Essential liberty versus temporary security: the GS freak my neighbors out.

One of the side effects of these everlasting, never-ending investigations by the police and other gangstalkers is that they generally freak out the neighbors.

Since the last bizarre round of break-ins at my home and in my neighborhood (documented elsewhere–the police tried to blame a CHILD for the break in–documented elsewhere), it seems my neighbors have figured out that their yards, garages, front porches, and other property is being used for the staging of security theater–but only I know that this is what is happening, because I have been watching this charade of law enfarcement for the span of two decades.

High Anxiety

High Anxiety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What has ACTUALLY happened is that my neighbors have installed security lights, or used security lights that they otherwise turned off over the years because ” they just break them…”

This last statement is the most interesting because it comes from a neighbor who fits a profile of a “profiled” individual: I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say that this hardworking family man installed security lights and cameras once upon a time.

And, he discovered–as I have–that criminals and the criminally minded break the devices, alter the devices, or otherwise destroy the devices wantonly.

This is no small observation–because this person fits a certain ‘law enfarcement profile’–and he told me two years ago what he had experienced.

AND–I have been experiencing the exact same things ever since: cameras broken, light bulbs on my security lights broken, etc.

So–because I have been observing, and XXXXXXX law enfarcement for these decades, I have learned that law breakers and law enfarcers (GS and their handlers) have certain patterns that are observable, and documentable–they follow certain patterns of conduct that can be testified to at a later date.

So, in a way, I am happy that others are subjected to the same anxiety and fear and rage, and outright disbelief in the systems of justice that are supposed to be put in place to protect us from such mayhem.

The same anxiety and distress that we are told happens only in Communist countries or police states–that the law enfarcers have instilled in me over these decades–and in another way, I am sad for them, my neighbors, because they will never know or feel the full extent of the abuse of police power that I have been subjected to for decades–not fully grasp the desperate struggle I have been involved in as the law enfarcers create ilegal distraction after illegal incursion into my life, my homes, and my mind for these decades.

But awareness is good: my cameras can now document more security lights in the alley, across the street, and down the block than ever, since last year. Because my neighbrs are aware of the insecure feeling of having GS in their yards late at night, or having MPD use their homes, porches, and yards as staging ground for quasi legal training grounds.

As the GS et al have used my time, my life, and my associations for the last decade, and more.

It is important that one documents alternative reality that I live in–but more important that neighbors have some kind of emotional record of the effects of the GS and their illegal methods–the same illegal methods that Edward Snowden, et al have now documented.

My neighborhood has been lit up for several years–the lights increasing–to combat the fear of ‘what is out there’–which, 9 times out of 10 is cops, abusing the legal boundaries of the law, and using peoples lives to prove some point about how we all need to have cops in our yards to protect us from–even more cops looking in our windows…and blaming the neighbor who knows they are doing that for the anxiety.

In advance, I thank my neighbors for understanding this delicate, but oh so brutal advancement of the police state into YOUR LIVES.

First they came for my neighbor, and I said nothing…

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