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Freudian Projection And Social Norms: the myth of labeling theory

Laels do stick, especially if you nail them into place over decades of time, by breaking the basic tenets of ‘ innocent until proven guilty’ and increasing the abuse of the person so labeled through extra judicial assaults and so forth (getting ahead of myself here…).

I once sat in front of one of the gurus of the mind, a certain fellow from the Fenichel family lineage, and he asked the question : ‘ does a person fit a pre-existing label, or does the label,once forced upon an individual, define the person?’

That is a sort of chicken/egg question; a conundrum for the conformalists who gleefully exploit the poor, the mentally ill, and the socially awkward–it is a question that re-phrases and legitimizes the school yard bullies by repackaging the conundrum as a valid construct of normalizing behavior–or, in short, itis clever psychobabble that blames the voictim for their plight.

Like laws that at one time called women who were inorgasmic or simply horny “hysterical,”; or laws that posited that certain families were inferior and thus, needed to be euthanized; or laws that allowed Nazi scientists to become American citizens; or laws AND theories thatposited that certain people (the poor) are ‘geneticaly criminal; labels serve a nefarious purpose in American society.

Put another way, labels are a tool of oppression, and whern added to the toolkit of a police state, labels become a defacto excuse by police agency to further persecute, and prosecute people who seldom have had the advantage of reading about the exact l;abel thatis being forced upon them.

In my case, I had never commited a crime, never been convicted of a crime, and never plotted a crime–but I was labeled in the most heinous of ways after I confronted gross inequities oin American society.

I won’t get to that yet, or anytime soon, as the last shreds of my hard fought privacy are that the details are stored in my head, and, once released from that cage, are then soundly manipulated by agents of the state.

But here is a synopsis:

I was a self employed artist once, and I met a girl who told me gangs were trying to kill her.

She said she had been a teen aged prostitute, and that her father, a police officer who was disgraced because he was accused of molesting his step daughter, never knew that her mother was a child molester, who wore hats to scare her with while she molested her.

That as a teen aged prostitute, shge was subjected to MKULTRA mind control.

Fast forward to now, and a memory of that same woman trying to manipulate me with a phrase ” I can get her to say whatever I want, and the cops will come for you not me.”

e indeed that exact kind of TOOL.

Well anyways: the label sticks the more that you force it upon someone, thatI know. Entire emotional schemas, physical reactions, mental processes, and behaviors can indeed be “implanted”, but unlike the conspiracy theorists posit, and unlike the semi-official data suggest, the proces of abel on a person can take decades to accomplish.

The methods are well documented, in bothe psychological literature, and conspiracy theory; but they are also well documented in marketing, and in social engineering. This is important on many levels, and I wont discuss it here, but suffice it to say that labeling works best when it is

1) suggested

2) reinforced

3) forced, despite resistance

4) enforced through threat of punishment, and threat of loss

5) sustained through time in quasi-legal situations that imply #4

6) finally substantiated BY ANY MEANS, and AT ANY COST

7) officially documented BY ANY MEANS and AT ANY COST


I won’t go further because time is short and I have precious little time left in my day–suffice it to say that I have endured another full day of un-ending psychich trauma., as documented el;sewhere, and I have someone who needs me to be complete today.

But here are some rough notes from today’s events:

Notes on Conformal:

This word first made its appearance in my vernaclular after I was GS harassed, and redirected to a webpagethat was

theoretically located in Chicago, Il.

This was several months back, and then, “Conformal” was also near the Millenium Hotel, Giordanos, etc–attempts to

infiltrate my mind.

THEN it was claerly a word that they used against me–it is based on an article that I wrote about ‘conformity’ and

another about the mind dulling effects the police drive for ‘normalcy’ and their attacks on those they deem to be neither

conformist, or ‘normal.’

NOW I see it in TOR for the FIRST TIME EVER. There is a TOR node called conformal 1, and another called conformal 2–bothe

oif which I note, after todays assaults on my router–the black screen, and the flickering screens.

Also, there is a new machine that has moved into the neighborhood–LinuxHighPower, as noted in screen caps of InSSIDer.

conformal01 (Online) Location: United States IP Address: Platform: Tor on Bitrig Bandwidth: 8.00 MB/s Uptime: 11 days 23 hours 39 mins 8 secs Last Updated: 2013-09-25 15:53:11 GMT

conformal02 (Online) Location: United States IP Address: Platform: Tor on Bitrig Bandwidth: 8.00 MB/s Uptime: 11 days 23 hours 38 mins 9 secs Last Updated: 2013-09-24 18:37:48 GM ——————————————————————- CaptainPicard0 (Online) Location: United States IP Address: Platform: Tor on Linux Bandwidth: 3.00 MB/s Uptime: 7 days 16 hours 38 mins 14 secs Last Updated: 2013-09-25 10:54:55 GMT

lart (Online) IP Address: Platform: Tor on Linux Bandwidth: 2.00 MB/s Uptime: 17 days 31 mins 27 secs Last Updated: 2013-09-25 12:31:30 GMT

conformal02 (Online) Location: United States IP Address: Platform: Tor on Bitrig Bandwidth: 8.00 MB/s Uptime: 11 days 23 hours 39 mins 18 secs Last Updated: 2013-09-24 18:37:48 GMT ================================

IP search, reports that this belongs to Conformal Systems, LLC. Based on

the last time they were harassing me–and I was NOT on TOR, this is the same GS, and same LLC.

