Thanks to my friends–the cabdrivers–I have new information about a decades old war against my mind.

UPDATE: It seems that Minnesota does in fact have a small supply of blonde women who are tired of police harassment–and perhaps white women as a whole are redeemable if and when when they take a stand against police brutality, and the growing police gang stalking menace.

Just a quick note to all of my readers( all of you law enfarcement types): yes, I remember your local setup squad this last March: the fertile cow with the long blonde hair trying to “entice” me to pick her up on XXXX street, and another, later, waving to me from the gas station as your pimped out white hooptie  got its keys locked in by its moron operator, and the fire department had to come and bail you out–al this while some fat tub of lard was peeking through my windows from across the street, and signalling you that I had seen you there…

Well anyways: there you were in all your cop-porn glory, fantasizing that you were/are a “whore”, and beckoning to my cab, the squad car not far behind there on XXXXX Ave; the actually attractive and actually likely self employed sex worker across the street; the cabbie with the phony business card.

Question: why is this cities Sex crimes unit so obsessed with blondes who could never turn a dollar on the streets because their sexuality is like cold-mashed potato’s on steroids? Why is this cities sex crimes unit deployed for low level ‘crimes of creation’, while missing the real targets, like senators who smoke pot at xxxxxxxxx?? Why is this cities sex crimes unit over-employed and little useful at catching female pedophiles who raise weird blondes like you, there, leering at me from across the street?

Answer”maybe if it weren’t headed by a 300 pound closet case homo bondage freak who lost one of the biggest lawsuits in the history of this city–because he was caught beating a man handcuffed to a pipe– some of the female sycophants who worship such behavior might actually contest such perversions, and those who they take orders from.

Problem is? They apparently are every bit as creepy as he is, but with the Nordic blonde twist: they have something to hide too, (not least of which is a crush on the new boss hog lesbian chief in town, or the factthat Nordic women are known to nurture children, especially little boys, in odd ways –you go girls: men are bad, yo’ mama’s touch always GUD, according to the modern incarnation(s) of ‘motherhood.’

! Real gud, apparently, at turning you into secret keeping weirdos and lesbian police chiefs–OH!, I sorry–“its biological: that you eat girl ass–had nothing to do with “nurture”, right, or momma’ peeking in on you a bit much during dressup? Must be some ‘bad man’ made you that way? or is it biology–nature nurture always loses out when the discussion trades up to rhetorical dishonesty, and memetic fraud.

Yeah–you bitches are cut off the Oprah; and the Vuhginer Monologues; and your fantasies about yo’ daddies..Truth is, your just secret keeping female weirdos with sex hangups, and a need to project them onto others–which is why you work where you do, and take orders from bondage oriented bullies. Fits your inner ‘schema’–the real you, projected.

I once heard that modern pathologically narcissistic oriented institutions and organizations ALWAYS promote the most sociopathic of themselves into leadership positions. Maybe, just maybe, that isn’t you, because the last group of those bullies sure fucked me up good–and I should have sued your asses off then, but I didn’t.


One thought on “Thanks to my friends–the cabdrivers–I have new information about a decades old war against my mind.

  1. […] I thought I was alone in reporting how Minneapolis and Minnesota cops are obsessed with blonde Nordi…–that the police personality in Minnesota shows a definite obsession and a provably dire need to enforce ‘conformity’ upon, and on behalf of ‘white people and blonde women’ in particular-even if that means harassing a woman in power. […]

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