Yup. I was right again.

Map of Cuba with the location of Guantánamo Ba...

Map of Cuba with the location of Guantánamo Bay indicated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just after I published this, this and this, which mention my ‘disappeared’ email accounts, and other computer harassment, or time altering mind control attempts by the agents of the United States terror apparatus, the news reported this ( here is an extra link, because, well, the computer is acting ‘funny’ again-and I note: it is a BRAND NEW OOTB computer! http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/guantanamo-lawyers-plead-put-911-hold-20324868), a story about how lawyers at Guantanamo Bay are experiencing the EXACT SAME computer and email communications related problems that I have been experiencing since at least 2003.

So, after decades of being labeled crazy, or otherwise slandered as ‘unstable’, here’s proof that what I wrote about YESTERDAY, is in fact what is REALLY HAPPENING.

The only problem I have is this: I am not a terrorist and anyone who lives with me, or ACTUALLY knows me day to day can verify this; I am an American Citizen, and my due process rights–the same rights that these lawyers now struggle to maintain for their non-American clients– went out the window over ten years ago(documented elsewhere). No matter what a bunch of violent militarists might say about me based on their sooper sekrit information, or their plethora of justifications for why they have been targeting me for decades.

The men at Gitmo were picked up in foreign countries, after allegedly waging war against MY COUNTRY. That’s not cool–if it’s true. AND, those men have been held indefinitely, like sex offenders–with NO RIGHTS, before trial. That is understandable, considering their position as ‘enemy combatants’ (and no, I do not think that our country has a ‘right’ enshrined anywhere to do that).

And so, my problem is this: according to the lawyers who represent these men who are quite possibly actual gun toting, person killing terrorists-is that I have never taken up arms against America; I don’t own a weapon; I have no plans to, nor have I ever killed anybody–and my battle for the last several decades has simply been to maintain my rights of free speech, association, and privacy (as we know, not enshrined anywhere in the Constitution, but court-worthy nonetheless).

But mostly, it is my writing that they are targeting for these decades–because I think a nation run by cops and  soldiers is, well, un-American, and unimaginative, much less just kind of Nazi.

And THAT has made me an enemy of the state, if my guess is right (the decades of films, photos, hearsay testimony on my behalf, as well as xxx and xxx will demonstrate this) I am enemy number one–and my choices using the tools of ‘free speech’  are limited to what I can do to force these cowards out from behind the bushes in their hoodies and trench coats–because speech itself has no guarantee of compelling cowards to reveal themselves or recant their original wrong-doing, short of full blown Psywar  waged against me, a United States citizen and a writer whose work has ben altered, delayed, and restrained before publishoing–whose life has been restrained, and contained as if I am myself a human explosive, unarmed though I am with any weapons other than words, and thoughts.

And, on a final note, as I tried to add Zemanta links to this post, I was redirected, and the links were lost, and altered. The entire process of me getting back to my ‘draft’ took at least two minutes, and even then my links to other media were lost. I will now attempt to relink, and publish.

But the effect of this sort of harassment is mind bendingly insulting, and in the very least, a MAJOR distraction away from my work of writing–I can’t imagine how infuriating it would be if someone else’s life dependence on me keeping a cool head.

Either way, this sort of harassment is designed by them to distort, destroy, and confuse anyone who depends upon the words, and the thoughts that go into writing. In fact, what ever length of time it took me to write these last three paragraphs is time lost from writing other things that could vindicate my position.

And this is NOT free speech–this is a direct assault on the very heart of speech itself–the seat of thought itself in a free society–a silencing that I refuse to live with any longer.

Its as if I need to justify one unproven or possibly unsustainable position about another clouded in secrecy and covertly government-sabotaged position and another that as yet have not been proven or even acknowledged–and heaped in layers of layers of technological provocation, obfuscation and state sponsored sabotage–and it is this that begins the crazy train of confronting the illegality of what our government is doing.

The fact that I described and noted these exact same troubles yesterday and before, that lawyers who defend terrorists are experiencing TODAY is beyond imagination–and even further from the meaning of “Constitutional right to speech.”

The weight of having to prove my position day in and day out is a weight that no Constitution anywhere was intended to bear, and no mind can hold that pressure in for any real duration of time; hence the prior restraint of thought itself.

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