Cops Gangstalk a reporter: I thought I was alone and then, another stood up.

For years, I thought I was alone. I thought that every time my car was broken into, or that my house had been invaded; that the endless circling convoys of traffic in front of my apartments, houses, and homes were in my imagination, or in my “mind”.

I thought I was alone in reporting how Minneapolis and Minnesota cops are obsessed with blonde Nordic women–that the police personality in Minnesota shows a definite proclivity towards, and a provably dire need to enforce ‘conformity’ upon, and on behalf of ‘white people and blonde women’ in particular-even if that means harassing a woman in power–forcing her to do their bidding in one way or another.

And worst of all? They did it to her covertly–as if she would never be the wiser, and no one else would ever know.

Minnesota cops are out of control when it comes to the blatant harassment of “blonde icons,” and they are not alone in this twisted dynamic of stalking these women either: it is a fact that  most of the social scares and moral crusades that have been waged by American police, state, and , military agencies have inevitably been aimed at ‘protecting’ blonde women from harm’ from the ‘outsiders’ and other bogeymen.

My eyes were opened to this odd fact back in the 1990’s, when a series of huge disinformation campaigns swept the nation–with the willing participation of the media.

I began to see it everywhere: white women, but particularly blonde women on the one hand being used as props in social scares, and on the other, duped into the schema of “protection” offered by police and state agents.  And this of course, with the approval of “journalist” Oprah Winfrey beating the drum of fear and moral panic, who acted as a major disseminator of CIA propaganda. Women flocked to Oprah’s voice–not knowing it was actually military propaganda and designer hysteria, massaged with “free cars,” and conversation

And then, despite my doubts about my own theory, and my own situation being stalked–others started having the some of the same problems as I was having–ironically, a blonde Minnesota girl, a reputable reporter named Jessica Miles, of KSTP, Minneapolis: a Minneapolis reporter becomes a victim of the Minneapolis Police Departments “Red Squads”.

Gangstalking becomes more real when ‘real people like KSTP reporter Jessica Miles are harassed and stalked by cops. Her MN drivers license data file was accessed by cops 1380 times–not one of them a legitimate stop, or actual ‘need to know’ search. I can only imagine that she, like me, has spoken out against the brutality or the blatant privilege of today’s police farces, or resisted the undue and wholly unethical influence of the US  military merger with local police agencies at all levels and against all prior restrictions against such mergers (like the  Constitutional guarantees against separation of powers).

I suspect that they were trying to force Miles to become a mindless drone, to conform, like nearly all modern journalists, by blindly regurgitating the lies and disinformation from ‘official sources’  that constitutes the basis of modern news reporting.


Miles was “shocked and disgusted” to learn that her driver’s license info was accessed by officers and personnel from about 180 different departments and agencies.”

Equally if not more repugnant, police from a variety of agencies actually harassed her at home, and attempted to stifle her day to day functioning by gang stalking her as “officers from different law enforcement agencies “monitored” Miles by driving past her house”

I myself stopped “knowing people” because I was afraid that “my gang stalking problem” would become “their problem,” when I realized I was a targeted individual–that police officers and agencies were working a psychological terror campaign against me using similar tactics as described here by Miles, and mine has lasted over the last two decades. It is very distracting, and very distressing indeed.

My problem: most people say I am ” crazy” and that the convoys of traffic that circle my homes, or shadow me block by block when out walking; that voices, the electronic signals manipulations and internet shenanigans, and the stalking are all in my “mind”.

Then, real people, with real careers, like Jessica Miles–and people with real lives start having similar and same experiences: convoys of traffic in front of their houses; squad cars that circle them and run by their houses when, previously, they lived in ‘quiet neighborhoods.’

And cops who seem to find the time to go out of their jurisdictions to do drive-by surveillance when we water our yards, or plant flowers. And I personally have suffered worse over the last decades: I have been stalked, followed, shot with a taser in the back; my doors have been kicked in, my homes invaded through bribery, covert intrusions, and other ‘dubiously beyond the reach of the law’ methods; my belongings have disappeared, my friends and associates have had their ears filled with gossip, and ‘extra-judicial’ slander; my gardens have been trampled, my windows have been slobbered upon: my flowers have been trampled–and not once-NOT ONCE in the last decade and more have I been presented with a warrant of any kind, EVER.

AND, I kept journals, and logs, and photo’s and so forth. Some of that has been stolen, and some of that has been backed up, but all of it has taken my time, and energy, away from writing, or reporting what is happening in my life. And this has caused me unbelievably stressful memories, and reactions to those memories.

Put another way: I have felt so alone in my decades of intrusions, and so alone in my predicament that I wantd to kill myself. My mind has become a meme driven source of confusion and distress.

The memes are relatively simple–but the methods are VERY complex: think about a voice that repeats itself, with varying phrases that have the compound value of only negative meaning. Negative meaning: kill yourself; remove yourself from the family of man; commanding voices that alter your intentions, or demand that you portray aspects of personas that you did not know you have; constant narratives that argue right and wrong–with the caveat hat the government ( which in my case has stalked me, labeled me, and at many points tried to slander me with false criminal charges that were “informed” by the DICE database, or SOD illegality) can do no wrong, no matter what they do wrong, including torture, and deceptions (Saddam planted bombs at the twin towers……..) like selling guns to murderers in Mexico (Fast and Furious), or programs that index what is called ‘individual profiles’ based on what? Internet searches, and social networking profiles.

