Why does everything I write get written about by other media, part 2

For years, I thought I was crazy–in fact, most others did too, and weren’t shy about letting me know it.

Especially when I talked about being wiretapped, and followed, and ‘set-up’ in various ways that would make you puke. I mean–really puke, if you knew what I knew, or endured intense personal violations of your mind, your thought processes, and your body over a period of time spanning several decades.

And, when I said this in a recent blog post:

 “Speech itself is re-formed by their actions; the intention of ideas is deformed by their actions; and the will of a writer to act for the actual good of the world is redirected into cesspools on FBI, NSA, and CIA servers.I write this in the hopes that it will reveal the potentially illegal actions of these cowards,”

I didn’t–and still don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt that the NSA was the only integral agency behind so much of what has happened to me, because the GS element and its blatant illegality (like Tasering people in the back, or executing nearly a decades worth of searches of body, mind and person) kind of introduces the ‘rogue’ element, not at all unlike the redshirts of Mao, or the brownshirts of Hitler who anonymously harassed, maimed, or otherwise ran the sidelines as a marauding group of state sanctioned terrorists–the rogue element is itself an integral function of their programs! It is operant conditioning–the setup for the quasi-legal pretext/s of privacy invasions.

Abu Ghraib 25

Abu Ghraib 25 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all, there are so many police-state task farces and ‘information sharing’ programs that have gone into these decades long farces of security theater that one could never truly know them all, much less identify which one of them did what illegal thing when.

And naming them those who have marauded through my personal life–can only be done by them–as they are the only ones who know who they are! So, much of my evidence against them, evidence that they have not stolen or deleted, or otherwise corrupted; the pictures of them and their cronies as they break in to my homes, and parade through my yards, pick up my cigarette butts from my driveway as their bicycle riding pals stand watch–as they fill my friends ears with defamation about me, is nearly useless. (and I might note that my city has an ordinance that regulates the distance that police and their agents can penetrate property marked ‘no tresspassing’ without a warrant).

AND, then comes along a hero–one possible if not actual REAL AMERICAN, who had the knowledge that I had–all the knowledge about real time monitoring of citizens, all the knowledge about real time possibilities of actually altering our mindset as we type!– but he had it from an ‘official perspective’ whereas I am just another internut, and a useless former journalism student whose ‘career’ was derailed in strange fashion, not least of which is EXACTLY WHAT THIS HERO IS NOW TELLING US IS TRUE.

I can’t discuss the actions that led to me not being in college anymore, because Gangstalkers and our illegal operators in the law enfarcement structure tend to use what I say as leverage, or as another way of getting into ‘my head’. But the simple gist is recorded elsewhere, and with others.

I can tell you that you don’t have to believe me, because I am nobody special–not even a person worth all this activity if it weren’t for the very ‘politics and persons’ that are involved in my life–and they KNOWthis from the extensive warrantless profiling they performed during the last decades..

But facts don’t lie: when I wrote this last week–one week to the day this story came out:  “Yes, Saint Edward Snowden–they DO watch us in real time–and MORE!”

This comes out shortly thereafter in Slate magazine: ( link here, well, just in case… http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2013/07/31/xkeyscore_nsa_targets_internet_users_who_search_for_suspicious_stuff.html )

Yeah–it’s all so suspicious–WE are suspects the moment we turn on a computer; after all, the GOV has spent the last decades and TRILLIONS of dollars indoctrinating a new generation, and manipulating an old one in the largest disinformation Psywar in history–that we are all so indoctrinated that anyone but Sponge Bob Squarepants is likely the only person never to have hit the NSA radar as ‘suspicious’.

They have programmed an entire terrorist/anti-terrorist schema into everyone of us, as if we are teenaged gamers online in some grand government MMPOG, rather than private citizens with private interests in ‘suspicious things’ like, well, privacy–and the things we can do to preserve it. Weird things like researching the Constitution(their is no guarantee per se of privacy, yet every Amendment is one way or another something about protecting citizens against government abuses–like thew quartering of soldiers in our homes, for instance: what is the internet surveillance if not a direct link from the home and heart of a private citizen to a government soldiers hard drive?  What is this strange concept we have about ‘intrusiveness’ of searches and so forth–if decades of surveillance of TI’s is not recognized as abberant??)

This schema of Us and Them–it was their first shot across the bow of our minds–their first assault against the integrity of truth, right before they began this war against Americans.

Proof? “Your either with US or them!” repeated for the first part of the last decade over and over on our nations co-opted media( shout out to Hitler & Goebbells, Pol Pot, and Mao); lies repeated so often they formed the mind of a generation–“Saddam harbored the terrorists”; “The CIA burned the vid for national security”(CYA…); “enemy combatants have no  rights (never mind the Geneva conventions, and international law)…” and “whatever happened to all those emails about torture on a certain server that disappeared from the White House?” (ooops…another long story…)

Their appears to be no limits on how the government creates “war porn” or dispenses it: after all, videos of torture BY AMERICANS carries a premium–who ended up with those? Yeah-you guessed it–the dynamic doyou of Dick and Karl; And videos of  the daily tortures that go on in any American jail or prison certainly provide some groups and individuals out there with an illegal, highly controlled, and particularly disseminated thrill.

Not to mention Abu Ghraib, or Nick the camera installer whose head was sawed off for all of our benefit by the CIA.…ooops, I meant ” a certain Company that was a competitor for the camera contract…

And I wrote this in the same period of time: “Why does everything I write get written about by other media the next day…?”

