting lookout, stalking me in the park, or otherwise theoretically inconspicuous work of dogging TI’s), religious adherents and fanatics–nuts who believe in Jeebus and the Virgin Mary–the queen of the single mothers!

And the general bullying, hetero-normative cowards who spend their nights taunting me and goading me at every opportunity.  Which, in some regard, is probably a little better than the assclowns who built a very obvious bunker/blind outside my — in H———. Because when armed people stalk your nights and peer into your windows from bunkers–right here in America–well, let’s just say there is probably a reason that the other religious fanatics across the globe want to blast Americans faces off.

But me, I live in a world where the highest form of non-cowardice is to walk un-armed with anything other than my words, and the head they come from. And these lowlifes HATE words* especially the ones that were written by ANONYMOUS men who wrote the US Constitution–which is now suffering serious constipation.

So, anyways, here I go–day FIVE of trying to publish, and it isn’t getting better. And if this ever ends, and I can publish, then it will be attributed to ‘well, see here, it was this one little setting that you just didn’t fix.” Because there are no checks, no balances, and no supervisions of the second by second actions of a cyber-army that uses people like me for target practice, and gets away with it (for now.), despite the constitution clearly spelling out what is and isn’t intrusion, coercion, provocation, etc.

Blame the victim–a key ploy in crazy making piggery. But as I am documenting–I have spent DAYS researching possible fixes, etc. AND the problem did not exist in months past, or even last week. The problem exists NOW, as I begin to detail the programs that they are running–and talking about what they are doing–days before major media writes about it (the Guantanamo lawyers being harassed directly via their computer so BADLY that they have asked the judge for completely NEW sealed systems.)

I am the other half of this injustice–this mocking perversion and obscenity of ‘justice,’–the half that suffers alone, but continues to write it down.

Now: as I attempt to access multiple screenshot realtime software to prove my case–I get 503 errors, and 404’s, and so forth (KInja screencap saved elsewhere) and the link that was spoofed as this error is :

Oh–and did I mention that he internet is also on ten second delay–every time I try to get a page to load? Yeah–you can cal it whatever you want, but for me, it is the very seat of insanity: an abrogation of more rights than I know about, or even personally possessed at any time in the last decades.

Let’s see: the fifth is out the window because this has been, so far, a decades long theoretically ‘seekrit’ proceeding–not legitimate enough to go to court, where I would have had the fifth, and illegitimate enough to demolish that right anyways.

Hmm. The first–well, let’s just say that whe a person is so stifled in all normal channels of communication as that they cannot speak at all–in my home (wiretaps) on a phone (wiretaps) in a car (GPS AND wiretaps), or online (all that I document above)-well, let’s jst say that they owe me a decade of free speech rights.

The fourth? ….well, a decade with ‘fewer rights than the average citizen,’ a slew of phony arrests (where accusers were never seen as the perpetrators they are), add some actual brutality (Tasered in the BACK, beaten assaulted by strangers AND cops in phony arrest scenarios–)is certainly an arresting idea.
the 13th(14th?11th?)–well, slavery is kind of what it feels like, but without the chains or the big pig fucking my wife, although they did target and take our most intimate couples photos).

UPDATE: after trying an entirely different device that I borrowed from someone who witnessed this latest assault, I was ABLE TO LOG IN to the new blog using the exact same credentials.This AFTER I did everything possible with cookies, and browsers, and even Windows 8 tips and tricks (although it is important to note that the webpages that I accessed to get those tips would NOT load…)

Update2: As noted above, the problem is resolved for now, but only AFTER I was forced to 1) reveal part of my actual nam over the phone, 2) talk at length to a technical person who verified that whatI was describing was unique 3) being forced to do various other things in order to merely WRITE, not leastof which is to have to expose even MORE of my mind to those who have been following me and profiling me for decades–this is no small concession in any regards, as they have at all times used my thoughts to further experiment on me, and attempt top provoke reactions, manipulate relationships, and otherwise make my life a piece of their version of “hell”.

Thankully, I am protected by the rabbinical knowledge that the original, non-mystical real hell was just a dumping pit for dead bodies–much like we have turned the middle east into this last decade or so, while masquerading around the domestic front and claiming to protect ‘the children.’

Yeah–the children of American murderers maybe.

A little Guantanamo, sans Alamo, or anything nearly resembling Freedom–just for me!

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