Cops in Cadillacs.

Shit–that last distraction–my last post where I lost almost a half an hour describing the nature of how GS/government agent social control works on writers and dissidents–cost me half an hour of my life.

And, oddly, I once again (think tens of thousands of times in the last decades) lost track of what it was that I needed to write about! That is how they work on you indeed. I initially set out to write about the cops in the Cadillacs across the street today–the ones who said behing my and my babies back ” He’s just fucking with us.”

Well anyways, here are the bare bones, as the writing portion–the documenting portion of one incident of thousands in the last decades–the writing portion has been lost to time, and lost because I was attacked again with redirection and other now-described by others attacks.

Well, here is the synopsis:

1) I notice a dark club cab overkill of a truck outside on the street, in front of  a building where GS are known to collect, with a person inside–a white person with its arm out the window.

2) I notice a bald headed behemoth walk into the frame.

3) shortly thereafter, I notice another large white person–and this one is looking across the street in my direction–some fourty yards–and glaring at my windows. It also loks up at the rooftops of my neighbors, and scans the street like a stakeout setup.

3) they meet an Af/Am woman at the front door who looks ‘concerned’. They talk for five minutes and go inside.

4) I grab my baby and go for a walk intheir direction. One of them (the guy from the pickup truck) comes outside, and is on the phone.

5) I buy what I need to buy at the local gas station, and circle the block–in back of said abode is a grey new, Cadillac Escalade-there is NEVER one of these at this building. AND it is parked arrogantly crooked, blocking another parking space. Also, behing the neighboring buildings garage, there is a large new club cab truck, also parked conspicuously.  Neither of these vehicles have ben their before today based on my reconnaissance of this area.

6) on my walk back and forth, I again go in front of this building. The bald headed white behemoth and a new man–one I recognize over the years, a white guy with rats eyes, and spiky brownish blonde hair, are on the upper deck, looking down on me and my baby. The rat eyed guy looks at me and then the look of realization crosses its eyes–he recognizes me as I recognize him–and I smile. He says to the bald one whose back is turned against me ” He’s just fucking with us.”

But he says it loud almost deliberately loud enough so that I hear it, but his inner sneaky creep holds back a few decibels, because he hates to know that I know–and he resents me for busting his sneaky position. I cross the street and look back over my shopulder-they have fled nto the confines of the building, to continue their ‘seekrit’ covert activity, as if all of this secrecy–two decades and counting–has gone unnoticed. It’s almost like they are too stupid to realize tatI have been watching them for all these years too.

Their secrecy is a blatant insult to the integrity of any observer.

AND–I notice ANOTHER Cadillac, a shiny new red SUV type,has parked in front ( it wasn’t there on my fiorst sweep.

YES, America, you do need to be vigilant–because the new breed of ‘hard working’ cops drives Cadillacs. And we all know what our culture says about those badmenz who exploit women, and gangsters, and thugs, right? Yup-they drive Caddies….


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