One user comments “Hacker – 2013-07-08 this is hakers ip address…aur ye behanchod meri id mei jaa raha behan ke laude ko pta naii ki hum iske papa bole

to daddy hei…ganduu sala – 2013-08-16,” ====================================

The (REDACTEDXXX) router has been hijacked, i.e. I cannot log in with password. Now, initially, I was using IE for the last

few weeks, and today switched to FF because I could not log in to router–or even get its log in page to show in MSIE–IE

defaulted to some other unrelated clearspot site, not the clearspot router.

Now, with FF, I can getthe (REDACTED)page, but NOT access it with my old password xiaoxxxx. So, it has been changed. Most

interesting is this: if I input the password that should be successful, I get the same log in page to refresh. BUT if I use

the deliberately wrong password, I get a darkened screen and an error message! ============================================

Downloaded Hypertrace program, and voila–two hours later!!!!!!!–I can do a tracert –internet saboteurs/probvocateurs are stealing my time every minute. Hypertrace results:

1,,3ms,(REDACTEDXXXX),—- 3,,61ms,None,—- 4,,104ms,None,—- 5,,65ms,chi2-pr1-xe-5-3-0-0,—- 6,,52ms,,—- 7,,85ms,,—- 8,,109ms,xe-2-0-0.cr1.dfw2.u,—- 9,,93ms,xe-0-0-0.cr2.dfw2.u,—- 10,,106ms,xe-7-0-0.cr2.iah1.u,—- 11,,150ms,,—- 12,,615ms,,—- 13,,252ms,vl-119.core2.phx1.i,—- 14,,115ms,te-1-2-core1.scd1.i,—- 15,,130ms,po-2-edge1.scd1.ip.,—- 16,,147ms,None,—- 17,,157ms,None,—- 18,,155ms,None,—- 19,,151ms,None,—- ============================= is where the server was reset =============================

Decades of this sort of harassment by unknown agencies/individuals–here is the second tracert from Hypertrace: 1,,4ms,(REDACTEDXXXX)2,,74ms,96-24-48-2.msp.clea,—- 3,,76ms,None,—- 4,,63ms,None,—- 5,,121ms,ash1-pr1-xe-2-2-0-0,—- 6,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 7,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 8,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 9,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 10,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 11,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 12,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 13,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 14,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 15,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 16,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 17,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 18,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 19,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 20,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 21,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 22,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 23,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 24,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 25,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 26,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 27,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 28,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 29,—-,Timeout,n/a,—- 20,,549ms,,—- ============================================

These results remained consistent over anumber of tries at varied intervals. ========================== Further notes on Conformal: research showed me that it is a term of mathematics/physics/etc, and that it applies to a

coating on devices; thatthe military and nuclear applications reference it. It is in their case a threatening term. =======================================

just after 2 am on 9/26 the net is cut, and here is the log–note that (REDACTEDXXXX)now reports as a hidden network, whereas before

it was not–this ties in to the fact that the password on the router was changed

Windows Network Diagnostics Publisher details

Issues found This computer is set to manually connect to “(REDACTEDXXXXX)”This computer is set to manually connect to “(REDACTEDXXXX)” To automatically connect to a network, you need to change the network settings. Not fixed Not Fixed Connect to (REDACTEDXXXX)without updating settings Failed Connect to (REDACTEDXXXX) automatically in the future Completed   Windows can’t connect to the hidden network (REDACTED)Windows can’t connect to the hidden network “(REDACTEDXXXX)” This network is marked as a “hidden” network and is either not in range of this computer or the wireless settings saved on

this computer do not match the settings of the network. Detected Detected Check your wireless network settings Completed   A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be brokenA network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken

Detected Detected Plug an Ethernet cable into this computer Not run

Issues found Detection details

6 This computer is set to manually connect to (REDACTEDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) Not fixed Not Fixed   To automatically connect to a network, you need to change the network settings. Connect to  (REDACTEDXXXX)without updating settings Failed   Connect to (REDACTEDXXXX)automatically in the future Completed   Currently, Windows is configured to connect to this network only when you choose to do so. The troubleshooter can update

your settings to connect to this network automatically when it is in range. To connect without changing your settings,

skip this repair. InformationalNetwork Diagnostics Log File Name:  (REDACTEDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).Repair.1.etl       6 Windows can’t connect to the hidden network “(REDACTEDXXXXXXX)” Detected Detected   This network is marked as a “hidden” network and is either not in range of this computer or the wireless settings saved on

this computer do not match the settings of the network. Check your wireless network settings Completed   Make sure your computer is in range of (REDACTEDXXXXXXXX) and that the network settings match the wireless router or access

point settings.   6 A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken Detected Detected     Plug an Ethernet cable into this computer Not run   An Ethernet cable looks like a telephone cable but with larger connectors on the ends. Plug this cable into the opening on

the back or side of the computer. Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into the router. If that does not help,

try using a different cable.