Really–could anything be farther from the truth for those who have been and remain aware of what they were doing-for DECADES? There are no smoking guns; no red hands there, because when one knows what they are up to,it is all charades from there–charades and profoundly and deviantly interconnected security theater–the type of theater that can only react to provocation–the kind of theater that is a monkey flinging shit or masturbating before the spectators who flock to the front of the cage, as if the monkey had only one function: to entertain those who paid the fare to see a monkey fling shit.

The monkey of course, theoretically hobbled by bars, and crippled in his true capacity by the great thinking of the captors apparently acts alone, in a ‘natural state’ ==this, a ‘free’ society’.: chimpanzee flinging shit, spewing sperm, and rocks at an insurmountable fence, while the uninitiated look in, and say ” this is the difference between humans and apes..”

Getting it wrong the whole time…because no one knows the effects of chronic abuses of power–the fencing in of the mind by un-natural means–until it happens to them.


And neither are you,

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11 thoughts on “Cops Gangstalk a reporter: I thought I was alone and then, another stood up.

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  4. […] Cops Gangstalk a reporter: I thought I was alone and then, another stood up. ( […]

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  6. Jessica Hello I am sincerely sorry you are experiencing this Horrific Invasive criminality that is occurring towards you concerning you-You are right on the Money that Police Officers perpetrate these crimes and protect them they are literally nothing but crimminals because Gangstalking is not just about intimdation and conformity its a Mutual for Profit Organization Organized crime that is in the System that has tentacles out within the Community and the perpetrators in the system use their Employment descriptions and its connected resources ( As you Know ) to aid and abed in their criminalitys and to influence regual citizens ( Based of Character assassination lies deceit money inmtimdation ETC ) and to protect them form exposure, prosecution and they do attempt to label targets as mentally ill, a threat to themselves or others , and they go as far as claiming a Targeted individual cannot take care of themselves in order to put them away if this continues towards you they will attempt to break up as many of your social relationships as possibnle including spouse family and friendsbe careful I appreciate you putting ine of my blog on your’s and I wioll do the same on mine as soon as I have the chance they made me homeless their are MULTIPLE Targets in San Diego County and the Police are involved in all of them Ive gotton some TV Coverage but the campaighn is escalating and getting more desperate they even set up some freaks to hike oput about 200 feet away from me to engage in harassing behaviors so watch your back stay in the fight no matter What and be careful because lawyers and Judges are connected to these syndacites Conatct m,e anytime Leslie W San Diego I can tell you and your husband are just average citizens and I am so very sorry this is Occuring towards you Stay safe Contact anytime @
    Leslie W

  7. Hello Listen This is VERY VERY Good Information
    Open this Blog-Copy and Paste it in the Translate Feature that is in teh More feature at Google to translate it into English I sent it in this way so you can see all of teh images Now Look at Once its translated at the “” Karpman_Triangle”” This is teh Literal Mantality behind the schemes of what GangStalking Is in its entirety RESEARCH EXTENSIVLEY trust me DO IT Your a Reporter I have 13 Years of Open expereince with these criminalitys and over 4 years of exhaustive research Google Karpman_Triangle and then wikopedia it and REEARCH it extensively
    Soory about the spelling in the last post to your blog I took a Interst to you because it appears you still have somewhat of a Life left Im all alone in this Campaighn and never want you to be wheir Im at now-and listen to this in the you tube video’s of me being gangstalked at the San diego city council meeting you hear me confront a Guy about him weiring a Upside down triangle pin on his lapeal he was a Upper teired Police officer working in the city council building and he was behind the city council chambers seats before the meeting conveyned I send you this because I care Leslie W-Spread the word stay safe

  8. I forgot to put the blog in the text above Sorry Leslie W San diego

  9. The gangstalking for me started in 1979 when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine). But I only discovered the term gang stalking a few months ago. Looking at gang stalking sites and blogs people in America seem to be getting it a lot worse than here. The harassment you are subject to is horrendous. Someone else who seems to be in the same category as yourself is –
    Are you a person at peace with yourself if you are left alone? Sometimes I retreat for a couple of days. It helps recharge my batteries. I have ear plugs, noise excluding head phones, and a good DVD collection of escapist films (I’m a SF fan. My favourite is the tv series – Mutant X. It has a good sound track which is good for doing a workout to. Other favourite films are The Net (Sandra Bullock), and Firestarter (S King). Also Terry Pratchett films are fun). Also music.
    It doesn’t bother me, but could you ease up on the fruity language a bit? My ISP keeps threatening to ban you.
    Also prayer helps. I use the site – Prayonit – to pray for me. Pray for your own protection and the protection of those you love and who love you. and pray for the defeat and failure and exposure of those who commit crimes against you.
    The sites I recommend are:
    look after yourself. You are the most important person in your own life. Those sick idiots from hell are lost. Consider yourself a modern “Pilgrims’s Progress”
    Thanks for your blogs. They are helpful and informative.

    • I do NOT Pray.

      In fact, religion is at the very bottom of all this gang stalking madness–the cops are always trying to induce me to religion–or to deduce my true faith; but the reality is I have none.

      They are all “G-d fearing people, and I am just another victim of te “g-d fearing” who need new Jesuses every few years.

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