Just me, talking to myself and my significant others–the dwellers in ‘my head’.

Muy Thai guy is likely gay. And physically small–with a huge compensation complex.

The grey haired lady–a shriveled, skinny shrew of a woman–said to me one time “I know what kind of books YOU read,” while I was perusing cookbooks, old National Geographics, and ended up purchasing a book on ” home remedies”.

Thern there are the nearly identical black women: equally larded (around 250 pounds per) who change wigs routinely–these girls are so happy to have averted the stereotype of “fat black welfare mom” that they allied themselves with the police state-which, of course, provides them with the exact amount of psychological tit that they can suck on for life, untill pention–that they never really “feel” the stereotype at all–or, really “feel” anything at all, becuase the trough provides them with just enough pork to keep them ‘in shape’.

Of course, we all know the idiot who told me “my ass itches,” Right? if not, I saved its email–and will use it at a future point in time to demonstrate the methods they use to make you(me, and us) feel ‘crazy’.

Then there’s my absolute all time favorite gangstalker comment–this piece of shit attended one of my group therapy sessions disguised as , well, a fat faced moron–and then, the next day had the lowbrained impetus to say to me ” do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

And of course, I could only think: “no, actually I kiss your mother–because she got tired of you nuzzling her ass for ‘milkies’ while she was sleeping.”–you shit faced coward.

Or, something like that.


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