Panopticon: the good guys and gals want access to headspace in your rectum…

FBI agent in 1939

FBI agent in 1939 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to see if you are full of shit, or not; and top monitor your pulse for your own safety, apparently.

“As a culture, we are preoccupied with observation, images, spectatorship. Now internet advertisements offer consumers spy cameras and hidden microphones of our own, completing the three steps to panopticon: we watch monitors, we are monitored, we become our own monitors. But when the distinction between observer and observed is dissolved, we do not regain wholeness—on the contrary, we find we have been trapped outside ourselves, alienated in the most fundamental sense.

Things I am working on despite the noise:

Former FBI agent, and Yemen LEAKER, PORNOGRAPHER

Video of Shatleben in his official capacity as covert child pornography disseminator: FBI controlled TOR

NSA beyond big brother:

FISA deliberately subverted/undermined the Supreme Court in rulings

Direct brain control through invasive tech and other means is the ultimate police state body invasion–police pornography on steroids:

Re: email accounts disapearing (2006-08)

The Good Guys Gone Bad

Cop to be prosecuted for murdering man who sought assistance:

Terrance Franklin Pleaded for his life before extra-judicial homicide by Minneapolis Police

Kids arrested/molested through police encounters–the ultimate fantasy of a police state is unfettered access to your children: 5 year old girl

Kids in Prison


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