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Wow–so far beyond Constitutional, there are no words for it yet.

WWII leaflet, 29 J 6, for Japanese soldier in ...

[NOT]WWII leaflet, 29 J 6, for Japanese soldier in the Philippines, Jan. 20, 1945, (front) (Photo credit: John T Pilot

The oddest of the odd happened tonight: a piece of “MY” writing from 2011 appeared out of nowhere on my desktop, in Internet Explorer–after the hack last night, and what I have described today of some earlier writing.  I note that aside from the pursuit of happiness clause, and related issues, this is one untested Con Law area where law enfarcers attempt to force me to divulge identity and ownership of a piece of writing– these and other psychological exploits are designed in other ways to divulge other things that they intend to dovetail into some case they are creating–or, to merely muddy up the trail of evidence against them.

I was researching Psychological Warfare when the exploit occured, but it appears that the actual exploit began the night before.

AND I cannot cut and paste from ths doc now--I could before

This well known document, which describes the nature of Psychological Warfare, was up in my browser, and I tried to cut and paste from it, which worked fine every time I did it before, but when the exploit occured, I could not. I was able to highlight the important section though.

And, in order to document it online, in tis blog and elsewhwere inthe past I have to reveal other data, such as browser use, and many other little things that enable them to create or enhance a profile:

and under windowsills-who was on when they did that

Surrounding nets when this exploit occured

I won’t go into any ‘paranoid’ attempts to explain it, but my piece, called “Garbage Boys” was ‘up’ in my Internet Explorer window along with other odd windows, despite the fact that it is not on this drive! And also, for instance, the results from internet searches that I could not complete several nights ago when the hacking began (particularly a search for one phrase that hit my counter–“gang stalking by the rich and demented” ), appear now, and that are somehow completed tonight, open in their own windows…And the blog that pops up in re this phrase looks like one that was made overnight–just two bare posts.

note that the wireless icon is still not evident--as I note they have altered my writing--Mother Fuckers--makes you wanna kill them--errr--tell somebody

Notice that there is no MS wireless icon in the lower left corner while this exploit occurs–and I could not use that feature to see what other nets were out there

In other words–and I do not have the proper language to describe this event as it has not been recorded by other observers–what happened was this: my writing from 2011 was altered, drastically, the context, and meaning perverted,  and the altered version appeared in my browser, although I have not, and had not read that piece for months.

That piece, called  is stored on a drive that has not been connected on this computer for two days. AND, that is when the hacking began.And when I came back here tonight after a 2 hour hiatus (baking cookies),  this piece was ‘up’ in the browser, and its entire content had been changed/altered so that things I had never written, and things I would NEVER write about a personal experience–had been mercilessly altered, and the entire meaning of the piece had been changed. Whole paragraphs were altered sentence by sentence so that it could be read as a sort of confession or something.

AND the projection in the piece was stunning. Phrases that I use to describe them were inserted into what had been my piece, and it became an entirely different work. And then, the browser crashed, and the ‘new’ piece had disappeared.

So, here is the main altered text (non-inclusive) that I was able to identify and this text signifies the general nature of the corrupted piece, The altered text–and it is an egregious, and monstrous alteration is : “and under windowsills”

Now–as my writing has demonstrated to this point, I have never written that phrase in regards to myself–I am not one of them, and that is their perverse modus operandi. There is a stored copy elsewhere, and that copy is time stamped, and does not contain any of what was in the browser window at the time of the exploit.

So, what I am being subjected to this very moment is an obscenity–the corruption not only of thought and intention, but also–and this is truly heinous–also, a campaign of altering my writing to make it appear as if these personal writings are something monstrous–something that they are not–and words are literally being put in my mouth via hacker and Gv’t illegality. And most of all, they are ‘planting evidence.’

I have never, and would never–because it simply isn’t true–write the phrase that is there, on my screen, now–that phrase a relic of a disconnected hard drive!

I know my writing, and I know my own words going back decades. And I did not, and had NO NEED to write that because there is no way it would ever be true. But there it is,  on my screen, courtesy of PSYWAR waged on me, an American citizen.

And I note: I am not being paid to write this–there is no incentive for me to write this, other than truth, and the need to document in real time how the current PsyWar directed at Americans works. And that is the crux: here, they are attempting to force me to take ownership of a piece of writing; that piece of writing an altered text, and that piece of writing ( I checked the history section of IE after this exploit, and no record of it was found–so I am either crazy(…) or merely documenting PSYWAR in action. I hope someone shoots these people in the face for that*.

Now: My writing, edited for me, by something that is worse than a troll, and far more insidious than mere ‘mind control’., is in fact a farce of existing law–a corruption of evidence, and a manipulation of truth so egregious as to make the old COINTELPRO Black Panther pamphlet look like child’s play.

What it is, is the corruption of evidence, via state agents who are in the act of creating a false evidentiary trail–and that, by the corruption of my own memory, and my own actions.

I need another country to live in, because this one is ten thousand leagues beneath credible.

Tillebear is on ZyXEL technology--or spoofed an address

As noted elsewhere, the ‘new’ networks that sprout up around me over the years use non-standard technology. Tillebear uses ZyXEL to sniff the nets

*as noted elsewhere, I am a non-violent resistor, but will fight to save my life. I AM NOT, nor have ever been prone to radical acts of violence, or other such things, and the phrase herein ‘shoot them in the face’ is a metaphor that actually has a humorous background. But I really sincerely would like it if these people got shot in the face–I would say “huh huuuuh. Cool man.”

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