Dear Dianne Feinstein: I watched them drone me awhile ago-and much later, they had ‘developed’ legal pretext–or something ‘like it’

But I didn’t like it, at all, when they swooped that drone over my head out there in the sticks a few years ago–a FEW YEARS AGO–and I still can’t tell you with certainty which agency did that, but I DO have pictures of it–me cowering under a sudden drone attack by an unknown assailant/agency.

After all, as the record will show, I am used to being violated and harmed, and tasered, and so forth–or something like that. I am a TI–someone for whom the multi-agencies and task forces experiment upon, and shit on my basic ConLaw rights. I exist outside of the paradigm od ‘citizen with rights’–I am their boogieman–a person whose life was invaded decades ago with horrible devices that ensnare and entrap the mind–devices that are unspeakable, and despicable; but I continue on to this day, just to write this to you:\

Agents of your government and your local police forces are fucking out of control–legally and indefensibly out of control. They have tossed the Constitution, and gambled that we are all too stupid and fearful to enforce our rights against them–you will soon see what hey did to me.

It ain’t pretty, or cool–but it does involve drones! G-d bless the Constitution, and those who actually care about it (never mind those supreme Court Justices, all of whom have fallen asleeep, or otherwise taken a payoff).

So, yeah–I got pictures, shot at night, in Hutchinson Minnesota, of some overly muscely crew cutted blonde ass carting his box of toys across a parking lot, and shortly thereafter, droning me. They think they can use my life as a test case–decades of testing and probing through my life because they are basically too stoopid to read LAW. Established law.

And worse, they imagine (their cop fantasies and police pornography oriented minds full of peeking in peoples windows [Texas]  imagine that people like me are disposable objects) that privacy is a constitutional myth.

I bet they are wrong. Odds are against me, and I love the underdogs.


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