Detection details Expand

InformationalDiagnostics Information (Network Adapter) Details about network adapter diagnosis:

Network adapter Ethernet driver information:(REDACTEDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Connection incident diagnosed  Auto Configuration ID: 2


Trying for half an hour to log in to blog–each time, I input all proper characters, double and triple check spellings–

and then hit the sign in button or the enter key.

Each and every time, in two different browsers, the redirect gos to the initial page, as if I had never tried to sign in

at all!! This happened earlier today when I tried to download a media player, and when I tried to download from maorgeeks.

Each time, it took upwards of half an hour of trying every method I know to simply access a page–and even then no luck.

It is this form of harassment that is perhaps the most insidious–the time lost from writing is immense, and the time lost

trying to log, document and otherwise fix or avoid these problems is rage inducing, and infuriating–because as yet, these

methods have not been described by anyone, and as yet no court is aware of what the cops and their GS cohorts are doing.

It is all one huge plausible deniability scam, and a travesty of any justcie I know of.

I document it as best I can, in the vain hope that it will serve to validate what others no doubt are going through–and

my notes are the tip of the iceberg to be sure.

Now: other pages load and other sites load–but as noted elswewhere, they target my writing–my ability to journal, keep

records, vent, or otherwise publish legal, and 1st Amendment worthy material. This is s plan to either make me look crazy,

or to force me to take other internet action to fight them–which always hurts me.

Who can I turn to when those in the position of power are the exact same who are breaking the law in such flagrant

manners? Its infuruiating–incapacitating, and illegal.

So, this text, above, is one day–an entire day of a persons life here in ‘freedom’ trying to simply write. Meanwhile,

they are stopping that process-a normal healthy human process–and when tey stop me whatever is left is gibberish–any

profile they can then glean is my reaction to being harassed in such a manner–and this has gone on for decades!!111

SO: I reset password–get a message to type new pasword–I used the old one–message says “you used that recently’–I

change it, and voila, I can log in.

However, like so much that takes a lifetime to explain about the specific harassment that they cause: this is no mere

technical glitch, as it happened across MULTIPLE WEBSITES today, and the same problem occured on every one of them–and

those were just wep pages not attached to me. So, some scripyt, or other thing is foprcing information keaks from me, and

altering data midstream. ===============================================

AAAAAAND, they are outside bird calling again–they do the biird call when they are hiding in the bushes, and try to

provoke me.

So I was indeed provoked–I went outside, andnoticed car headlights/sidelights parked whereI have seen them before: thre

houses down on the ()side. I have also seen these things at that address in the past: a car with a woman and a computer

late at night (Madame Psychosis?); squad cars pull up there and park briefly (thelast one just after it did a slow cruise

in the alley, just after I put in the alley camera); a guy hiding between that garage and the next, with a computer/smart

phone device in hios hand in the wee hours of mornong; etc.

Well tonight, it was a grey late model Buick type car (the 90’s Regal type body) and when I went into the alley with

camera in hand, it immediately backed out, turned around and sped of.

Nice finish to a pretty harrowing day–I have a feeling it isn’t over yet…and its past three am. ================================== THEN: I tried to begin writing AGAIN, and clicked on my WP dashboard on my open page, -and the page redirected to the log

in AGAIN! They are relentless–this is why anonymity is SOOOOOOO important: there are realy bad actors in the law

enfarcement community, and they do these things, chronicled above ( I could not make this shit up if I tried–one of the blessings of journalism training is that one realizes that the details are the truth; that going into situations blindly is what gives one sight.) So, I will try ONE MORE TIME< but it looks like I have been totally and ultimately hacked -again, and again and again.

This is law? This is the New American Law?

======================================== I tried AGAIN in FF browser, and guess what? NO LUCK THERE EITHER. The same game as before: I sign in, I get the sign in page AGAIN. Note that I do NOT get any message saying that my password or sign in information is wrong–just another sign in page as if I had never signed in in the foirst place.

NOW: imagine of these thingshapened to someone more emotionally frail than myself? Like: a 17 year old autistic boy from Conecticut; or a veteran with radio aves and microwave torture on his mind? Or…?

And al this country wants to regulate and protect are pictures of 15 year old girls nude selfies that they took themselves,and posted themselves, and then killed themselves over?

Makes you wanna shot someone in the face…

And note: seconds after I wrote the above, these links opened just fine: ========================== note for the conspiracy theorists who direct bad things to god people-who distort the very meaning of truth telling in courtrooms)yes cops and prosecutors)–I was able to log in AFTER I wrote the above.

Keylogger/backdoor anyone?