American Spy Agencies and police mechanisms are “breath taking in their criminality.”

NSA director Michael Hayden

NSA director Michael Hayden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“There seems to be no limit to the violations to their hard-won liberties that Americans will put up with in the catch-all name of counterterror,” says author John le Carre, commenting on Edward Snowden’s whistle-blowing.

But I had to go and read a non-American news source to hear that. Too bad we have become the bullying, narcissistic/ sociopathic nation that kills others’ children, and then retreats behind an iron curtain LCD screen like cowards behind NSA/SOD/DICE  secret databases–that curtain tied fast and tasseled with the shreds of the fourth amendment, and the fifth; the latter pre-emptively obfuscated by data collection processes that span decades, and can reveal a persons self-defense to those who offend; or legal strategy against wrongdoing by the government.

Someone should shoot this guy, Michael Hayden, an email, before his officially sanctioned inner child turned outward, deviant path-narc super ego gets even more out of control over his ability to prey upon American Citizens.

After all–path narcs, bullies,  and sociopaths get off on their ability to abuse power over those who they deem to be weaker than themselves, or vulnerable. Their inner child projects their own fear of vulnerability onto those who they victimize (think Goebbels, and Hitler).

This deviance IS the strategy of malicious prosecutions, or grandstanding ‘anti-bad guy’ campaigns run by, well, bad guys (and gals).

The NSA even logs communications between a “person under indictment” and their attorney. If that isn’t the SAM provisions (which were originally designed for non-American Terrorists who were INCARCERATED already) put into action against attorney client privilege then NOTHING IS.

According to Edward Snowden’s revelations, and as reported by Glenn Greenwald, who has valiantly endured the wrath of state terrorism directed at his family members:

“A separate section of the same document notes that as soon as any intercepted communications are determined to have been between someone under US criminal indictment and their attorney, surveillance must stop. However, the material collected can be retained, if it is useful, though in a segregated database:

“The relevant portion of the communication containing that conversation will be segregated and the National Security Division of the Department of Justice will be notified so that appropriate procedures may be established to protect such communications from review or use in any criminal prosecution, while preserving foreign intelligence information contained therein,” the document states.

In practice, much of the decision-making appears to lie with NSA analysts, rather than the Fisa court or senior officials.

Powers and monies that were once directed at actual murderers, serial killers, actual child pornographers, kidnappers, rapists, major narco trafickers, and actual millionaire gangsters are now directed at the average citizen, the mentally ill, the Occupy movement,  and the armchair dissenter. It’s as if layer upon layer of government incepted and sanctioned illegality and criminal activity–activity that was always illegal for our government to do–has snowballed into blind justice with a shotgun approach to civil rights.

AND: they ARE taking names, and worse.

The two parties are more united than ever in subverting what we once knew as a Democracy. Or:


Long before a legitimate legal case can be made, or evidence of government wqrongdoing can be preserved online–and only after government agency/ies have covertly used a persons life as a training ground for a new generation of covert Red Squad marauders who ask ” do we have a case yet?” every time they pry open your door, crack your email password, or collect your DNA at a coffee shop–does a case make it to court.

Then you read on Craigslist, just after you post a piece of writing that “We gotta get this guy for SOMETHING!”  written by some moron from Cxrver county, or Wxxxx Bxxx.

They peer into your every moment–while you’re taking a shit, wanking it with your mate, cooking breakfast, or reading the news–they have you profiled so extensively that they can even direct your thought, or action to some large degree–and then, long after the MKULTRAtion, after their YEARS of illegal stuff that they hoped you hadn’t the time to document–they set you up in some way, or merely call the Txxmxx just to fuck with your time. They are the thief’s of time, and you have nothing to say about it.

Bunch of amateurs, and cowardly gangstalkers. Maybe they should have learned early that precedent is in fact procedure, and that dissent yesterday is law tomorrow–but carving a new face on an old pumpkin isn’t a plausible, or rational proposition–mainly because old pumpkins have been carved already, their faces set and candles lit.

That is, of course conditional to the possibility that todays law makers, and law interpreters believe in double faces–after all, no one carves the backside of a pumpkin to make a new face when the old one will do just fine. Unless justice of course, has two faces these days. ONe from the ‘old law’ and one for the new lack of it when it comes to law enfarcement….

But they don’t teach that at the gangstalker academy, do they?  So, all those path-narcs who work the trickle down police forces at the local level, hoping in vain that they won’t be outed for their decades of unlawful intrusions and other mayhem and harassment that they perpetrate on citizens might still have a thing or two to learn about due process.

Or not. Because due process itself has been so obliterated by the cyber shenanigans of the NSA and the slander of SOD and DICE–the need to make work by Homeland Security, or the FBI need to look good (by obfuscating evidence and not pursuing those in police ranks who misuse data) that there will be no fair trials for decades to come.

The path-narcs are in God mode now, and no mere citizen of America can stop them–the greater good for the greatest number apparently demands that good is defined by keeping your mouth shut while praying that you don’t become a target.

It’s always better when it’s ‘the other guy’ right?


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