Maybe it has to do with something more sinister–if, in fact  anything could possibly be more sinister than the corrosion–the outright demolition of civil liberties like privacy by the police state–which is now pimped to an exploited ‘new generation’ of hackers by the head of the exact agency that was supposed to safeguard civil liberties–like privacy.

I think the next level–the level that Edward Snowden has NOT yet discussed, might fit the bill for the MOST SINISTER thing ever conceived by the US government: “Psychic driving, and other illegal police mechanisms” that are deployed against targeted individuals.

I smell some Security theater nearby…smells like cheap but functional loafers, coffee, donuts, and bad perfume/aftershave all mixed with testosterone, false pistol penis bravado, and pizza boxes, with maybe an exercise ball thrown into the middle of the floor across the–oh, never mind…

And if Edward doesn’t step forward on the actual programs that our government uses to create crimes, rather than police them, I think someone else might have to–now where did I put my backups of those IP logs, screenshots, and wi-caps from the 2005-7 period? Or those messy, yukkie backups of what they were pulling thereafter? Think “internet garbage can” for your first clue.

Or, illegal entry and malicious prosecution in 2009…


Abu Ghraib 30

Abu Ghraib 30 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But at least I have the consolation of knowing that I am not completely crazy, after all these years–no matter how they have tried to make it so, with their army of teenage-minded gamers sitting behind the big screens at the NSA –and elsewhere on the net, unaccountable to higher authority(think offshore Navy Cruisers with satellite connections and a hotline to your home via Skype, or Tor, or…? Or, just ask me–I have pinpointed several.)

Think US military base in Osaka, or Manilla, where many of the illegal servers are located.Not to mention dear old Kansas(switching hub), or the Hoosier state (home of an NSA domestic war waging facility–I have even met their ops in person!). And a sickening amount of trash flowing daily out of Virginia, land of the ham. One might expect shit flowing out of a ham, but I prefer mine with mustard….

And think, ironically, how many of these dirt-doing government servers are located in RUSSIA, a nation led by a dictator–a DICTATOR that the American pres still refers to as a “president.” Irony, is their no last bastion for my quasi-freedom fettered laughter?!  These servers and their contents are traceable to the exact operations/programs/ covert ops that Snowden is leaking today–but if he professes any knowledge of these(if he has it) it would get him in so deep he would never get out.

NEVER forget: plausible deniability for government activities(the really icky dirty, really illegal stuff that they do–like Iran Contra, MKULTRA, Monarch, Bluebird, etc.; standard issue police setups–(complete with IP logs–and some that I cannot yet name) is a whole ‘nother slice of this big pie–and Snowden has just tipped us off the the quasi-legal shit. Even a good whistle blower has limitations, and I suspect his is that he has only seen the tip of the ICEberg….

I mean–when do we get to look in these peoples closets, and rummage through these ‘evil-doers’ email accounts? Much less Taser them in the back on the way home one night, or delete email accounts with evidence of their activities (clue: 2007)…

Makes a person wanna go postal, or get a max rated XKEYSCORE, just for the awareness rating that real Americans will gain by having knowledge of these abuses…!


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4 thoughts on “Why does everything I write get written about by other media, part 2

  1. Aaron says:

    I appreciate the link, but I reblogged – can’t take credit for it. You might be crazy, but then it looks like I’m in the same boat. You may find another post I did to be instructive: http://newamericanunderground.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/shooting-ourselves-in-the-foot-how-were-helpingthensa/

    • Hi, Aaron.

      I link blindly, and don’t always read the material I link to. my blog is more of a personal diary–a reality reference point, and evidence collection site–that I can refer to later. I document the ACTUAL effects of these programs, as I have been following them, or collecting data about them for over decades.

      Before Snowden, I had been tracking the trackers and trying to reverse engineer their constitutionally cringe-worthy methods. I am not a tech genius, just an average Joe Hill who stumbled upon these illegal programs and then became a targeted individual because I wrote about it.

      I have had email accounts full of IP addresses, screen shots, photos and other evidence that I have collected of these programs( and believe me–there ARE much worse programs that they are running that are far more insidious, and FAR more unethical than PRISM, et al) deleted from the internet, or manipulated in such a way as that the things I have written for documentation have been altered, etc.

      So, when you say (on your blog) ” We friend people, follow people, retweet, “like” things, give some comments/links/etc a thumbs-up, #weliketohashtag, and tag @ourfriends, or make +genericcomments. We share links, pin blogs and ideas, and on and on. Analysts can even predict behavior, personality, and many other personal qualities just from your interactions. As long as someone has access to the data, it’s rife with information about you – maybe even information you don’t know about yourself!” I have to defer: I never intentionallhy do any of those things–I am a very private person whose privacy has been under scrutiny for decades due to complicated family matters and political targeting.

      So, thanks for the comment, and good luck with your writing–you have a flair for pinpointing some social flaws in our ‘networking’ and friending tendencies–not least of which is that in the internet age, everyone becomes an internet narcissist, so full of themselves that they need to overflow all over the internet with useless personal data, none of which helps any of us fight the great abuses that are taking place via government surveillance.

      Myself, I have tried in vain, and with great consequences to maintain my privacy and anonymity, which has put me at great jeopardy and made me a target for PRISM, DICE and the hordes of GS and other task forces/farces that seek excuse to justify their ever increasing attacks on privacy ( these programs have yet to be named officially and in the press)–I am an unwilling actor in a desperate last stand for individual constitutional rights. An actor–and a writer– who embodies a reverse response to security theater.

      I used to have better things to do…

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