Speech is NOT FREE–it is reformed and re-packaged in mid stream by the man in the middle attackers.

And then he/she/it tries to sell it to YOU as a anything BUT a complete manipulation of the truth, not least of which is ‘a clear chain of evidence.’

1:33pm X/XX/2013

Using xxx connection, the net goes down, and stays down for minutes at a stretch–much like the ‘seven second delay’ problem I have had for years when GOV hackers and GS assault my connection/s, but in this case, actually more like several years back when I was followed all over the country, and had that Dick XXXXXX problem–Ken and all.

There is a screencap of this event, and it includes belkin.cxx, gremmelsxxxxxx, and many nets with no names.

As always ( and it should be presumed that I always follow this similar routine due to an OCD manner of need to validate my sanity) I ran net diagnostics, reset connection, disabled, enabled devices etc.–but still the connection won’t come back. Also, Rexxick shows up after this connection is disabled–this has happened before, and this general pattern of shutting down my writing and reading has gone on for decades this way.

Mostly the last year it has only been the seven second problem–but this time it is more of the several minutes problem that I experienced over the last decade–as if they have refined their technology so that it only attacks me for short durations, rather than their obvious minutes/half hour delays of the past.*

For years, you think its in your head–and that some connections get cut routinely for everyone on a net–but after these decades, I have discovered that more often than not it is ‘just me’ or others who share space with me.

So, the general effect is that I have been ‘nullified’ and ‘neutralized’–targeted so that I cannot progress in any positive direction, especially my writing, which is the only thing that means anything to me–and they have attacked that in every way possible.

Then, this adds to my nightly flashbacks or whatever they are called these
days–of all those other boundary invasions over and over and over–till my whole life was redirected, like one of their phony Google pages with the bad type, or one of their virus loaded secret-coded images.

And if Edward doesn’t step forward on the actual programs that our government uses to create crimes, rather than police them, I think someone else might have to–now where did I put my backups of those IP logs, screenshots, and wi-caps from the 2005-7 period? Or those messy, yukkie backups of what they were pulling thereafter? Think “internet garbage can” for your first clue.

But at least I have the consolation of knowing that I am not completely crazy, after all these years–no matter how they have tried to make it so, with their army of teenage-minded gamers sitting behind the big screens at the NSA –and elsewhere on the net, unaccountable to higher authority(think offshore Navy Cruisers with satellite connections and a hotline to your home via Skype, or Tor, or…? Or, just ask me–I have pinpointed several.)

Speech itself is re-formed by their actions; the intention of ideas is deformed by their actions; and the will of a writer to act for the actual good of the world is redirected into cesspools on FBI, NSA, and CIA servers. I write this in the hopes that it will reveal the illegal actions of these cowards, or give a clue to others and add my piece to the puzzle of these illegal government activities–these blatant Constitution insulting methods of social control, and assaults on the integrity of a persons mind.

Reverse engineering an entire social legal mechanism is not just a two way street into and out of Virginia, Virginia.

* in the past, I was at times under attack by what I believe to be these exact illegal/questionable programs like SOD. I cannot disclose details here, nor how I know this at this time. But what is important to write here is this: I have been subjected to a host of things as simple as viruses or internet redirection by IP addresses that I know to be government addresses, and/or complicated things like entire virus suites, and other methods of internet attacks that are clearly illegal. I have preserved evidence of such elsewhere.

These attacks took time for them to execute, and at the time they happened, they were CLEARLY in violation of the law–CLEARLY attempts to set me up. This time, and in the last few years, they are more clear, more ‘legal’ and more directed.

And this is exactly what would be explained by the newly revealed SOD methodology. I have data to bear this out, and at times, witnesses who are aware of the methods, and the preserved data.


2 thoughts on “Speech is NOT FREE–it is reformed and re-packaged in mid stream by the man in the middle attackers.

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