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A special note for the law enforcement community: you guys need to get rid of the garbage in your ranks.

For whatever it’s worth, I have persona;;y known exactly ONE cop who is actually a good guy. His name is none of your business—but hopefully, at a later date, he can help me investigate the nature, and methodology of your cronies illegal activity, not least of which is directing MKULTRA type programming at me.


Now: for all of you law enfarcers/enforcers who will one day read this and say to yourselves ” this guy is nuts…” or whatever you guys say when you need to feel righteous; please look at the piece of shit next to you there at roll call.

Ask yourself if she/he/it actually goes by the books; ask yourself if that person has the courage to stand against illegal, unethical, or questionable police behavior; ask yourself if that person next to you ( never mind if that person can ‘save your life’–anyone with two hands and a will to good behavior will do that for free, and the world is FULL of us–ask yourself if that person next to you actually cares about freedom–cares more about freedom than they do their own pension, or reputation on your local farce/force.

Because I personally am heading into my own destruction with the full knowledge that what I say and do impinges upon the freedom that you and yours claim to uphold–but you sacrifice for the sake of heirarchies that I am not answerable to.

Not least of which is the human right to privacy–when your own cronies tried setting me up in the past–or stopped me for no reason, or looked in your DICE database and found that i was a Targeted Individual, open season for harassment–did you follow the law, or did you just take orders–did you default to jingoistic metaphors about gud guys -v- bad? Did you default to your need to make a case at any cost, not which is the cost of my freedom to be where I was at, unfettered–and not guilty of anyt crime?

OR: did you listen to your inner voice, and that voice claiming you are somehow better than me–because your data base said something–repeated something–that some unethical or illegally acting cop said was true?

That is no small question: it is in fact the essential question that you should have asked if you wanted true inteeligence, or real facts–real cases.

But you jumoed in with profilers, and nefariously operating case makers–evidence destroyers and evidence planters.

But none of you ever asked me==off the record–what my story really was–because you followed your DICE profile–that profile informed by bad laws, and ebven worse law enfarcers–you believed the lie, not the case file of innocence that preceded my name in that file.