TSA Whistleblower Robert MacLean is a real fighter–a hero who uses words, not weapons to fight for free speech

English: TSA insignia

Smells like Team Spirit, or just something fishy.TSA insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


AND he has paid dearly for it: after blowing the whistle about dubious TSA practices, he was fired. And he has ben fighting for 7 years to get his job back.

The government–the same government that lied to us about WMD’s in Iraq; the same government that criminalized Julian Assange for releasing film of our soldiers murdering journalists and children; the same government that tortured men and then burned the videos of that torture; the same government that has told lie after lie to accomplish–what, exactly?–that same government will, and does, use its full force and power to twist the words of ordinary citizens into terrorist ‘acts’ while operating outside of international law, outright lying manipulating evidence, and obfuscating truth while destroying justice, is daily waging war on American citizens.

Some of us have been used as guinea pigs for the security apparatus to flaunt its reach around of our privacy; and to test the boundaries of the distortion of truth in the thin disguise of looking for terrorists and ‘bad guys.’

BUT, here’s a twist that hasn’t yet been covered in the now-frequent stories of these abuses of power and justice: MacLean, the  whistleblower at TSA, was also possibly voice printed: “This time, the TSA recognized his voice and began an investigation that revealed he had also released the 2003 text message.”

Due to my experience as a victim of DICEy libel and slander from the security/police state, I discovered one other thing about our government/ police state apparatus that I have never seen written about: the police, and other ‘agents’ of the police state use what I would refer to as “voice printing’ or “voice patterning” of individual Americans in order to further infiltrate a persons privacy, or identity.

I don’t have damning proof yet–just anecdote which I cannot disclose here, but suffice it to say that Robert MacLean has also likely been ‘voice printed’ without his knowledge.

So, MacLean, one of thousands and thousands of relatively obscure, rank and file TSA employees was “recognized” somehow by his voice. How is that possible? I suggest that voice printing is an active component of as yet undisclosed US government programs employed by the NSA, et al to wage its domestic war of terror on Americans, and the last remnants of our shredded privacy.

Why do I say that? Because, according to the linked article, “the TSA recognized his voice” when he appeared on National TV– which implies that technology exists to listen to the voice of said whistleblower MacLean, and to reference that across a database in order to recognize an individuals voice “print”.

re: the false arrest in year XXXX and how they ‘voice printed” me–the telephone tap and the police refusal to let me dial out my ‘one phone call’ despite many attempts  (story cannot yet be written due to concerns for my safety, methodology, and the fact that the said state agents tend to backtrack and shred evidence of their wrongdoing).

So, let’s see what crops up in the news about that in the next several weeks–after all, as discussed elsewhere, everything I write seems to get written about by others shortly thereafter.


As I write this, Wireshark reports that there is a game of “Websocket Ping-Pong” going on in my connection–and that their web dissector is “masked”. Security theater at its predictable invasive ‘best’.


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