Yes, Saint Edward Snowden–they DO watch us in real time–and MORE!

What I knew all along, for some fifteen years and counting–through my own research (noted elsewhere) is that the NSA ET AL* not only watch in real time–but they can alter your mind, your intent, and your emotions as you type!

PRISM and its methodology

PRISM methods

is just the tip of a very large ICE-berg, and a few other nefarious government programs that directly incorporate–if not instigate–local ‘law enforcement agents’ into wayward behaviors that make COINTELPRO look like a grade school skit.

Whereas it is new information for most Americans that the NSA can ‘watch what you type’ into a Google or other search box, it is relatively unknown that they can also :

1) conversate with you directly, in the disguise of ‘anonymous internet chat’ as well as direct the nature, and content of that chat (preserved elsewhere in the form of real time screenshots and actual conversations with agents provocateur of one kind or another)

2) change the ‘mindset,’ the method, and the intent of an individual who is at a computer search box via ‘suggestion’; this indiviual at all times under scrutiny, and de facto control of NSA, et al provocateurs.

3) the NSA can communicate directly with local and federal agents AS YOU TYPE–and, in some cases (documented elsewhere) said agents are right outside the door!

4) alter the emotional state of an individual who is ‘searching’ by means such as ‘operant conditioning,’ implantation, and pother (illegal) methods of the widely known disreputable and reprehensible US government program known as MKULTRA.

5) on a day to day, minute to minute, and hour to hour basis, they can alter content delivery via Google, et al, as well as communicate directly with agents of law enforcement about said communications..

6) the NSA methodology relies upon methods that have been deemed ‘illegal and unethical’ in regards to experimentation on American citizens: they employ time-altering methods of how an individual, or groups of people actually ‘experience the world’ and reality, not kleast of which is a delay in internet speed that can radically alter the way an iundividual relates to the world of cyberspace–and the world at large (note that the boy who allegedly killed a bunch of school kids in New Hampshire, and a host of other ‘bad guys’ were in contact with the internet before their crimes–and the school shooter, a boy of 17, actually had the knowledge to smash his hard drive–was he ordered to do so, or was he innocently trying to protect himself from an even greater embarassment than being labelled as a mass shooter of KIDS?–you decide as the evidence of the NSA/MKULTRA unfolds)

7) most importantly: they can do this from the heretofore secrecy of their positions–and no American other than Snowden has actually stood up and denounced such provocative methods. AND, their methods have yet to be documented–in real time. For instance: where are the NSA chat logs? Where is the NSA, et al’s documentation of their ‘exploitation’ of citizens?

AND: if crimes and plots can be discerned through NSA surveillance and ‘evidentiary collection’ , certainly a COMPLETE log of their interactions exists? AND if not, why?

As noted elsewhere, the FBI, et al use document shredders in their clandestine operations–which, of course, presupposes the fact that they routinely shred evidence of one kind or another–after all-everything IS evidence, and there is NO REASON our trusted government should EVER shred ANYTHING–unless they are doing wrong.

* the local law enforcement communities, the FBI field offices, and particularly ICE and Homeland security operate from a paradigm of ‘beyond the law’ when it comes to the ‘mysterious’ methods that the NSA provides to them, directly, and in real time. This, based in having observed, and documented these exact methods for over a decade.

Thanks to Snowden, these illegal operations might soon be kicked to the proverbial curb–and have their asses handed to them in court as well for performing illegal MKULTRA techniques on US citizens–AGAIN, long after MKULTRA has been deemed illegal–and the CIA burned and SHREDDED the documents relating to this Nazi incepted mind control program.


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